How to Fix QBitTorrent I/O Error?

qBitTorrent I/O Error is a common phenomenon to its users. They often report that it comes again and again after installing it. For this problem, the users can’t download anything using qBitTorrent. Therefore, keeping a complete idea of how to fix qBitTorrent I/O error is mandatory.


Before knowing about how to fix this issue, you should know the reasons behind this trouble. Most of the time, limited permission access and the activity of Windows Defender are responsible for creating qBitTorrent I/O errors. Besides, dealing with the old version is also responsible for this problem.


However, to resolve this problem, you have a lot of ways. Running qBitTorrent as administrator and disabling the Windows Defender is the easiest method to follow. Today, we’ll also elaborate on a few easy methods to resolve qBitTorrent I/O errors.


Why did you face the problem with the qBitTorrent I/O error?


Many possible reasons may cause qBitTorrent I/O error. Let’s get a clear idea about some possible reasons behind this issue.


Lack of permission


qBitTorrent requires administrative permissions to read and write on your computer partitions. This hurdle can be fixed easily by providing admin permission to qBitTorrent. It’s based on the Qt toolkit and so, it requires admin permission to run precisely.


Improperly configured Windows Defender


Sometimes, Windows Defender hinders qBitTorrent to run properly. Windows Defender detects qBitTorrent as harmful software and for this reason, it can’t work properly. The main reason behind this problem is the incorrect configuration of Windows Defender. To eradicate this problem, you have to permanently disable Windows Defender. Alternatively, you can ensure the proper authorization so that qBitTorrent downloads don’t get blocked anymore.


Antivirus issue


Third-party antivirus works similarly to the Windows Defender. It blocks downloads from qBitTorrent due to the lack of proper configuration. The most effective way to resolve this trouble is disabling third-party antivirus on your PC forever.


Incompatible processes


Like other software, qBitTorrent has compatibility issues with other applications. The apps are functionally built to clash with qBitTorrent activity. You can face I/O errors continuously in this circumstance. The only way to resolve this issue is to diagnose the troubling background applications.


How to Fix qBitTorrent I/O Error?


Well, it’s time to discuss how to fix the qBitTorrent I/O error.  All the steps depicted below are straightforward to execute. If you face any trouble with a step, notice the attached picture for better understanding.


Method:1- Run qBitTorrent as an Administrator


Running qBitTorrent as an administrator is the most effective way to fix the problem. Let’s see how it works.


Step:1- Select qBitTorrent properties


  • Find qBitTorrent from your computer. You can find it easily using the search bar of your PC.


  • Right-click on its shortcut and select properties. You can notice it after a few options appear on your display.


Step:2- Run as administrator


  • Go to the compatibility tab now. You can find the tab under the details option.


  • At this moment, you need to mark the option “Run this program as an administrator”. The option will appear with a checkbox at the bottom position of the screen.


  • Now, tap on “ok” and click on “apply” then. The operation is executed successfully. You won’t face trouble anymore with your qBitTorrent download issues.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:2- Turn off Windows Defender


To turn off Windows Defender and fix the I/O error problem of qBitTorrent, follow these steps.


Step:1- Enter Regedit in the Run text box


  • After turning on your PC, open Run by searching on your search bar. You can also run it by pressing the Windows+R buttons.


  • Now, type “Regedit” on the empty box appearing on your screen. Then, press “ok” and move on.


Step:2- Insert the directory


  • You need to insert the following directory now. It’ll help you to locate the WinDefend in the registry editor.


  • After that, you need to right-click on the “start” and then, tap on “modify”.


  • You’ll find an option to enter the value data. Insert the value data “4” and select it as Hexadecimal unless it’s selected as Decimal.


Performing these steps will disable the Windows Defender permanently. It’ll be enabled again unless you enable it in the Registry Editor. Now, you can see the qBitTorrent permission issue as well as the download issue being resolved.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:3- Disable third-party antivirus software


Disabling third-party antivirus software is pretty simple. Follow the steps depicted below carefully to execute this operation. Here, we’ve discussed a third-party antivirus software called “Avast”.


Step:1-  Locate and visit the “^” icon


  • Open your PC and look for the “^” icon. It should be located at the bottom right of the taskbar of your PC.


  • Click on the symbol and find the Avast icon now.


Step:2- Start the disabling process


  • After finding the icon, choose the second option called “Avast Shields Control”. Tap on it to open relevant options. You’ll find the option of disabling Avast from there.


  • Right-click on the option now. The third-party antivirus software will be disabled from your computer after a while. You won’t face trouble anymore using qBitTorrent and downloading with it.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:4- Perform a clean boot


Let’s see how to perform a clean boot for disappearing qBitTorrent I/O error.


Step:1- Launch the Run box


  • Press the Windows+R button and launch the Run box. After a while, you can see an empty box to enter values.


  • Type MSConfig there and tap on “OK”.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




step:2- Hide all Microsoft services


  • Now, tap on “services” from the system configuration. You can find it in the third position in the specified space.


  • Then, you’ll see the option “Hide all Microsoft services”. Tick the empty box and move on to the next step by pressing “OK”.


  • It’s time to select the “Disable all” button. At the same time, you need to click the Startup tab.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:3-  Open task manager


  • You can see the task manager opening option in the startup option. Tap on the option to open it.


  • You need to tap on the “OK” option now. Now, all the services will appear on the screen. Select each service periodically and disable them. Your responsibilities are over. Now, you only need to restart the computer and check the service that is hindering qBitTorrent performance.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:5- Add a user from qBitTorrent security settings


Adding a user from qBitTorrent security settings can resolve the existing issue. Let’s see how it works.


Step:1- Select properties


  • Open your PC and go to the search bar. From there, search for qBitTorrent and right-click on it. You can select properties from there.


  • Now, click on the “security” tab from your screen. After that, you can see the Edit option. Tap on the depicted option now.


step:2- Inserting credentials


  • Click on the “Add” option now. After that, you need to type your account username.


  • Then, click on the “check” button. After a while, this account will be added successfully. Now, you won’t face any trouble with the qBitTorrent I/O error.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:6- Terminate incompatible processes


This method is rarely used to fix the qBitTorrent issue. Follow the steps properly to resolve the problem.


Step:1- Open the task manager


  • Type Ctrl+shift+Esc from your keyboard. It’ll open the task manager on your computer.


  • Now, navigate to the processes tab immediately. There, you can find the “notify-osd” application.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:2- Terminate the process


  • After selecting the option, you’ll see the “End task” button. Click on the button to terminate the process. This action may resolve your problem by not encountering an I/O error on qBitTorrent again.


Method:7- Restore the system


The process of restoring the system is lengthy but it’s straightforward. Let’s see how to restore the system for eliminating the qBitTorrent I/O error issue.


Step:1- Open Run box


  • Open your PC and go to the control panel using the search bar. You can type Win+R keys from the keyboard also to open the Run box.





how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:2- Find the system


  • Notice the top-right corner of your screen. You’ll find the “View by” option there.


  • You’ll see the system option after a while. Click on the option and move to the next step.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:3- Select system protection


  • It’s time to click on the system protection option. You can find it from the left panel of the screen.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:4- Tap on the system restore


  • Notice the system protection tab now. You can find the System Restore option from there. Click on it and the “Next” option will appear. Tap on the option now. You can select the restore point after a while.


  • Click “Next” and choose “Finish” now. Hopefully, the qBitTorrent trouble will be fixed after this action.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:8- Toggle disk cache


Toggling disk cache is an effective way to eradicate the qBitTorrent issue. Let’s see how it works.


Step:1- Open settings option


  • After launching the qBitTorrent application, click on the Settings option. The settings options icon is located below the menu bar.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




step:2- Disable disk cache


  • Navigate to the “Advanced” tab which is located at the left pane. From there, you can disable the “Disk Cache”.


  • The last move is to enable the disk cache. Hopefully, the error won’t exist anymore.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:9- Install qBitTorrent again


Sometimes, reinstalling the qBitTorrent application is the best way to resolve the I/O error.


Step:1- Search the appwiz.cpl


  • After opening your PC, press Win+R using the keyboard. This action will open the Run box.


  • Type appwiz. cpl in the search box now. After that, press on “OK”.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:2- Uninstall qBitTorrent


  • Right-click on the qBitTorrent app to find the uninstall option. You need to tap on the uninstall option now.


Step:3- Redownload the qBitTorrent


  • The last move is pretty simple. Reinstall the app on your computer. After reinstalling the app, the existing problem will be resolved.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Method:10- Check your ISP connection


ISP connection problem creates qBitTorrent performance issue. Follow the steps carefully to check your ISP connection.


Step:1-  Test the speed without VPN


  • Test the internet speed without a VPN first. Note the speed and move on.




how to fix qbittorrent i/o error




Step:2- Run VPN and test the speed


  • Run the VPN service now. If you don’t have the VPN, download and install it from Google. We recommend using NordVPN to test the speed.


  • After launching the VPN, tap on the connecting segment. The connection with a foreign server will be established.


  • Now, test the internet speed and note it down. Compare two speeds now. If the difference is large, then qBitTorrent I/O error is occurring for this reason. Changing ISP connections is the only way to eradicate this problem.




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This part deals with some qBitTorrent i/o error fix-related questions.


What is the I/O error in qBitTorrent?


The I/O error problem in qBitTorrent is the problem of downloads getting blocked by this software. This trouble arises mainly for the lack of admin permission to the software. Besides, the error takes place for improperly configured Windows Defender and antivirus. The error takes place continuously until you fix the responsible factor.


Is qBitTorrent better than BitTorrent?


If you consider the balance of speed and simplicity, qBitTorrent wins. Otherwise, Bittorrent is better from other perspectives. The overall quality of Bittorrent is far better because of its ease of use. Besides, Bittortent is aesthetically good and has a large user base.


Is qBitTorrent a virus?


No, it’s software to perform various downloads. qBitTorrent is safe and malware-free unless you download it from any authentic source. It’s open-source software and so, it keeps updating its quality by developers continuously. Most importantly, it’s totally free to use.

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