How To Fix The Steam Shared Library Locked Error?

steam shared library locked

The name of Steam and Gaming are interrelated. Without Steam, the modern Gaming scene would have been very different. Despite the massive game library of Steam, many gamers face an error when they try to family share steam. So they want to know how to fix the Steam shared library locked error.


Fix the issue of Steam Shared Library Locked by disabling internet access to Steam. This stops the entrance of the Steam client to the game files. You can also use the Windows firewall or the .BAT file to block the internet.


No matter how you choose, ensure that the steam guard feature is turned on first. Or else none of the solutions would work.


Steam Shared Library Locked, But Why?


“Steam Shared Library Locked” is a pretty common error message in the game sharing scene. But though the Steam shared library locked error is common, many don’t know the reason behind it. And trying to fix a problem without knowing the cause is detrimental.


The built-in Steam shared library is there to help game sharing. But depending on the game or your family sharing options, the error might occur. Here are the most common reasons for causing the shared library locked error.


Interference From Firewall


The most common reason for getting the Steam error while sharing is the firewall. This causes the game files to be blocked from gaining access to the internet. And when the Steam request access is blocked, the error message appears.


User Issue


The best thing about the Steam client is its multi-device accessibility. However, this unique feature can cause issues.


Most times, an error occurred while updating a shared library lock when multiple users were using a single Steam account. This is not similar to the shared account but has the same account on multiple devices.


Steam Problem


Steam is the most extensive game library ever to exist, but it is not a flawless one. Many times the reason for the Steam directory to fail in Steam family sharing is because of the Steam application internal issue.


Fixing the error, in this case, is not as complicated compared to others.


Network Connectivity Issue


It would be best to have an internet connection for your Steam client to connect to the Steam library folders.


If your PC is disconnected from the internet or has some connectivity issue, you will see a steam library locked error. For ease of use, make sure to have a reliable network connection.


Preparations Before The Fix


Before learning how to family share on Steam and remove the error, you must prepare your PC for the fix. The prerequisites for the fix are as follows:


  • Make sure no one else uses your account to play the game you wish to share.
  • Check to see if you have hit the max number of shares (generally ten shares max) for the Steam game you want to share.
  • Log out of Steam and restart the application.


Fix The Issue


Once the prerequisites are fulfilled, you can fix the family library sharing issue. There are mainly four ways to overcome the Steam family sharing feature error. A complete guide for all four possible paths is as follows:


Restrict Internet Access For Steam


Step 01: Execute the Run prompt using the Windows and R keys.




steam shared library locked




Step 02: Type Firewall.cpl and press Enter.



steam shared library locked




Step 03: From the left side of the new windows, click on Advanced Settings.




steam shared library locked




Step 04: Within the new window, navigate to the Outbound Rules option.




steam shared library locked





Step 05: A dropdown menu will pop up under the title actions on the right side. Click on the New Rule option within this menu.




steam shared library locked




Step 06: A new window will pop up. Select the Program option and click Next.



steam shared library locked




Step 07: Next, use the select program path option and select the C program files for the Steam folder.




steam shared library locked




Step 08: After selecting the path, select the Block the connection option and click Next.




steam shared library locked




Step 09: Check the Domain, Public, and Private options and again click Next.





steam shared library locked




Step 10: Name the newly set rule and finally click next.


Try using the steam family share after following the steps correctly. This will surely solve the issue.


Log Out From Everything


The steam client can be linked with multiple devices. You can have your desktop, Laptop, and even your phone logged in with the same Steam account.


But this may cause a Steam shared library in use error. Solve the problem by remotely logging out of all devices. Here is the process of doing that:


Step 01: Open the Steam application or use a browser to enter the Steam website. Makes sure you are already logged in.


Step 02: Navigate to the Settings option.




steam shared library locked




Step 03: Next, go to Account.


Step 04: Now select the Manage Steam Guard Account Security feature.




steam shared library locked




Step 05: Finally, select the Deauthorize all other computers now option. This will remotely log you out of all signed-in devices and fix the shared library locked error.




steam shared library locked




Disable Family Library Sharing


You can fix the Steam family sharing problem by disabling the feature. But to do this, you will have to disable the feature using the other person’s Steam account.


If you have access to the other account, follow these steps and overcome the issue:


Step 01: Go to the Settings option from the Steam application of the other user.


Step 02: Select the Family option from the left side of the window.



steam shared library locked




Step 03: Uncheck the Authorize Library Sharing option.




steam shared library locked




Step 04: Reboot the device and try Steam family library sharing from your account.


Change .BAT File


The steam library has the .BAT file that allows the game to access the Steam client. This file might be missing, so you can replace or configure it.


Use these steps to do the task:


Step 01: Use a browser to download the BAT file.


Step 02: Extract the file in whatever folder you want.


Step 03: Execute your game and open the Steam Off.bat when the game starts.


Step 04: This stops the game from connecting to the internet. To establish the connection, open the Steam on.bat file during game launching.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to link Steam accounts?


You can link Steam accounts using the Steam application. Open the application and navigate to Family from the settings. You will need to have the Steam Guard enabled to do link accounts.


Can you game share on Steam?


Steam allows sharing games among family and friends. You will have to enable the Steam Family Library sharing option to share the game. The choice is available under the Family option of Settings.


How does Steam family sharing work?


The sharing functions let the family and friends share each other’s game files. Each individual can play the games that other members own. They can also accumulate individual achievements without any hindrance.


Why does the Steam sharing library get locked?


Many reasons might cause the Steam sharing library to be locked. Among them, the most prominent one is the multiple users’ issue. The library gets locked when different users try to access the steam client from the same account.


Will remotely logging out fix the Steam family sharing problem?


Yes, remotely logging out of Steam will fix the shared library locked problem. This logs you out of all devices and has a high probability of resolving the issue. Ensure no one else is using the account before performing the remote log-out.



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Final Words


Sharing a Steam library is the best way to enjoy a game with family and friends. It’s simply an ingenious solution for gamers, both avid and casual. But it can be slightly problematic at times. That is why knowing how to fix Steam shared library locked error is essential.


You never know when you will have to face this error. But you will not be hindered because you have the solution now. Stay safe in the digital world out there, and happy gaming!

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