How To Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Error On Android?

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Have you ever missed out on urgent calls just because your contacts app won’t start? It gets severely annoying whenever you try to make a call and your contacts crash, especially when it’s urgent.


And a lot of android users have been facing this issue recently with the constant OS updates. If you lead a tight and scheduled life, missing out on making that one call may get costly!


So if you are in search of an answer to the question of how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android, then we have the perfect answer for you. Continue reading the article to get the solutions you’re looking for.


Why Does Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Error Occur?


Usually, there are several possible reasons why you might face this error on your android device. However, one of the most common reasons has to be “Cache.” As the cache stores itself on your device’s storage for less load and faster re-download from google servers, a cache issue may be the reason for this occurrence.


1. Disable Google+


Before we jump into the actual solution to fix this problem, you can try disabling the Google+ app. Many users, especially Samsung users, have claimed that in series like S5, S9, J1, J2, J7, and note 4, uninstalling or disabling Google+ has stopped the error from occurring.


As on many devices, Google+ comes pre-installed. You may try disabling it to see if the “unfortunately contacts has stopped” error goes away or not.




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




2. Restart Your Device


Moreover, one other thing to try beforehand is restarting your device. It is effective in solving any problems that cause issues to your device’s functionality. Rebooting the device may solve or fix whatever is causing your contact has stop working error.



how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android



How to Fix Unfortunately Contacts Has Stopped Error on Android?


Possible Ways to Fix Contacts has Stopped Error


There are quite a few solutions to solve this issue. Some of them are manual, and some are through third-party software. Further, into this article, we will be discussing both ways to help you stop facing this issue.


  • Manual Steps to Fix Contact Has Stopped Error:


There are some specific things you can do on your device to prevent this error from occurring. And the steps to doing so are as follows:


Step-1: Clearing Contact Cache and Data


The cache is part of your storage that collects temporary data to help you run or load software faster. And one of the major causes of this error is corrupted files on that software’s cache storage.


Removing these old and unnecessary files may be a possible solution to your problem. In order to clear cache:


  • First off, open your settings


  • Proceed by going to the application manager


  • There look for the contacts software


  • Once you find it tap on “Contacts.”


  • You will find two options called “Clear Cache” and “Clear Data.”


  • Tap on both




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




By doing so, you will be clearing both the Cache and Data of the contacts app. This should fix the errors that have been occurring.


Step-2: Changing Time/Date Format


Among other things, one of the reasons that may cause this error is the “Time and Date” format. After research and thorough testing, we have found out that changing the time and date format sometimes fixes this issue. Ensure to try these steps out right away:


  • Enter your device settings


  • Scroll down till you reach the Date and Time option.


  • Open it, and there will be an option to change the format.


  • Click on it to change




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




Follow these steps, and it may fix the contact not working issue.


Step-3: Uninstall Recently Downloaded Software


There is a possibility that software you may have downloaded recently is causing your contacts to crash. It may be one of the vital causes of the “unfortunately, contact has stopped” error. To fix it, we will try uninstalling recently downloaded apps. To do so:


  • Enter settings


  • Locate and open the application manager


  • Inside you will be all the applications on your device. Locate all the ones you recently installed


  • Once located, tap on uninstall to delete them.




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




Step-4: Factory Resetting Your Device


This solution may be a bit troublesome as you will be losing all your data stored in the device. However, if you make a proper backup onto a computer or sd card, using this method may as well fix the error you are having.


Remember factory reset removes everything on your device, including all the third-party software you have downloaded. So be careful before doing it; when ready, follow these steps to reset your device:


  • Open settings


  • Go down to the bottom of the settings page and open “Backup and Reset.”


  • You can choose where you want to backup your data


  • Once done, click on factory reset


  • Then to finalize, click on reset your phone


  • This will proceed on resetting the device




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




Step-5: Resetting App Preference


It is tough to specify what exactly is causing your device to malfunction. So a clever solution may be resetting app preference as it may help bush away all the files causing contacts to stop working. To do so, follow these steps:


  • Launch Settings


  • Scroll down and open the “Apps” option


  • At the top right, you can see three dots


  • Tap on it


  • There will be an option called “Reset App Preference.”


  • Press on it, and it will do the job




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




Step-6: Using Software Update


Keeping your device’s operating system up to date is an essential part of making it operate smoothly. Many of us give it little to no importance, which may hinder the device’s performance and cause issues like contact cracking.


A viable fix may be giving a software update; here is how you can do it:


  • Open settings


  • Scroll down to the bottom and locate “About device.”


  • There will be the option to update software


  • Check if an update is available


  • If yes, press on it to update




how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android




  • Fixing Contact Has Stopped Error Using Third-Party Apps


In case you don’t want to use those above-written methods to fix the error, we have solutions for you. Yep, there is another alternative way in terms of fixing this error using a third-party app called “Dr. Fone- System Repair (Android).”


This software provides solutions to any issue your device may be having. With one click, you will find a solution to it. Follow these steps thoroughly given below:


  • Download the app from your local search engine on your computer


  • Then proceed on installing and starting the app


  • Connect your device to the computer using a USB cable


  • Look for and press on the “System Repair” option


  • Then continue by clicking “Android Repair.”


  • Enter the required device information


  • After completing these steps, it will continue to download the firmware package.


After completing the package download, it will automatically repair your android device.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How do I restore my contacts on Android?


Luckily if you ever end up deleting your contacts, there is a way to get it back. Go to your settings app, then proceed on entering “Google.” Look for the “Setup and restore” option and click on restore contacts. 


2. How do I open contacts on Android?


Usually, there is a shortcut on your home screen to open contacts; if not, you can go to the search bar and search for it.


3. Can I restore my contacts on Android without backup?


Sadly there is no way to restore your contacts if you don’t have a backup of it. However, there are possible ways to do so if you decide to root your android device.



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Here are a few ways we found effective in terms of fixing the contact has stopped working error. Alongside the manual process, we have incorporated the rules of using third-party apps as well in order to solve the bummer once and for all.


So hopefully, you have benefitted through our write-up of how to fix unfortunately contacts has stopped error on android.

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