How To Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Android?

wifi keeps disconnecting android

We never really give the router any credit for making our lives easier with Wi-Fi. Also, we don’t even realize its existence until the frequent disconnection occurs. And that’s when we lose it. Probably we were in the middle of a live streaming or an exciting match, and suddenly nothing loads due to wi-fi disconnection.


There can be multiple reasons behind the disconnecting. And it is not always the router’s fault. But what are the reasons behind it and most importantly how to fix wifi keeps disconnecting android?


Well, we have divided this article into two main segments to provide in-depth answers to the above questions.


So, without wasting any time, let’s start over!


Why Does My Wi-Fi Keep Disconnecting on My Phone?


Before we jump into the actual fixes, let’s take a look at why wifi keeps disconnecting android. It will help you become more aware of the situation. So you can prevent it from happening ever again in the future.


  • One potential reason behind this wifi disconnected sign is running too many devices at the same time. If you have guests staying at your house and multiple laptops and smartphones are using the internet from the same router, sudden interruptions are noticeable. Although most of the routers don’t come with a limit for devices, it is still a big factor.


  • The culprit might be something external and beyond your control. For example, the internet provider might have issues. Your phone or the router has nothing to do with the disconnection at all.


  • The router is no magic box. It is still an electronic gadget at the end of the day. And like every gadget on the planet, it can misbehave. If the router feels hot or has a loose connection with the cables, you should suspect it for causing troubles.


  • The most common reason is being too far from the source. We only check how many megabytes it can load, but forget to note the range. The range is extremely important if you want better service. If you are out of the zone, then you won’t have access. And even if you get access, it will disconnect frequently. That’s the harsh truth.


  • Another crucial reason is having devices that interfere with Wi-Fi. For example, you might have a smart TV, Bluetooth connection on. It can confuse the router and affect the signal strength of your Wi-Fi.


  • Sometimes we might turn on some settings in our phones without knowing. For example, turning on the Wi-Fi + feature will keep the device jumping from one network to another frequently.


Hopefully, you got the overall idea regarding why my wifi disconnects often android. But that’s not why you are here. Our main aim is to solve this issue forever. Don’t worry. Because that’s what the next segment is about.


How to Fix Wifi Keeps Disconnecting Android?


Let’s cut to the chase by showing you some of the different techniques in terms of fixing the issues with wifi keeps disconnecting android:


1. Reboot The Android


Rebooting the device is the basic solution for all android problems. And this case is not any different. Just turn off the connection>go to the ‘settings” > and choose “power off.”


Then wait for some time before shutting it open again. If the issue was with your phone, it will connect fine this time. But when you notice the problem keeps occurring after rebooting, it’s time to take some more action.


2. Erase Old Networks


This method is necessary when you have a lot of wi-fi connections around you. If you are in an area that is under several network ranges you will have a hard time being stable. Because in the process of choosing the right signal, the device can connect to a router that is very far. Such a router can only provide weak internet.


So follow the steps to forget and remove old wi-fi networks and stop the frequent disconnection.


  • Go to the settings> choose “wi-fi.”


  • You will see a list of available networks around you. Now see which one is currently connected to your phone.


  • If the router is close to you with a strong signal, you are good to go. However, if the router is far away, you would want to erase it.


  • Click on the current wi-fi > choose “forget the network.”


  • That way you won’t connect to that router again automatically. You can still get access by manually putting in the password.


3. Stay within the Range


We already discussed this in the previous section. Go near the router and try to reload. If the problem vanishes, you get the answer. The issue is that you are out of the zone. Move inside the range for better signal strength.


Also, if you find that too many devices are using the internet and interfering with your experience, try disconnecting them. It will improve the signal strength of your active device. However, most routers don’t have a device limit.


4. Update the Firmware


Updating the router’s firmware should be your top priority. The reason why the engineers came up with a newer firmware version is to close the loopholes in the current system. If you haven’t already installed the latest firmware for your router, it can cause problems like this due to being obsolete.


So let’s see how to fix wifi keeps disconnecting android.


  • To update the router, you need to know the current version that the manufacturers installed into it. It is not something tricky. Just go to the back of your router and you will notice a sticker. It will contain information regarding the model and version number. Take a note of that.


  • Now we need to go to the website of that particular manufacturer. Whatever router model you use, you have to go to their official website. Every manufacturer uploads their latest firmware to their websites. So, you can easily find and download them.


If you don’t stick to this policy and install a firmware update from other sources, you will lose the warranty. There are chances that the update won’t work and your router becomes obsolete. In that case, you don’t want to lose that warranty offer.


  • Okay, so you are inside the official website now. There you will have to give information regarding your router so they can refer to the right update for you. Choose the version number and copy the number you saw on the sticker earlier.


  • After that, the latest firmware available for your version will appear in front of you. Download it as usual.




wifi keeps disconnecting android




  • So the firmware will be saved into your device as a zip file.


  • Go to the admin panel of the router and select “system tools.”


  • On the system tools option, you will have to choose a file from any folder you like.


  • Go to that specific folder where you saved that zip file. Choose it and select “Run.”


  • It will require some permissions. So make sure you agree with them all.


  • Then the processing sign will appear. It might take some time. So be patient.


And that’s it. You have installed the newest and safest firmware for that router. You have to sit down and set everything up again in the admin panel. Log into the panel using your username and password.




wifi keeps disconnecting android



Keep in mind that you need an electricity supply for this method. If you lose the electricity in the middle of the process, the router can become dead. So that’s a caution. You must ensure that you have access to electricity during that time frame.


Plus, stay close to the router when applying the steps. It will reduce the complexities to a great extent.


5. Forget The Network


Still, wondering why does my wifi keep disconnecting on my android phone? Check out the most effective method to resolve it:


  • Go to the settings of your phone> select “wi-fi.” In a previous method, we showed you how to remove old networks from the list. But for this method, we will use that technique on the network that we want to connect to.


  • So this is how it goes. Find the list and choose that particular network.


  • Now tap on the “forget network.”


  • This will remove this network from the memory.


  • Now move back and try to connect to that network using the username and password.


6. Reset the Wi-Fi Router


Resetting is the perfect way to wipe out all the memory of your router and make it clean. The process can be different for various models. Every router has a connection with a power cord. You can just pull that cable out and plug it in again. That’s a subtle way of resetting.


If the wifi keeps disconnecting android even after that, we have more solutions too.




wifi keeps disconnecting android




You will see a small button at the back of the router. Some models have the “reset” label clearly noticeable. But if the name is absent, you still can identify it near the power button. So press on that and don’t release it for ten seconds. Yes, keep hold for that long. And the lights flickering on the front will start changing colors.


First, the color will change from green to yellow and then all the three lights will turn on at the same time. That’s what tells you that the router is in reset mode.


For some routers, you don’t find a button at all. Instead, you get a hole that works like a traditional reset button. Find a paper clip and push that inside the hole. Keep it pressed for ten seconds. That shouldn’t be too long, right? And that’s all.


If you have more queries regarding why the phone keeps dropping wifi, check out our FAQ section below.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. Why Does My Phone Keep Disconnecting from the Wi-fi?


There are various reasons for that. A low internet speed, out-of-the-range connection, other devices interfering, etc are common reasons behind it.


2. How Can I Fix The Wi-Fi Disconnection Issue?


We described six effective methods for this fix. Start with rebooting and removing old networks. And then you can try a hard reset if nothing else works.


3. How to Remove Old Networks from Router’s Memory?


It is simple. Enter the settings, then choose “wi-fi networks.” Select the networks that your phone can access and choose “forget network” one by one.



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In this article, we walked you through the different solutions available for fixing the wi-fi disconnection problem.  Since you know how to fix wifi keeps disconnecting android, it is time to implement it accurately.


Plus, we also mentioned some of the common reasons behind it. So if you keep that in mind, you will be able to prevent such things from happening in the future.

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