How to free up space on android without deleting anything?



Your smart Phones have limited space. So, many times you get a notice at your notification bar, ‘Storage running out.’


That time you usually delete your files and photos. It is really frustrating to delete your favorite photos or important files. Therefore,  I will tell you how to free up space on android without deleting anything.


The easiest way is to clean your mobile’s cache files. Besides, you can just add more space to your phone. To explore more ways of freeing space in the Android mobile, keep reading till the end.


How To Free Up Space On Android Without Deleting Anything?


To keep many confidential documents and photos on our mobile, we need storage or space. But everything indeed has a limit. So what will we do if suddenly we need space, but our mobile storage is already running out?


In this part, I will discuss some ways of freeing your mobile space without deleting any files.


Clear Caches


Yes. You can clear the junks or clear caches just to free up more space. The most important thing is that it will even boost your mobile’s performance. So, are you thinking of how to do that?


  • To clear caches, Open the phone manager application from the app drawer.
  • Tap on the ‘Clean up storage’ option to proceed.
  • Now here is an option named ‘clear all app caches. Go for it.
  • Press the delete or clear option to delete all the cache files.


how to free up space on android



Moreover, when you open the phone manager app, you will get to see an option ‘safe to clean’ hit on that to clean the junk. It also increases your space.


how to free up space on android



You can see the difference on your own. Your mobile really has more space now.


Use CCleaner or Clean Master


Nowadays, you can use any cleaning or boosting apps to free up space. These apps clean the junk and make sure to free up rooms, and there are a lot of apps.


Among them, the CCleaner and Clean Master are best. You can get them on the google play store. And then install it like the regular apps.


In this way, you can just work without deleting anything.


Save or transfer the files online.


If you think that you did not get the space you need after clearing caches, you can go this way. Simply put your files in the online storage.


These days, Google Cloud Storage is the most popular storage as it is free up to a limited level.


To save photos, you can use Google photos; similarly, to save pdf files or Doc files, etc., you can use google drive.


You can find these apps on the google store. You will need to activate your Gmail id on the phone to use these apps. Besides, you must have a data connection to save the files on cloud storage.


Here are a few tips from me; you can use your files and photos offline too. Just make them available offline using the given option.


The best thing about cloud storage is that even if you lose your mobile or your mobile gets damaged anyhow, and you will not lose your data and files. You can get them by just signing in to your account on another device again.


So, you can use online storage to get more space without deleting anything in your phone.



how to free up space on android




Add SD card or external memory


One of the best and easiest ways to make space in the phone is to use an SD card or external memory card.


According to your need, you can add 8 GB, 16 GB, or even 32 GB. You will not even need any internet connection to use the storage.


Uninstalling unnecessary apps


Here is the last method that can also be useful to you. You may have downloaded some apps, but you usually do not use them. Perhaps, they are not very useful. Do you know that your apps take over spaces on your phone in a considerable way?


You can uninstall a few of the unnecessary apps. For this, you need not delete your needful files. So, are you wondering how to uninstall individual apps on your Android phone? To know the answer, kindly follow the following steps.


  • Go to the Settings app and tap to open it.
  • Secondly, open the app management option.
  • You will get a list of apps that you can install easily. So, tap on the app that you want to uninstall.
  • Finally, you will get the uninstall Click on that and confirm to uninstall.


See how easy it was! In this way, you can uninstall every app that is not installed by default.



how to free up space on android





how to free up space on android




Final Verdict


As you can see, freeing up space on your mobile is much easier than you thought. Pick your favorite way and go with that. Every method is proven practically. So from now on, you will never have to delete anything you need to free up space in your phone.



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Frequently Asked questions



What makes Android Storage full?


Answer: Your Android device can get full if you download apps, Music, or Videos too much. Because every file has a limited size, your device loses its space when you download it or keep it in your internal storage.


How do I free up internal Storage on my Android?


Answer: there are two best ways for freeing up the internal storage on your Android. They are – clear caches and junks, uninstalling unneeded applications or apps.


To clear junk, you can use junk cleaner apps. On the other hand, you can uninstall apps via the app management option.


How do I add more Storage to my phone?


Answer: To add storage, I have found a few ways. You can install an SD card on your device that can give you extended Storage.  Apart from these, you can use google drive as your storage option.  Make sure to keep the data or Wifi connection on to use the drive storage.

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