How To Get An Xvid Codec For Android?

Among different video formats, XVID Codec for Android is one of the most popular ones. If you are up to playing a video with this codec, you must know how to get an XVID Codec for Android.


There is no practical way to get an XVID Codec for Android since it’s not a program. To support and play XVID Codec videos, you need a compatible app like VLC Media Player, MoboPlayer, MXPlayer, or KMPlayer. Simply download and install any of these apps on your device, and it will play the video itself without any further instructions.


You will also find fantastic features like translating any subtitle of another language to English in some of those media players. Even you may also enjoy increasing your media volume up to 200%.


What Is XVID Codec?


Nowadays, we spend a lot of time encountering various kinds of media for media consumption. Video is the most interactive medium for us. And around the world, lots of tools are being manufactured and used to lessen the hassle of watching videos. We have different formats, hardware, and software to soothe our eyes.


A video codec is a tool that works both as a compression engine and decoder from time to time. You will need the help of this tool either for compressing or decompressing videos. This tool offers you unique features, including Decoder and Encoder at a single platform.


A Coding Format After MPEG-4


XVID Codec refers to the video coding format we consider after MPEG-4 ASP video coding. MPEG-4 ASP is different from 3gp or MP4. And you need to learn about XVID Codec for Android to get rid of any hassle related to this type of video codec.


Using the XVID codec, videos are compressed and consume less space on your disk. Hence, the transfer speed boosts while transferring a video with XVID Codec format.


XVID Codec for Android


As mentioned earlier, XVID Codec is a video format. When downloading a video to enjoy on your Android device, you usually don’t check the video extension type.


As a result, you might download a video of XVID Codec type. Therefore, it being unintentional, you need the help of some tool that will play the XVID Codec video for you.


So basically, you can’t precisely get XVID Codec on your Android device. Instead, there is a possibility that you have downloaded a video that is formatted as XVID Codec.

Then you need a media player that supports XVID Codec format so that you can enjoy watching the video on your device.


How To Get an XVID Codec For Android?


XVID Codec is not something to install or set up. It’s a video format, among other similar variants. So, you won’t find any particular and practical way to get XVID Codec on your device.


It would be best if you had a tool that supports XVID Codec. You might go for an app like VLC Player for Android, which supports all sorts of codecs. Consequently, this tool will also help you play your XVID Codec video.


The steps are given below:


Step 1: Download and Install the app.


Step 2: Now, open the app.


Step 3: If it requires you to sign up/in, do accordingly to keep track of your data.


Step 4: Inside the app, you will see the available video lists on your device. Tap on one with the XVID codec.


Step 5: The app will play the video itself as you tap on it.


Thus, with the perfect choice of your media player tool, you can easily play XVID Codec video on your Android device.


Recommended Apps to Play XVID Codec Video on Android


The XVID codec, different from the MP4 video type, needs special attention. Your Android is set by default as capable of playing an MP4 video.


But while you are to play an XVID Codec format video, you need the specific tool that supports it. You will find some amazing apps to get your job done, as mentioned below.


VLC Media Player


VLC Media Player is designed to support all sorts of videos on Android devices. Hence, if you feel like increasing your media volume by more than 100%, you cannot but have VLC Media Player on your Android device.


You will be satisfied with the resolution and the video quality as well. Apart from all these, you can also translate your video subtitle to English, provided that the subtitle is in some other language. Whatsoever, XVID Codec is supported in VLC Media Player.


You can simply get this app through the Play Store. It’s a free tool. Just search for it and have it installed on your Android device.



how to get an xvid codec for android





The XVID codec format is not typical for all media players available for Android devices. So, you might find it challenging to play this type of video on your phone. But if you have KMPlayer installed on your device, you don’t need to worry.


This app will not disappoint you regarding playing a video. The app’s best feature is that if it finds any video incompatible with itself, it simply decompresses the compressed file and turns it into a video format that it supports. While this conversion occurs, no damage is caused to the original file format.


KMPlayer encoding comes with the knowledge of dealing with a codec format by default. You need to do nothing but select your video and sit back while letting KMPlayer play it for you.




how to get an xvid codec for android





Though this media player hasn’t become that popular for Android users, you can utilize this tool to play XVID Codec format video on your device. MoboPlayer has the default feature to play XVID Codec. In other words, MoboPlayer supports XVID codec format video.




how to get an xvid codec for android






This tool is one of the most popular media players for android users. It also supports XVID Codec. Hence, you can increase your media sound up to 200% like VLC Media Player.


In the case of the XVID codec, this tool does the required conversion itself. Simply select your video to play and let the app do the job. You may also use this tool to play compressed XVID codec videos on your macOS.




how to get an xvid codec for android



ACG Player


If you ask any Windows user about this app, they will guarantee you that this one is one of the best media players. Moreover, you can use it on your Android to play XVID Codec videos.


This tool is lightweight. You will undoubtedly find this tool handy enough when you have a different video format to play than the usual ones on your Android device.




This tool is almost similar to the VLC Media Player in all aspects. It doesn’t bother playing any media files for you. This software also comes with excellent customizing options for users.



how to get an xvid codec for android




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I convert XVID to MP4?


Yes, you can! Simply visit through your browser and have your video converted into your desiring format.


How do I watch XVID codec movies?


If you are an iOS user, get OPlayer from the App Store. Go for the VLC media player for Android devices to play XVID Codec movies.


Is Ultra XVID codec setup safe?


Yes. This XVID codec is safe indeed. But be aware of third-party websites. Try the official ones to ensure security.




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Final Words


From the documentation for research to info for movies for entertainment, we depend on videos a lot daily. However, there are different types of video formats available for us. The developers work on this to meet different purposes.


Similarly, XVID Codec is an unusual video format rather than those that random media players support. If you find difficulties playing XVID codec, you might look for a solution to know how to get an XVID Codec for Android.


Just know that XVID Codec for Android doesn’t require any particular method. Instead, simply install a media player supporting the XVID codec and enjoy your video.

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