How to Get apps from Microsoft Store on your Windows 10 | Pin apps and folders to the desktop or taskbar

pinning to taskbar

Getting apps on a desktop seems too simple for many people.

But that is not the case for all people.

The process is surely simple than you think. But if you do not know how to do apps pinning to taskbar or desktop windows 10, you cannot do it at all. You know, sometimes, easy things seem difficult when you do not know the process at all.

Multiple ways are available to get it done. If you can do it, you will easily get a consistent user experience. At the same time, you can use them without the internet. And there are lots of benefits that you cannot enjoy without getting apps on your desktop.

Why should you get apps on desktop windows 10?

There are some really good benefits of doing the apps pinning to taskbar or desktop on your pc running on windows 10. Like,

  • Desktop-based applications give a more consistent user experience as they don’t need to run with the help of the internet.
  • These applications don’t require monthly or yearly subscription and payment. Once you install them for free or install them after buying them, no more money is required.
  • Desktop-based applications always better integrate with the hardware if the right version is installed as they are developed for that specific hardware.
  • You don’t need to rely on the internet to use these applications. This is a huge relief. Or else a lot of times because of an interrupted internet connection everything becomes standstill.
  • Once you’ve installed them, they are much easier to access than other types of applications.
  • It is much easier to customize a desktop-based application according to need as it is built for the particular hardware.
  • With a proper installation, a desktop application can be accessed from a remote computer and you can get access to all the data you were working on.


How To Do Apps Pinning To Taskbar Or Desktop Windows 10?

Let’s see the right process to make desktop shortcuts in Windows 10.

Left Click and drag

  • Open the start menu.
  • Locate the desired application.
  • Click on the app and drag it to the desktop while a link word is shown on it.
  • Release it on the desktop wherever you want it to stay.
pinning to taskbar
  • Double click on the shortcut to open the app.

From the desktop

  • First right-click on an empty space on your desktop.
  • Select New from the dropdown menu.
  • Now select S
pinning to taskbar
  • Browse for the application that you want a shortcut for in the create shortcut option.
  • Select the app and then click on first on ok and then on next.
  • Assign a name for that shortcut and click on finish.
  • A shortcut icon will be created for that application on your desktop.

From file explorer

  • Open file explorer.
  • Find out the file or program you want a shortcut for.
  • Right-click on it and select send to option.
  • Now select the Desktop (create shortcut) option.
  • A shortcut of that file or program will be added to your desktop.
pinning to taskbar

Right-click and drag

  • Open the file explorer.
  • Find out the file or program you need.
  • Right-click on it and drag it to the desktop and release it.
  • Now select create shortcut here.
  • A shortcut will be created.
pinning to taskbar

Using the alt key

  • Again, open file explorer.
  • Select your desired file or program.
  • Now while pressing the alt key, left-click on the file.
  • Drag it to the desktop and release it.
  • Creating shortcuts is done.
pinning to taskbar

How to get apps on desktop windows from Microsoft store?

Let’s see some amazing methods to get apps on desktop windows from your Microsoft store.

Get a specific app

  • First, open up the Microsoft Store on your pc.
pinning to taskbar
  • Go to the search bar.
  • Type down the app you want to install.
  • Click on the search icon or press enter.
  • Results for your search will show up.
  • Select the app you wanted.
  • Now click on get.
pinning to taskbar
  • After the installation is complete you can make a desktop shortcut icon for this app following any of the procedures discussed above.

Get a popular app

  • Same as the first time, go to the Microsoft store.
  • Instead of searching for an app on the search bar, you can choose an app.
  • The apps in the store are sorted into various categories.
pinning to taskbar
  • Choose an app for you and click on it.
  • Click on get and it will be installed.
  • Create a shortcut on the desktop.

Why are my desktop icons not showing?

  • It can be because of something you installed like a photo editor or something that caused this mishap.
  • A windows update can cause this problem.
  • Upgrading from Windows 7/8 to Windows 10 can make the desktop icons disappear.
  • It can be because you are in tablet mode.
  • This can also happen if you have unselected the option Show desktop icons after right-clicking and clicking on V
  • It can occur if there is a problem with the icons cache.
  • This problem can also if the process explorer doesn’t start properly.
  • Of course, it can happen because of any kind of virus attack on the computer.


How do I put an app on my desktop?

It can be done in various ways. You can bring it from the start menu by left-clicking on it and dragging it to the desktop. Or you can go to file explorer and bring it to the desktop in a few ways. All the possible ways have been discussed above.

How do I move apps from Taskbar to desktop?

On Windows 10 you can’t do that. You can make desktop shortcuts from the Start menu. Or you can pin it start and then drag it to the desktop. You can pin an app to the taskbar and unpin it. But you cannot move it from the taskbar to the desktop.

Can I download apps to my computer?

Of course, you can. Go to Microsoft store. There you will find plenty of apps to install on your computer. Some are completely free and for some, you will have to pay. But either way, you can download an app from there and install it on your computer without any hassle.

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The computer is an amazing invention of mankind. So many things can be done by just one machine. But the possibilities are only open for those who know how to use this machine for their particular work. Sometimes a simple question like how to do apps pinning to taskbar or desktop windows 10 can really frustrate someone.

The answer to the question is pretty simple and the steps to be followed are very easy. But the only obstacle is not knowing the answer. To relieve you from the frustration all the possible answers to this question have been discussed above in great detail and with images. Find a suitable answer for you.

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