How to Get Internet without a Provider? 5 Effective Methods!

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Hands down, the internet is the only way to connect with the whole world. It seems like everything is good about the internet until you realize you have to pay.


In the U.S, the average cost of getting an internet connection per month is around $60. We know that cost a pretty penny to someone. So, does it mean we have to cut back on our internet usage and lose all the fun? Of course not.


That’s why we are all set to give you the most effective tips on how to get internet without a provider. Sounds interesting? Then buckle up and enjoy this entire article!


How Does Wi-Fi Work?


Before we start giving out the methods of how to get internet without a service provider, you must have a clear understanding of all the costs and benefits you might face. So here are the basic differences. So wi-fi does the same work as your wired internet cable except that it sends the signal through a wireless medium.


On the other hand, the ethernet opponent sends the signal through a cable. Not to mention the service is faster and more secure with the wired option but it is also costlier. And that’s the reason many people are switching to a wireless network.


Here the investment is for one time only. You have to buy a router and set it in your house. That’s it. After that, all you have to pay is a little monthly fee for the continuation of this service.


But that’s the story for another day. Today we are here to discuss the ways you could bypass this cost factor and still enjoy unlimited internet. Is it even possible? Well, keep reading to find out.


How to Get Internet without a Provider?


Let’s cut to the chase by getting familiar with 5 effective methods on how to get the internet without a provider.


1. Share A Mobile Hotspot


How to get your own internet without a provider? Easy, share someone else’s internet.


If there is no restriction over how much data you can use, this is a pretty convenient option. It would be even better if the other phone has subscribed to an unlimited data package, which is affordable by the way. Then all the devices within a limited distance can share the internet without any hassle at all.


Here’s the process of connecting to a mobile hotspot:


  • First, turn on the mobile data of your phone. Then go to the settings.


  • Now choose wireless and other connections. The next stop will be “personal hotspot.” Here the password you created for your hotspot will be given. So just copy it somewhere. You will need it later.


  • Now turn on the hotspot by pushing the button.


  • Move on to the other phone and go to settings. Look for all the available Wi-Fi networks in that area.


  • The model of your previous phone should come up on the list. Once you locate it, click on that.


  • It will ask you for a joining password. Just type the hotspot password you noted down earlier.


  • It will give you a notification that the joining is complete.


And that’s how it is over. Easy, isn’t it? You can apply this method with all the devices in your home. And everybody can have access to the internet through that one phone. The best thing is, no money is needed!


2. Get Your Neighbor’s Wi-Fi Password


Now, this is a hit-or-miss bet. If you have a sweet neighbor whose wi-fi network is accessible from your home, you can give it a try. Most of the time, if they are dependent on wi-fi for day-to-day work, they would use it even if you don’t contribute money. And giving you access shouldn’t bother them that much too.


But it entirely depends on how your neighbor is and their purpose for getting wi-fi.


However, let’s not get our hopes high. Let’s move on to the other answers for how to get home internet without a provider.


3. USB Tethering


We sometimes want to use the internet on our laptop or pc. The thing is you don’t need to subscribe to a data package for this if you have already got data on your phone. So the question should be how to transfer mobile data to a laptop without a provider instead of how to get wireless internet without a service provider.


So, let’s see how you can get a wi-fi connection to your pc or laptop using a USB cable.


  • First of all, what you need to do is connect your android phone to the laptop using a USB cable. It’s the same cable you use for charging purposes. Make sure to use the cable that comes with the phone. It is safer and reduces complexities in the procedure.


  • Connect the cable using any USB port on your laptop. Once it is connected, you will receive a notification. This notification is proof that the pc has acknowledged your phone’s connection.


  • Press “Allow access” and then move to the settings of your android device.


  • Now scroll down and click on the “more options.”


  • Notice the “tethering and portable hotspot option?” Yes, that’s where you have to click.





how to get internet without a provider





  • Now enable the USB tethering option. Push the button to the side. Check if it’s blue now.


  • Once the tethering is done, your pc will send a notification saying “do you want this pc to be discovered by other pc and devices on this network.” Just click on yes and get it over with.




how to get internet without a provider





  • In this stage, you will notice the change in the icon of your connection status. It looks like the icon of a LAN cable. So you know that you are sharing the internet with your smartphone.


  • To double-check, go on Google and see if the “no internet” sign is there or not. If you can search for anything, then you did the job perfectly. And if you still don’t get a connection, follow the procedure again from the start.


If you want further verification, go to the control panel and select “change adapter settings.” Here you will see that you are not connected to any Wi-Fi but your android’s internet network.


4. Get Connected To Public Wi-Fi


Public places nowadays offer Wi-Fi. For example, you will notice the Wi-Fi sign on most of the libraries, coffee shops, airports, and even hospitals. This is the cheapest method in this how to get internet access without a provider guide. You don’t need anything!


The password is showcased on a board for anyone to get access. Just go to Wi-Fi settings and type in the password. And there you go. You can enjoy your time at the place without having to spend a penny on an internet connection.


But before you get all excited and decide to go to the nearest public Wi-Fi spot to share documents or whatever, you must be aware of certain things.


Things You Need To Be Aware Of:


Public Wi-Fi is not secured. By that we mean there is no guarantee of data safety. When we use our internet connection, we have more control.


Turning on the encryption system can convert the data our phone sends to the web into a code. So, no hijackers will be able to read it and take advantage of you. But that’s not the case with public networks. There is no encryption.


As a result, people with little knowledge of technology can hack your username and password. They might even impersonate you and get the contact list of your phone trying to bother them as well.


There are also chances that the wi-fi-providing company will scan your data history. or they might send malware to your phone through different notifications.


What we are trying to say is that there are endless possibilities of what anyone with bad intentions can do when you are sharing public wi-fi. So, should you just avoid this convenient option altogether?


Now, we didn’t say that. If there is a problem, there is a solution. Let’s check out how you can tackle these security threats.


How to Troubleshoot the Security Issues:


  • Don’t enter a website that doesn’t have HTTPS in it. However, hackers are smarter now. They put HTTPS on the log-in page to give the illusion of a safe site. But once you are inside there is no encryption and your data is exposed to the person. That’s why to be aware of what type of website you are logging in to.


  • Don’t touch your personal or sensitive folders while you are connected to the public networks. Your photo album, important documents, messages, videos, etc are very easy to access if you are not using a personal data connection. That’s a must.


  • You can use VPN or virtual private network for surfing the web while connecting to public wi-fi. It will restrict other users from identifying you and your data.


  • Log out of your accounts as soon as you have finished what you were doing. Also, pay close attention to pop-up warnings as they might be notifying you about scammers.


5. Use a Portable Internet Stick


Another name for an internet stick is a wi-fi USB dongle or modem. It is a little piece that connects to your laptop or pc and gives you 24/7 access to the internet. The plus side is that, unlike wired connections, you get to travel with matter where you are, you can access the internet all the time.


Remember the safety issues with public wi-fi we just talked about? That problem will be no more if you use a wi-fi adapter or stick instead. Although you have to invest a little money, the cost is lower, we promise. It’s just a one-time investment. With a modem, your pc will act the same way that the 3G or 4G smartphone does.


Here’s how you connect it to your laptop or pc:


  • Go to the start button and look for the control panel.


  • Here we will be clicking twice on the network connections option.


  • Select the wireless network and it will create a menu. It will show you all the available wireless connections near your area.




how to get internet without a provider





  • The SSID of your modem should show up here also. We will select that by clicking one time.


  • Now provide the password that comes with the modem. Make no mistake here. The password should be available in the information with the package.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


How to Get Internet Service without a Provider?


Here are some of the ways you could get internet service to your devices without a provider: sharing a mobile hotspot, getting a Wi-Fi modem, asking for the neighbor’s password, tethering USB cable to pc or laptop, and last but not the least using the open public Wi-Fi network.


2. How to Get Internet At Home?


At home, you can ask for an ethernet connection from your local provider. It is safe and faster. For a cheaper method, set up a wi-fi router.


3. Is Wi-Fi Better Than Subscribing To Data Packages?


Now, this is a tricky question. To be true, it depends on your preferences. With a wi-fi router, you don’t have to think about running out of data. But with a subscription, you can get access to the internet wherever you go.



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We explained the benefits and costs associated with each method to you. Now the choice is yours. Whether you buy a modem or share your neighbor’s Wi-Fi password depends on your circumstances and preferences.


The Internet has become a daily necessity for all of us. Especially, in this pandemic situation when everything is online, we have no choice but to think of ways we can cut down the cost of accessing the internet.


So we hope now you are familiar with how to get internet without a provider.

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