How to Get SMS Messages on Android? Get It Effortlessly!

how to get sms messages on android

Messaging apps definitely add ease to our daily digital life. There are hundreds of messaging apps, and ‘Google Messages’ is one of them. This app comes with many advanced features. It was mainly designed for smartphones. So, knowing how to get SMS messages on android is extremely important, especially for android users. 


Install the “Google Messages” app from the Play Store, open it, compose a message, and send it to your desired number. Alternatively, you can choose a recipient from the contacts saved on your phone. Your selected contact will receive SMS messages automatically on their phone and get notified about it.


The Google Messages app has a lot to offer. Its domain ranges from sending free texts, images, and files over a Wifi network to creating encrypted connections for secure business communication and a whole lot more! This app is your one-stop messaging platform on Android.




how to get sms messages on android




What Is Google Messages?

Before understanding how Google Messages works, you need to first learn about some of its additional features and the overall workflow of the app.


Google Messages is rebranded as one of the most advanced texting apps. In simpler words, it’s another version of Google Hangouts. All Hangouts users tend to migrate to Google Messages soon. But using the rebranded app has some extra advantages. 


The primary purpose of Google Messages is to ensure RCS (Rich Communication Service). The app leverages Jibe’s servers to enable this unique feature, which employs RCS’s Universal Profile. This is advertised to customers as a special chat feature. It also includes a link to Google Duo, a video calling tool. 


Google Messages is also available on the web, allowing users to send and receive messages via the internet. However, this requires that your phone be connected to the internet while using the app on your web browser. Google Duo integration is also available in Google Messages for the web. 




how to get sms messages on android




Some Features of Messages

Texts that arrive on Google Messages come with some very advanced additional options. Here are some of the most impressive features and extra services that users can enjoy while using the app.


Have A Brimming Conversation

This app allows you to share high-quality texts and media over Wi-Fi without paying any sort of extra cost. Moreover, it’ll enable you to see when your pals are typing and help you experience great group conversations. 


With messages, you can communicate more efficiently with ease than any traditional messaging service.


Experience Google Assistant

Google Messages makes it a lot simpler to ask the Google Assistant for help directly from your conversation. This nifty feature is always useful and allows you to get more done within less time. 


Effortlessly locating and sharing things, answering with a single tap, or even submitting a payment – now you can do it all within a chat by using Google messages


Get Your Job Done Effortlessly

You may now get involved with different web-based services and can do more with the help of your Google Messages app. 


This means you can do practically everything, from ordering food to booking tickets, in the most straightforward method possible. However, this option is only available to businesses that are enlisted with Google.




how to get sms messages on android




How To Download And Install Google Messages On Android

Downloading and installing any app on Android is the simplest task. You can download almost anything on Android with proper instructions and information.


Google Messages is one of the most user-friendly android messaging apps out there.  The instructions to download and install the app are as follows:


Step 01: Find Google Messages via searching the Google Play Store. 


Step 02: You will see a page like this if you search ‘messages’ on the Play Store. 




how to get sms messages on android




Step 03: Click install, and then the app will show up within your app drawer. 


Step 04: Open the Messages app when it has been installed. 


Step 05: Follow the directions on the screen. To make Messages the default messaging app, tap Yes. When you’re prompted for more permissions, accept them. 


If you want to change your permission settings, click on the app. You will find the permission settings. Adjust them according to your wish. 


Google Messages is supported by a wide range of mobile OS and chipsets. You can install the app on iPhone, iPad, iPod, Mac, and almost any other smart device you want. 


This app has impressive synchronization facilities built in it. If you are a Windows user, using it on the web can make your chatting experience smoother and more pleasant. 


The app is supported on any device that is running Android Lollipop 5.0 or above. But to access all the best features of this app, you should have Android 6.0 or above. 


In simpler words, almost every online device today can support this app with ease! 


How To Get SMS Messages On Android

By now, you’re probably sold on the idea that Google Messages is a great app for an enhanced texting experience. But how to get SMS messages on android? 


Here’s a simple breakdown of all the processes to help you navigate.


Starting a Conversation

To start a conversation, go through the following steps:


Step 01: Launch the Android Messages app


Step 02: Tap (+) Compose


Step 03: Enter the recipient’s names, phone numbers, or email addresses in the “To” field


You can also select your top contacts or your whole contact list for easier access.


Sending a Message

After typing the text, you have to send the message to your desired contact. To send a message, follow the steps as below:


Step 01: Select the message box


Step 02: Enter your message there 


Step 03: When you’re finished, press the  Send button


Tap the back button before pressing Send if you want to store the message as a draft and return to it later.


Forwarding a Message

To forward a message, following the steps stated below will be helpful. You can send an existing text to a new contact at any time once you have it on your phone.


Step 01: Launch the Android Messages app


Step 02: Start a conversation


Step 03: Tap and hold a message to read it 


Step 04: Tap on ‘More,’ then tap on ‘Forward’


Step 5: Select your desired recipient from a list of contacts or enter a number 


Step 6: Select Send, and that text will be forwarded to the recipient 




how to get sms messages on android




How To Download Text Messages On The Messages App? 

If you’re working with business communication, you might want to save the android texts on your computer. Following the steps added next can help you to download text messages on the messages app. 


Step 01: Start Droid Transfer on your computer.


Step 02: Connect through USB or Wi-Fi using Transfer Companion on your Android phone.


Step 03: Select a messaging discussion by clicking the Messages heading in Droid Transfer.


Step 04: Choose between saving a PDF, saving HTML, saving text, and printing.


Step 05: Select the desired file location, and your desired text message will be downloaded




how to get sms messages on android




How To Get SMS Messages On A PC From Android Phone? 

Alternatively, in some cases, you might want to access the SMS messages on your PC. DOwnloading messages can sometimes feel like an utter hassle. That’s where the web-based interface can help you get SMS messages on a PC from an Android.


Here are ate steps to follow:


Step 01: Open Android Messages and tap the ‘Settings’ button in the upper right corner


Step 02: Then tap additional choices and tap ‘Messages for web’ 


Step 03: Using the camera on your phone, scan the QR code on the ‘Messages for web’ page. 


This will link your phone to the services, and your messages should show up on your automatically. 


How To Get Rid Of The Notifications Text Messages On Android SMS Default?

Google Messages has some utterly nifty features, no doubt. But sometimes, getting too many notifications about text messages can feel annoying. Here’s how you can disable the text message notification on Android SMS.


Step 01: Launch the Android Messages app


Step 02: Select more options followed by Settings.


Step 03: To stop receiving notifications from other apps, tap Notifications


Step 04: Turn off all alerts about default settings


If you want to receive messages alert on your PC instead, turn on All “Messages for web” alerts under Notifications. 


How To Fix Issues If You Are Not Receiving Text? 

If you don’t get SMS on Android but know someone is sending them to you, these troubleshooting techniques might help. 


Before you begin, it’s usually a good idea to test your capacity to receive messages from various platforms, if feasible. This might provide some insight into the nature of the problem.


Check if the number is blocked

The first step is to check if any number is blocked. The blocked numbers can’t receive or send any type of text to you through the Messages app. 


Determine whether the network is okay

Find out if your phone has a steady network. Mobile networks can be unstable at times. 


If there are few or no bars, go outdoors or locate a higher location within your proximity to get a better signal. You may also use a signal booster to increase reception inside your house.


Reboot the phone if necessary

There may be endless loops or other difficulties behind the scenes that you cannot diagnose. These issues can simply be resolved with a phone reboot. 


This also downloads any necessary operating system upgrades for the messaging app.


Update Android

Install any pending operating system updates, even if they don’t appear to be related to the issue you’re experiencing. Some bug patches and other corrections may touch the messaging app’s operations or features. Before messaging, wait for any updates to complete.




how to get sms messages on android




how to get sms messages on android




Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


Why do Google messages employ universal RCS profiles? 

Google’s Android RCS client is be based on the RCS universal profile, allowing users to access all RCS services on their phones and tablets. Mobile network operator messaging can include features like group chat, high-resolution photo sharing, read receipts, and more. All thanks to the universal RCS profiles!


How to activate chat features on android messages? 

To enable Chat features in Android Messages, open the app and tap the three dots in the upper right-hand corner. Select “Settings,” then “Chat features,” and finally, “Enable chat features.” 


Does moving a SIM card to another device affect chat features?

When transferring your SIM card to a new device, you should disable the Chat features on the old device before transferring the SIM card to the new device. Otherwise, the messaging features on the new device may not function properly.


My child has an iPhone. How do I get her SMS on android?

Using the Google Messages app on all your devices, you can get all your SMS messages seamlessly synced on android and iPhone. The iPhone text messages can be sent to any android device with ease as well. 



Final Words

Google Messages is a beautiful creation by Google, allowing users to do so much more than just send text messages. Learning how to get SMS messages on Android with the Messages app is more important than you think. More and more people are gravitating towards the feature set it offers over other traditional messaging apps.


So if you’re not about whether to make the switch or not, we suggest you go for it. You might be surprised to find that a whole lot of your contacts have made the switch already!



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