How To Get Windows 10 Education On A New Pc?

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Windows 10 education is helpful to the learners and instructors with its helpful features. Though there is a specific default setting, Windows 10 education is a variant of Windows 10 enterprise. However, there is no major difference between Windows 10 education and pro except for Cortana.


So, for beginners, it’s time to know how to get Windows 10 education on a new PC. Installing Windows 10 education is simple like installing other operating systems. You just need to follow some steps and perform the actions precisely.


If you’re already a Windows 10 user, you can also shift to the new Windows 10 education. Here you’ll also learn about this process elaborately. After installing Windows 10 education, you must enjoy its enhanced security features.


What is the difference between Windows 10 Pro and education?


As we have mentioned earlier, Windows 10 pro and education come with fewer dissimilarities. Let’s know the prime differences between these operating systems.


Sl. No.

Windows 10 Pro

Windows 10 education


Windows 10 Pro comes with Microsoft personal productivity assistant “Cortana”.

Windows 10 education comes without Microsoft’s productivity assistant “Cortana”.


There are no specific settings on Windows 10 pro for education purposes.

Windows 10 education comes with a dedicated setting that is convenient for students.


Windows 10 pro has no dedicated app locker feature.

The admin of Windows 10 education can control the app locking feature. With its dedicated app locker, educators can block any harmful content easily.


BranchCache is disabled in Windows 10 pro. Perhaps, it can be activated after following some complicated steps.

Windows 10 education comes with a more improved BranChcache. The user will enjoy a more improved WAN (Wide Area Network) with this feature.


How to get Windows 10 education on a new PC


Installing Windows 10 education on a new PC isn’t something like rocket science. Once you successfully enter the product key, the Windows 10 education gets activated instantly. Here you get elaborate steps on how to install Windows 10 education on a new PC with pictures.


Downloading and installing Windows 10 education


You can download and install Windows 10 education from their website easily. Follow these steps to make the operation successful on the first attempt.


Step:1- Visit the desired webpage


  • Visit Microsoft Windows 10 education web page first. You can easily find it using a browser.
  • After visiting the webpage, you can see an option with “Get Windows 10 education”. Click on this option using the cursor.



how to get windows 10 education



Step:2- Sign in using credentials


  • Enter the campus username and password. Carefully type the password and to avoid any mistake, you can turn on the “show password” option.
  • Now, click on the “sign-in” option and move to the next step.



how to get windows 10 education



Step:3- Start shopping


  • A page with a “welcome to your academic software center!” message will appear on the screen. Keep scrolling and find the option of “start shopping”.
  • After that, simply place the cursor on that option and click on it.




how to get windows 10 education




Step:4- Select the Windows 10 icon


  • A Windows 10 icon with purple color can be found at the center of the webpage. Click on that option and move to the next step.




how to get windows 10 education




Step:5- Add to the cart and check out


  • After performing the previous step successfully, the “add to cart” option will appear. Click on “add to cart” to start the purchasing procedure.




how to get windows 10 education




  • There will be an option of extended access which will offer you some extra features. If you’re interested in this, you need to pay some extra money. Simply click on “Add” and move on.
  • If you have no interest in this feature, then you need to check it out. Simply, tap on the checking-out option to end the purchasing process.




how to get windows 10 education




Step:6- Accept their guidelines


  • A bunch of company policies, as well as user guidelines, will be displayed then. Keep scrolling down until you find an option to accept it.
  • Now, enter the name of the user and signature respectively. And now, you can accept their terms and conditions simply by clicking on the option.




how to get windows 10 education




Step:7- Verify the contact information


  • To contact the user, it’s time to provide some necessary credentials here. Drop the user’s name along with a legal email address at the right place.
  • Select the box now and then click on the “proceed with order” option.




how to get windows 10 education




Step:8- Get the product key and get started


  • A receipt will be shown with the desired product key. Carefully scroll down the page to locate your product key. You should keep a screenshot to preserve the product key.
  • The last thing to do is click on the “Get started” portion. By clicking on this, you can access the product key and get started with Windows 10 education.




how to get windows 10 education




Does Windows 10 Education Expire? Upgrading to Windows 10 education from Windows 10 home


If your new PC is owning the Windows 10 home, you can shift it to Windows 10 education. Here are some tips to make your upgrading process easy.


Step:1- Get the product key


  • Sign in to the Microsoft website using the relevant username and password.
  • Now, find the support option from Office 365 and Enterprise Mobile Suite.
  • Now, you need to write down a support request precisely. Here is the right process of submitting a request in the screenshot.




how to get windows 10 education




  • After a certain time, Microsoft will review your request. If they find everything fine, they will contact you through email. There will be an elaboration on the way to get the product key.


Step:2- Perform the upgrade process


  • After getting the product key successfully, you need to visit the settings option.
  • Then, go to the update and security option and then find the activation part.
  • Now, select the “change product key” to get a new one. At this time, you need to enter the Windows 10 pro product key which must come with 25 characters.
  • After a while, your PC will join the tenant domain via AAD. Then, your PC will automatically upgrade to Windows 10 education.




This section deals with some common questions on installing Windows 10 education.


Can Windows 10 Education be transferred to another computer?


Yes, it’s possible to transfer Windows 10 education to a new computer. Windows 10 education’s license isn’t similar to the Windows 10 pro. You’ll get the lifetime license and so, the product key will work forever. After installing Windows 10 education on a new PC, you just need to enter the product key.



How many computers can I install Windows 10 Education on?


Windows 10 education is applicable for one computer. The license is for one computer but it’s a lifetime. Whenever you need, you can shift Windows 10 education to a new computer. That means, using Windows 10 education key is applicable for multiple computers but not at the same time.


Can students get Windows 10 Education for free?


There are various versions of Windows operating systems. For the convenience of students, Microsoft Inc. offers Windows 10 education for free. The company has an affiliation with various institutes. Using their educational mail, students can get free Windows. Free Windows aren’t anyhow different from the paying Windows. 


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Windows 10 education has similar hardware device encryption, Windows Analytics, and other features like the Windows 10 pro. Besides, all the basic features match these two OS. But, Windows 10 Pro doesn’t come with advanced BranchCache, app locker, and enhanced security features. You can get these improved features only at the Windows 10 education OS.


Therefore, students prefer choosing Windows 10 education over Windows 10 pro. A large number of the interested people had no idea how to get Windows 10 education on a PC. Now, they have complete knowledge on making the whole installation process successful.


There is a problem with disabling Cortana after installing Windows 10 education on the new PC. Except for that, installing Windows 10 education is a wise move. To get a secured environment for education, Windows 10 education has no alternative.

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