How to Hide Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro?

If you don’t want to witness specific system apps on your applications, you can hide them permanently instead of going through the rooting procedure. Thus, even if you subsequently require that app, you can get it back without multiple tricky steps. And downloading system files is also not greasy.


In this article, we will deliberate on how to hide apps in Redmi note 9 pro. This method will turn off all the functions of the system app. You can also hide the third-party application, but for it, you should go for a disabling process.


Here, we will also cover a part on disabling processes and hiding methods using a third-party application. So, this might be your lucky day!



What is the Redmi Note 9 Pro’s App Hiding Feature?


The app hiding feature is not available for all Redmi models, and later the manufacturer added this feature to the Redmi Note 9 pro. The phone comes with pre-installed applications, and all of them are not advantageous.


If you want to eliminate unused system apps from your phone, you cannot instantly do it. All pre-installed apps are not allowed to be removed, and it’s because when the app is sponsored or installed for marketing purposes.


But you can hide these apps if you don’t utilize them. This procedure will control its background running, battery, and Wi-Fi usage. But not free up the phone’s space. The feature will hide the app from your home screen. After hiding the app, you can download your own preferences.





How to Hide Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro





How to Hide Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro?


The hidden app feature comes in the original MIUI operating system. The feature is also available on the POCO Xiaomi and Redmi Android phones. Follow the instructions to hide the system apps in the Redmi Note 9 pro.


  • Open your phone’s settings option.


  • Find the Apps folder and select it.




How to Hide Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro





  • Under the Apps, you will find the App lock option; click on it.





How to Hide Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro




  • You must set a password first, then sign in to the MI account.


  • Now at the top screen, you will see two options, select the Hidden App.




How to Hide Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro




  • You will see all the system and third-party apps listed.


  • There is a switch at the side of each app; now, select the app you want to hide by tapping on the side switch.



How to Disable Application in Redmi Note 9 Pro?


If you don’t want to delete an app entirely because you want to use it later, in this case, you can disable this app. This process will remove the app from the home or application screen. This method is beneficial for a third-party application.


If you want to use it back, you don’t need to download it again; for easy methods, just search it on the play store, the app will open up, and there will be one highlighted option Enable; click on that it, and will come back to the place.


  • Open the settings menu, and then go to the apps folder.


  • If you want to disable third-party apps, select the “Manage Application” and the system apps for the pre-installed Application.


  • Find the Application and click on it.


  • Complete information regarding the apps will open up.


  • Click on the Disable option; this command will immediately turn off all the functions of the app.



Hiding App Using Third-Party Application



You can also hide apps using any other third-party application; many apps are accessible, and you can pick any, but App hider works most accurately and can be a topmost pick. Download the app from the play store and start the following process.



  • Open App Hider application.


  • Now from the options select the + / plus sign.


  • Now select the application from the list you want to hide, or you can directly type the name on the search bar.


  • Click the green bar on the Import section and select anything from hiding / Dual.


  • This process will bring the app icon in the import section into App Hider.


  • Now enter the application and again click on the hide.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s): 



  • How Can I Lock Apps in Redmi Note 9 Pro?


Open the settings options and go to the apps. Under the app section, you will see app lock; click on that, and it will ask you for a password if you already have an MI account or you have to set the passcode and account.


After that, it will open the section; at the top, you will see two options: app lock and hidden apps. Click on the Applock and select the app.



  • Are Redmi and Realme the Same Phone?


No, due to identity similarities, many of you think that both are the same phone. But indeed, both are entirely different and their manufacturer is also separate. Oppo is the manufacturer of Realme, and it is the sub-brand of Oppo, while Redmi Company is the sub-brand of Xiaomi.



  • How Can I Identify If Someone is Spying on My Redmi Note 9 pro?


You precisely cannot determine the spying. But there are some direct signs which indicate the malware attack; you will see unfamiliar applications, mostly third-party rooting applications.


Sudden phone temperature increases, battery drainage even if there are no background running applications, high network speed, apps will auto-turn off and may notice some auto-correction unusual behavior.





App hidden feature is advantageous for temporarily eliminating the pre-installed applications. As you are not using them, there is no need to let them use the battery, internet and generate unnecessary caches.


If you want to use the hidden app, you can again turn them into visible mode whenever you want, and that too without any installation process!


Hopefully, we cleared all your doubts regarding how to hide apps in Redmi note 9 pro through this write-up. If the method didn’t hide your app, then this is not normal; there must be some software glitch. In that case, feel free to seek help from any professionals.




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