How To Install A Keylogger Remotely On Android?

how to install a keylogger remotely on android

Installing a Keylogger has been turning into a necessity nowadays to get track of your own device, company phones, or under-aged children’s online activity. But not all keyloggers come packed with the best features and remote installation you are looking for.


So, it is pretty usual for you to wonder how to install a keylogger remotely on android from the plethora of options!


Not everyone is looking for a premium remote keylogger. And each of them can’t also meet your requirements because some want a keylogger with advanced features or monitoring functions, whereas others want the ones with basic features.


And keeping that in mind, we will be listing down different keyloggers and their features along with their installation process. So let’s dive straight into it!


Alert: “Keylogging is illegal if you install it to hack someone or misuse their private information. So, always use it for legal purposes only”


How to Remotely Install a Keylogger on Android Phone?


There are several software programs that allow you to remote install keylogger for cell phones. However, they differ mainly in pricing, functionality, and features. But we have listed down some of the best ones with their features that enable you for undetectable keylogger remote install.


Without further ado, let’s jump into how to install keylogger remotely with these Apps below on your Android or target device:


1. Hoverwatch


Hoverwatch is not a free app, but it does provide a free trial for a limited period. It is one of the affordable keyloggers to get started with. So, follow these steps to install it:


  • From the target Android, disable the Google Play Protect feature by going to their Play Store Account.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Then open the Settings Security to find out whether the Unknown Apps or Sources is enabled or not. If not, turn it on. 



how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Go to the Hoverwatch website and sign up for free using email and password to create an account.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • You may need to buy a subscription if the free trial is not available. Then you will have to choose Android under the Target Device option.


  • To make the keylogger work remotely, you need to have physical contact or access to your target Android at least once. It can be easy if it’s for your business corporate phones or your under-aged children’s Android.


  • Go to Google Chrome and head to the Hoverwatch website to download its Keylogger APK file.


  • Now install the Hoverwatch tracker and log into it with the Hoverwatch account you just created a while back. 


  • The tracker will ask you to grant permissions or you may need to manually turn on the permissions so that it can scan the target Android keystrokes for every program. 




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Do not forget to enable the Stealth mode to remain hidden. 


  • Last but not least, sign in to the online dashboard of Hoverwatch with your existing account. To view the stored keystrokes, click on the Keylogger section. And now you are all done.



how to install a keylogger remotely on android




The features this remote keylogger offers are:


  • Its most unique feature is that you can get notified of any SIM card changes made on the target device.


  • All the stored keystrokes or data remain under different sections so that you can easily find out what data is  for which program


  • It does not require root access to run in stealth mode or smoothly 


This remote keylogger is perfect to keylog the business phones or your phone. But it might not be the best option for a parental control guide. So, if you are looking for a remote keylogger only for that purpose, try out the next one.


2. KidsGuard Pro 


Out of all the Parental control keylogger programs, this stays in one of the top-rated because of its user-friendly interface and remote controlling features. It is not only limited to keystroke tracking. But it also offers several monitoring functions. So let’s find out how you can install it:


  • First, on your kid’s or target Android repeat the first two steps we have reviewed in the Hoverwatch installation process. 


  • Open the KidsGuard pro website, and click on the Monitor now or Sign Up button. With your valid Email and Password create an account there.


  • In order to install it, you need to make a purchase first. If you are not sure which subscription plan to go for, we suggest you go with the one monthly plan.


  • After the purchase, you will be redirected to their Management page. From there you need to download the file for the target Android.


  • Apart from that, you can go to from the target device and you will see the Download options there. You need to slide the option right to start the process.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • A pop-up will warn you that this file might harm your device but click on the ok button to download anyway.


  • After downloading it, go to the Downloads folder to install the keylogger. Then open the installed Kidsguard file.


  • Agree to or accept the License Agreement by Clevguard while opening the keylogger.


  • Then you need to sign in with the Kidsguard account. Then follow the setup wizard to complete the Setting configuration or allow the permissions the app asks for.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Finish the process by clicking on Start Monitoring. Then from the official website access your account dashboard.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




The features you can access are


  • This keylogger lets you access the list of installed apps, browsing history, social media activity.


  • It helps you to know the current location of the phone or your kids.


  • You can access the call logs as well.


However, if you are looking for a free plan, then go through the next section.


How to Install Keylogger Remotely On Android Phone Free?


Not many free keylogger apps let you get a hold of 10+ features without paying a buck. Or they might not provide the stealth or hidden mode in the free version.


But with the TheTrusthSpy free app, you do not have to compromise on features. And here are the steps to remote install keylogger for free:


  • Follow the first step under the Hoverwatch keylogger section to disable Play protection.



how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Open the Settings screen of your phone and scroll down to the notification feature, then open it.



  • Go to the truth spy official website to download the Truthspy APK file after putting a tick on the terms and conditions box. You need to confirm the download by clicking ok.


  • A popup might appear telling you that you cannot install unknown apps. So, you need to open your Settings screen followed by the Security option.


  • Now activate or turn on the Install Unknown apps or install from unknown sources.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • After downloading the APK file, open it and install it. You might see a popup warning you that such a file is blocked or not protected by Play Protect. Do not worry, click on the Details option and choose the Install Anyway (unsafe) option. 




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Then you need to proceed to the action by pressing ok.


  • From the Trusthspy Settings menu, turn on all the required settings. In this case, you need to enable the All Permissions, Do not optimize battery usage, accessibility, and access for notification settings.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • If you have a rooted phone, you need to turn on the Access Rooted feature as well.


  • You need to register a truth spy account now. So, click on the Register button and enter your email ID and Password. 




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Then from the User Control Panel of the keylogger site, log in with your account credentials.


  • From your web browser, you need to remove your Truthspy history. So, from the History option clear the browsing data and delete the truthspy.apk download from My File. 




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




  • Finally, go to the Truthspy website and sign in with your existing account at 


  • On the dashboard, you will get at least 10 features for free, choose them to track the phone’s keystrokes.




how to install a keylogger remotely on android




Here are the features you can expect to get with this free Keylogger:


  • You can read the chats received or send them on several media


  • It enables you to read or track the typed social media usernames and passwords. So, you can hack the accounts. But do not hack unless it is for ethical hacking purposes or to protect your children aged under 18 from digital threats.


  • The recorded or tracked keystrokes are organized by their date and time, so it gets easier for you to monitor your own phone or the target device systematically.


  • You can also check saved contacts and retrieve or recover any personal information.


  • Checking browsing history is accurate and easy with it. 


  • Most importantly, this free keylogger works in hidden mode making it difficult to be detected.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to Send a Keylogger to Someone’s Phone Remotely?


You can send a keylogger to someone’s phone via messages or attached email files. But for remote installation, you have to convince them. If their ID is logged in on your device, you can manage to install it on their phones.


But you will not be able to access many keyloggers as the apps are on their devices. So, to send a keylogger and install it remotely you need to have physical contact or access to their phones.


2. Is the Free Keylogger Program Worth Installing?


If you do not want to go for any premium keylogger, then the free ones can be an option to install. But remember that, they might not give you advanced features to get more control over your Android or corporate phones.


And most free versions force you to upgrade to their premium versions after one month of use. So, it is better to stick to paid programs or subscriptions.  


3. Is it Illegal to Run a Keylogger Tool on Any Device?


It is not illegal to install and run a keylogger on your phone or for monitoring your children under 18. But if you install it without any adult’s knowledge to transfer or steal their personal data, then running a keylogger is illegal.


However, many business companies or employers have the legal rights to install it on business, corporate phones, or computers of the employees. 


4. Can All Keyloggers Access and Track Clipboard Data?


Not all but some of the Keyloggers can read the clipboard data as well. So, with those apps, you can track the copied and pasted data such as text, images, and other forms of data stored there.


5. Does the Incognito Mode Disable the Keylogger You Have Installed?


No, the incognito tabs or mode cannot disable the keyloggers. The software can track everything you type on your keyboard, even if you go all incognito.



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People have different reasons to install a keylogger remotely. But no matter what reason you have, you should always study the features of different keyloggers before installing any random ones. It saves you from wasting your time and money on the wrong one.


And hopefully, we have helped you decide how to install a keylogger remotely on android that works best for you.


Just a heads up, Keylogging can be illegal if you install it to hack someone or misuse their private information. So, always use it for legal purposes only.

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