How To Install Android Apps On Roku?

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Hands down, Roku is a channel streaming box that enables access to online media. This small device makes your recreation more exciting by blowing your favorite online TV show.


But unfortunately, Roku is not android based software, and it doesn’t provide any android applications. In this case, you have to go through a few actions to relish the feature. So we will walk you through how to install android apps on Roku, and that too in the best way possible!


Some of the official central channels are Netflix, Disney, HBO MAX, Peacock, and Roku Channels. And note that this device doesn’t allow any third-party apps smoothly.


But that doesn’t mean it’s not possible. So read this article and discover the method right here.


Why are Third-party Applications Not Allowed in Roku?


Only certified own built channels are obtainable for the users. You can add new channels from their website or direct from the device but installing android apps on Roku is not allowed. Applications like android games, play store applications are strictly non-streamable on Roku.


Steps-by-Step Guide on How to Install Android Apps on Roku


As you know, Roku is not like a smart TV; it’s just a converter and an updated alternative version of your wired-up tv channels provider. So, you can’t use it as an Android TV.


If you want to add another unauthorized TV channel on a Roku device, you have to go for the mirror streaming option from an Android device:


Step 1:


Go to the home screen from your Roku main device.


Step 2:


Go to setting, and make sure to scroll down where you can see the “Network” option.


Step 3:


Get into “About” to check that the running internet connection is the same for both devices so that they can communicate.



how to install android apps on roku




Step 4:


Now, from settings, scroll down and go to the “system.” You will see the “mirror streaming” option


Step 5:


Select “prompt.” Now go to the same internet-connected phone



how to install android apps on roku




Step 6:


Go to phone “settings” and select “Bluetooth and device connection.”


Step 7:


Now select connection preferences. Click on the “cast option” right away.


Step 8:


Now select “Roku Player,” and that’s all.



how to install android apps on roku




Authorized Apps Adding Process on Roku from the Website


For a vast options screen view, you can add applications from the Roku website. To do that, follow these steps mentioned below:



  • Sign in to your own account.


  • Channel selection: You can select the channel from the shown options or search it. There are genre and category options available so you can filter the application. Or you can just type your desired channel name directly into the search box.


  • Now press the “add channel” option, and that’s it!


Legal Apps Adding Process from Roku Device


Now that you are familiar with the authorized app adding process, let’s get into the steps of adding legal apps from the Roku device. Note that you can also add applications directly from the device. Follow these steps:


  • Go to the home screen.


  • Now press the streaming channel; you will see it at the bottom of the home option, so keep scrolling.


  • Streaming channel: It will open the Roku authorized channel options. You can select any application available in the channel store.


  • Category option: The channels are categorized according to genre, location, and language. So, you can also look for genre-wise, or you can directly type the channel name from the search bar.


  • After selecting the channel, press the add option, wait for a few seconds, and return to your channels list. The channel will appear at the end of the old channels.


Roku Own Built Applications Adding from Mobile 


Smartphones are another way to add applications. You will need the Roku application, and you can have it from the play store. These are the following steps you need to look for:


  • Download the Roku mobile application 


  • Sign in to your account if required


  • Go to channels options from the bottom of the navigation bar


  • Connect to next window will appear; click on that it will pair up your mobile with your Roku device


  • From the channel box, you can add any or look for the specific one.


Application or APK on Roku


There are various misconceptions available regarding Roku. One of the significant errors is about the android application kit download. The word is you cannot download android applications on Roku.


Only their own built applications are available for the users. Even if you somehow managed to add one application through coding, after a few days, Roku will automatically delete that app from your device. So ultimately, there is no result.


Because Roku does not instantly verify the authenticity of a channel just because you’ve opted to add it to your account. You should keep in mind that the channel’s genuine review may come later.


Pros and Cons of Roku Device


Definitely, the Roku device is a wise option. It lets you enjoy the streaming of various free and paid channels.


It combines all of your preferred streaming platforms into one device, allowing you to save cash. For user-friendly control, Roku devices are a preferable option for most users.


Pros of Roku Device:


1. Most Popular Content Streaming Channels


Roku comes with its own built plenty of channels. You can design the layout according to your choice. Moreover, you can add more from the channel store.


Initially, Roku came with Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Hulu Plus, Spotify, and many more.


This streaming device is a great alternative to satellite connection. Just adding up a small mini device, you can enjoy your favorite content.


2. All in One Single Box Device


This device is like an all-in-one box. You will have multiple types of content in one place. You can move from a podcast to a movie by clicking on a single button.


You don’t need to look for another source to find your preferred one.


3. Alternative Remote Option


The Roku’s developed remote is not that good-looking but comes with solid durability. As an alternative, you can download the Roku app on your phone from the play store and connect it with the device. So, you can use your smartphone as an alternative remote.


In case of losing remote and battery insufficiency can’t be a barrier to your recreation.


4. Reasonable Price


Roku owns numerous popular channels, especially which are famous for content. So, you don’t need to spend anything extra on other channel providers.


In another way, you don’t need to buy a bunch of wires for the streaming. So, Roku is a prudent option for thrifty people.


Cons of Roku Device:


Cons are unavoidable, though Roku has a maximum level of pros more than cons. Let’s dig deeper into some of them.


1. Wi-Fi Connectivity


Roku is an online streaming box device, and it requires Wi-Fi to play any channel. If you lose your Wi-Fi connection while watching anything interesting, you will be pretty annoyed.


2. No Place for Android Apps 


Undoubtedly, Roku is a pretty good option. But in this smart era, Roku is not suitable for android applications. You cannot easily download any android apps on Roku.


This could be a barrier if you are an android applications lover. But as we have discussed, there is an alternative way of using an android application on Roku. You can follow that without even thinking twice!



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. How to install an APK on a Roku device?


The clear answer is “NO” you cannot download or add any APK on this device. You can only go for household options that are available in plugins.


2. How to install Google Play on Roku?


Google Play is prohibited on Roku from June 2021. You cannot directly enjoy any content from google play, but you can watch google play movies or anything from YouTube. But the availability is limited.


3. Is it possible to hack Roku?


Roku maintains a verification method that will not allow anyone to hack your device. So due to the closed software system, hacking Roku is not possible.


4. Why are android apps not allowed in Roku?


Roku only pays for the channels and also benefits from them. But there are no options for android based apps as the number of benefits is pretty low.


5. Does Roku require smart TV to use it?


You can use it on your old television, which is not even with an HDMI port, just using a converter. So, you don’t need to buy another television to enjoy Roku.



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Nowadays, Roku is a smart streaming device, a less expensive and more convenient alternative to cable television. It has brought extensive wires set up in a small device. So, if you want to keep your space tidy, Roku is a wise option without a doubt!


You may install channels that allow you accessibility to all films and shows from major networks and platforms. Roku is the provider of only their media, so using android apps on Roku is not lawful and permissible.


But this article has disclosed how to install android apps on Roku devices just to let you get educated on it. So we hope you found it helpful.

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