How To Install Android Os On Samsung Galaxy Note?

how to install android os on samsung galaxy note

Nobody likes to use the same old features on their smartphones or tablets. And to break free from that jail of limitation, upgrading to the latest Android OS is the key. But sometimes, you might not get the official update available.


And you might not even know how to switch to other OS on your old Galaxy notes. But, take no stress as we will be breaking down secrets of how to install android os on samsung galaxy note, and that too without affecting your device.


Installing the latest OS on the older Galaxy Notes needs extra attention. Otherwise, you can put your phone into brick mode while installing unofficial updates. And to prevent that from happening, we will review the methods that are more reliable and secure.


How To Install Android OS On Samsung Galaxy Note?


Installing the Android 11 on your Galaxy Note 10, 10+, 20, and 20 Ultra is nothing but a no-brainer. Even if you cannot get an official update for OS 11 on your note, you can always install the beta version. So, follow these instructions to know how to get android 11:


  • Firstly, go to the Settings menu followed by the System option. If you scroll down a little on the Settings screen, you will get that. 


  • From the System, click on the Advanced, and then the System Update option.


  • Select the Check for Update option and then the Download button will appear. Press that.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Based on your device, you might need to confirm the download by pressing Now or ok.


  • After downloading the latest update, you need to click on the Install button. Or you can press the notification to start the installation process of Android 11.


  • After a minute or so your Galaxy Note will reboot itself. And now you have successfully installed and upgraded to Android 11.


If you are using the Note 20 Ultra, you need to follow a slightly different path for the update.


  • From the Settings, go to the Software update. If there is any update available, the Download and Install button will be available.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • After the download process, you can choose to schedule the installation process for the morning on your Note 20 Ultra. 


If you want to install the Android 11 beta, follow these steps:


  • Go to the Android 11 Beta Program website by Google.


  • Login into your Google Account there 


  • Then from its homepage, click on the View Your Eligible Devices option at the top of the screen



how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • You will see the picture of your Note if it is eligible for the program. Then, you need to click on the Opt-in button from there.  




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Put a tick or checkmark the boxes and then select the Join Beta


  • After that, the Android Beta Program will notify you that your note is now a part of their Android 11 beta program.


  • Then go to the System updates from the Settings screen to install Android 11. Now, enjoy its features. However, you want to install the latest version of Android OS, head to the next section. 


How to Get Android 12 Beta for Your Latest Galaxy Note?


If you want to stay one step ahead in terms of getting pre-release updates or features of the latest Android 12, you must upgrade your note to the samsung beta program. You will get a hold of bug fixes, One UI 4 advanced features, and improvements for performance stability.


In short with the samsung beta you get the pre-release updates even before the public release. So, without any delay let’s follow the steps for samsung android 12 beta:


  • Sign in to your Samsung Account on your Galaxy note.


  • Access the Samsung Members app. It comes pre-installed on most Galaxy devices.


  • However, if you cannot find the members app, download it from the Google Playstore.


  • Once you open the Members app, you will see some cards at the top of its home page. Click on the One UI Beta Program from there.


  • However, if you cannot find the UI Beta program there, tap on the Benefit sections.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Then open the UI Beta Program and click on the Register button.


  • After enrolling in the program, wait for a few minutes for the process to complete.


  • You will receive a notification of the Available update. However, if the app does not push the notification for upgrading, you will have to implement the following steps.


  • Open the Settings screen of your Galaxy Note and scroll down to the Software Update option. Then click on it.


  • Now from the Check for Updates option, you will get to install the One UI 4.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




After a few minutes, you will be in the Android 12 beta program. However, note that you can install this OS on your Galaxy Note 20 and 20 Ultra, Note 10, and Note 10+ easily with these steps we have covered above. To get the Android 12 on older models, go through the next section.


How to Install Latest Android OS on Older Models of Samsung Galaxy Notes?


Upgrading to the latest OS on older Galaxy notes is a bit trickier and more time-consuming process. But it is not impossible to run newer OS on older notes. You will meticulously have to follow the pre-requisites and steps for that.


So, let’s find out how to install android os on samsung galaxy note 2, 3, or the older galaxy notes.


Pre-requisites to follow are –


  • First, make sure to keep a backup of your important documents, photos, videos, or data on your Google Drive account or on your computer.


  • Do not try to follow any additional steps other than what we review to prevent brick or other technical issues on your note


  • Keep your Galaxy note and computer fully charged so that they do not shut down in between the process


  • If you do not have TWRP Recovery installed on your phone, then download and install Minimal ADB and Fastboot binaries or platform-tools on your computer from a trusted site. Or you can follow the link to do that –


 ADB and Fastboot 


  • Now, go to the official site of Samsung to download the USB driver for your note on your computer. It is necessary for a strong connection between the note and computer to transfer files, run commands, flash files, etc. 


  • For accessing custom ROM, you need to unlock the bootloader or activate the OEM Unlock on your older notes. For that, click on the About Phone option from the Settings screen of your Galaxy Note.


  • Then at a stretch tap the Build Number options seven times


  • Open the main Settings menu again and click on Developer Options. From there, activate the OEM Unlock option. 




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • In case, you do not want to download the ADB and Fastboot, you can count on TWRP Recovery. After activating the OEM, go to the official TWRP site linked below to download and install TWRP for your phone.




  • From a trusted site download the Lineage OS 19 for the Galaxy note you have. 


  • Note that, many custom firmware or third-party Android ROMS do not come packed with the GApps or Google Apps. So, it is better to download Gapps beforehand. 


  • You are all set with the pre-requisites. Now jump into how to manually install the android update of OS 12


  • With the USB cable connect your Galaxy Note and your computer while the USB Debugging is turned on on your phone.


  • On your computer open the SDK manager folder and access the adb.exe or platform-tools folder. 




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Now in the search bar or address bar located at the top of the screen, enter the text “cmd” and press the Enter key on the keyboard.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • A CMD window or command prompt will appear, you need to enter the following script or command and press the enter key to run it


     adb reboot recovery 


  • However, if you want to skip the recovery command step above, you can manually put your device to TWRP recovery mode by entering recovery mode on your phone. For that, you need to switch off your Galaxy note. And long-press the Power and Volume Up key. 


  • From the TWRP home page on your phone, click on the Install section from the upper-left corner of the screen. And go to the downloaded vendor and firmware to flash it with the right-swipe option located below.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Go back to the main menu of the TWRP Recovery and again select the Install option.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Then click on the ZIP file option to select the GApss ZIP file. Then swipe right to flash the files to get Google Apps.




how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




  • Now press the Reboot section from the home page of TWRP and click on the System option. 



how to install android os on samsung galaxy note




After a few minutes, your device will boot. And the Android 12 OS will be installed on your Galaxy Note old model.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Has Changed In Android 11 Update?


If you upgrade to Android 11, you will be able to manage or navigate the apps faster and easier with the improved Voice Access. And it enables you to speak out loud or use Voice Access in offline mode as well for your convenience and more support. 


2. Does the Android 11 Slow Down the Apps?


No, it does not. In fact, the new updates make it 20% faster than before in launching or loading the system apps. Also, there is an increase in the device memory to help it run more smoothly. 


3. Is It Safe to Install Android Beta Version on Your Note?


Yes, Android OS Beta is safe to install. They are not malicious or there is no virus in them. But, the beta versions might be a bit more unstable than the official release. And because of that, your Galaxy note might hang sometimes. 



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Upgrading to your desired Android OS gives you more control over your phone. And it enables you to take your Galaxy Note experience a step further with all advanced features and performance improvements.


But sometimes, it can get quite stressful to understand how to install android os on samsung galaxy note without bricking your phone. And we hope that we can put that stress to rest with our tips and methods.


Just a reminder – without researching which websites are trustworthy to get your custom ROMS or required files, do not proceed to download, why? Because some sites contain malicious files that can affect your phone.

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