How To Install Apk Files On Iphone Without Jailbreak? 2 Easiest Methods!

how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak

Sometimes you want to use some premium apps but your budget or the operating software might not support your wish. Especially, if you are an iPhone user. And the quick solution to this is getting an APK file with a jailbreak.


But the jailbreak can put your phone’s security at risk. So, if you are wondering how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak, we have got you covered!


There are some tools available that require no jailbreak to install the files you need. But downloading those tools or installing APK using them can be a bit tricky on your part. So, we will walk you through the process in the easiest way possible.


How to Install APK Files on IPhone without Jailbreak?


You do not need to compromise the warranty of your iphone by jailbreaking it just to get a hold of your desired apk files. There are many third-party apps to take away the headaches from you. And one of them is the Cydia Impactor app.


This segment is all about how to get apk on iphone using Cydia so meticulously follow these steps:


1. Download Cydia App


Usually, you will need to jailbreak to run Cydia impactor on an iphone. But with Flekstore you can eliminate this issue. Here are the steps to get Cydia without jailbreak


  • Go to the official website of Flekstore and download and install the app from there


  • Now open Flekstore and touch the three-dot menu at the upper-left corner to see a drop-down menu


  • From the drop-down menu, click on the Tweaks option



how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak




  • It will take a homepage of applications, from there find the Cydia app, or you can type Cydia manually on the search bar



how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak




  • Now open the Cydia app and click on the install option at the upper-right corner of the screen


  • After clicking on the Install option, it will take you to another home page or install profile, click on the Install option from there as well



how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak




  • A popup will appear, click on the install now option from there and it will start the installation process


Now on your home screen, you will be able to see Cydia downloaded successfully


2. Download IPA Files


To install the APK files on the iphone, you will need to download the IPA files of the games and apps you are looking for. So, follow these steps


  • Connect your computer and iphone


  • From your computer go to APKMirror or APKPure site or you can download the IPA files of the apps from any trusted source


  • Now extract the IPA file to a new folder and drag the Cydia impactor icon over it to install the tool


3. Run Cydia and Install APK Files on Iphone


  • Now on your computer, launch the Cydia app


  • If you are using Windows, do not run the Cydia Impactor EXE as an administrator


  • Now, let the Cydia app detect your iphone


  • It is time to open the Cydia on your Windows then drag and launch the IPA file you downloaded before over the Cydia window




how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak



  • Now to let your iphone allow the installation of the IPA file you will need to enter the Apple Account and Password details. It will trick the iphone to install the IPA files.



how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak




  • After the installation, it will create an emulated layer on your iPhone and you will be able to run the APK file


  • Go to the Setting option of your iPhone and click on General


  • Now click on the Device Management option 


  • Then select the Apple ID you used to install the IPA file and you will see the Apk files installed, if you cannot find it, restart your device.


This whole Cydia process is a bit tricky and lengthy. But it is worth the time and effort if you are against jailbreak.


What are the IOS APK Installer Tools to Use to Skip the Jailbreak?


We have already reviewed Cydia and how it can be an alternative option to jailbreak to get the APK files on the iphone. In case, you cannot run Cydia, there are many other tools available for you. And the APK installation with those tools remains more or less similar. Here are the tools below:


1. AltStore


AltStore is one of the reliable tools to replace Cydia Impactor. This will let you download Apple’s version of the APK, in other words, the IPA files you need. You will need to use your Apple ID and password to install the files.


The plus side is you can use this software to manage the updates of the APK files as well. Also, you can refresh the installed apps to prevent them from expiring. This tool is updated regularly so that it can be compatible with the latest iOS firmware to help you install the APK or IPA files.


2. LightiningSign 


The LightiningSign is a free AppStore app and it will be your go-to store to side load IPA files if you do not prefer a computer. In case you cannot run any other alternative to the Cydia, this will come in handy.


This tool uses an enterprise certificate to get APK files on the iphone. But you will require an iphone with iOS 10 or latest OS. If you use this tool you will not need to resign the installed APK files every seven days.


3. AppCake 7


The AppCake 7 tool is a perfect tool for those who are looking for unsigned IPA files to install. This free app store contains the premium and modified versions of many games and applications for you to install without spending any buck.


This app features a web server that gives you access to the APK files in the AppCake from any web browser. You can directly install this tool without any other tool and it works on non-jailbreak iPhones too. So, you can give this app a thought to replace the Cydia app.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


Is Cydia App Safe to Run to Get APK on iOS?


Yes, it is safe to use. As long as you install and download it with a registered third-party app it should not cause any problem. Its developer Jay makes sure you can download apps without the app store, and that too without any threat to your iOS devices.


Also, it stores some of the modified versions of the original apps, in other words, the APK files so that you can skip the vulnerable APK sites.


Does Running APK on iPhone Cause Any Harm to the Device?


All APK files side loaded from accredited sites are not harmful to your device. But if you choose to side load APK from any untrusted source, it might not go well for your OS. Those files might contain viruses or malware that can slow down the performance of your device.


And the worst can happen is that malware can steal your confidential data. 


3. Does the apk installer for ios Cydia Expire?


If you are a free Apple ID user, you do need to reinstall the apps or apk files you install using Cydia impactor. Because these files expire after seven days. But for the paid developer ID, you will get twelve months to use the files before they expire.   



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As many of you do not know how to install apk files on iphone without jailbreak, you tend to jailbreak your device and later on, it makes your iPhone’s security vulnerable. But hopefully, our article can break down the alternative methods to jailbreak in order to install APK files.


We suggest you stick to the free app store we have reviewed above. Otherwise, you never know which tools are malicious these days. But if you want to use any other jailbreak alternatives for APK, research their credibility first to prevent any security threat.

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