How To Install Gyroscope On Android Without Root?

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If you wish to have a gyroscope on your device, you should know how to install gyroscope on Android without root. But the fact is, it is not possible without rooting. There is no such practical way.


At first, write and save the following text


<?XML version=”1.0? encoding=”utf-8??>


<feature name=”android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope” />



in the text editor tool. Then you will have to copy the saved file in System>Etc>Permission. The folder has to be mounted with permission. Again, relocate the file to the previous location with all the required permission. Once the permissions are granted, exit all the used apps and restart your Android device.


Though gyro is a hardware feature, it is not supposedly added later on after the product’s release. But you may have a virtual gyroscope to run amazing apps while enjoying some VR features as well.


What Is a Gyroscope?


With the advancement of technology, we need all our stuff to be customized and more comfortable. Therefore, the inventors work day and night to provide us with advanced technologies while reducing the product’s cost and size.


As a result, we can have GPS or Gyroscope in almost all our accessories. However, not every phone is blessed with a gyroscope. And that brings us to learn how to install gyroscopes on Android.


A gyroscope, a.k.a. gyro, is a chip pre-installed into our smartphones to maintain a direction or stabilize navigation. This sensor allows you to measure your phone’s angular momentum and direction. It focuses on all three axes – X, Y, and Z. This one is a part of the hardware installed with the motherboard.


If you don’t know whether your phone has a gyro or not, you can install a free tool named Sensor Box and check it out yourself.


What Does Gyro Do on A Smartphone?


Gyroscope enables the user to detect the motion of a phone or tablet and lets us stabilize stuff and so on. The virtual gyroscope sensor on your android phone does the following:




how to install gyroscope on android without root



Motion Sensor Control Gaming


When we are playing any games related to motion sensors, the gyroscope is the tool that blesses us to do so. You may play a racing game using your phone as a wheel or so on through this sensor.


Motion Sensing GUI


This feature offers us a GUI. And with this, a user may go up or down just by tilting the phone. Or even shake the phone to change songs or lock the phone etc.


Image Stabilization


While capturing images, this chip helps maintain the image quality while preventing damage due to the shaking of the holder’s hand.


360° Image or Video Viewing


Without gyro, you can’t view a 360° image or video on your device.


Answering/Rejecting calls


This sensor allows you to answer or reject a call by flipping, rotating, or gently shaking the phone.


GPS Inertial Navigation


When you are moving through undergrounds where most likely you are out of network or services, this chip helps you to keep your GPS intact while navigating your car smoothly.


How To Install Gyroscope On Android Without Root?


You must know first – Is it possible to add a gyroscope sensor to an android smartphone if it doesn’t come pre-installed?


Is it possible to add a gyroscope sensor to an android smartphone?


This is where things get a bit tricky. A gyroscope is a hardware device that comes pre-installed on your phone. The phone company entirely does it in the factory.


Manufacturers usually put the gyroscope sensor within the phone’s internal hardware setup. So technically, there is no way to add a gyroscope to your smartphone unless you’re an engineer.


However, there are some clever ways to trick your Android operating system into thinking that the phone has a virtual gyroscope installed. With a little bit of coding and tweaking with the phone’s firmware, you can program the operating system to attain gyroscope access.


You will, however, need root access. So, tread wisely before entering into this risky domain. If you follow the step we describe here, you’ll be safe and won’t have to face any consequences like accidentally bricking your smartphone.


How to get a gyroscope for Android?


If you are wondering how to add a gyroscope to Android, this part is for you. But it is a matter of the fact that you must have root access to your phone for doing so.


This procedure requires us to move files to the Android System folder. Unless you root your phone, you can’t do so. Let’s take a look at the process through step-by-step instructions:


Step 1: Write down the following texts on any text editor tool.



how to install gyroscope on android without root




Step 2: Then save the file while labeling it as android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml.


Step 3: Now copy the file and paste it to this location: system/ etc/ permissions.


Step 4: Then mount the folder through your file explorer with the permission to write just by tapping on the button ‘Mount R/W’ or the same one.


Step 5: Now again, relocate your android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml file to the location.


Step 6: Provide the required permissions.


Step 7: Open the permission window by tapping on android.hardware.sensor.gyroscope.xml and change the basic permissions as mentioned below:


rw-r-r- (644).


Step 8: Exit from all the used apps and then restart your phone to ensure all the changes occur.


Simply open the Sensor Box to check the result. Though gyro was not pre-installed on your phone, with the application of the process, now you may have any apps that require gyro like Google SkyMap, Pokemon Go, or any apps for Google Cardboard.


Though gyro is a hardware feature, you can still have your virtual gyroscope android with this process. And now you know how to get a gyroscope on your phone.


How To Use Google Cardboard Without Gyro?


Google Cardboard apps won’t run on your phone unless you have a gyro. But still, there is a bypass to it. Follow the steps accordingly:


Step 1: Open the Xposed Installer app.



how to install gyroscope on android without root



Step 2: Go to the download section.


Step 3: Now type in VirtualSensor in the search box and hit search.


Step 4: Download the most recent version.



how to install gyroscope on android without root



Step 5: Install it.



how to install gyroscope on android without root



Step 6: Reboot your device.


There you are. Most VR apps like Google Cardboard will start considering that your phone has a gyroscope facility. And they will run smoothly though you don’t have gyro on your phone for real.


How do I Enable Gyroscope?


Does your phone have a built-in gyro chip? But that gyro feature is not working yet? Maybe you need to enable the chip. The process is mentioned below:


Step 1: Launch Settings on your phone.


Step 2: Navigate to My Devices.


Step 3: Now locate the section for movement. You may find the option labeled ‘Movements and gestures’ or ‘Movements.’ Tap on it.


Step 4: Then start the calibration task for the gyro.


Step 5: Follow the onscreen instructions.


How Do I Calibrate My Android Gyroscope?


If you wish to calibrate your gyro on your Android, follow the simple steps:


Step 1: Launch the Phone app.


Step 2: Go to the dialer.


Step 3: Type in *#0*#


Step 4: Dial it.


Step 5: Now click on Sensor.


Step 6: Put your device on a flat surface.


Step 7: Hit on Gyro Self-Test.


Step 8: To exit, tap on the exit button twice when calibration is done.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Can I increase the gyroscope on Android?


For improving your device’s gyro, simply calibrate it.


What is a virtual gyroscope?


Virtual gyroscope means acquiring the angular rate signal from sensor data of the output signals from various sensors.


Does the gyroscope work on emulators?


Android Emulator simulates a limit of rotation sensors. Gyroscope is added to the Android Emulator v26.



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Final Words


Without a gyroscope, you will miss a lot of the continuously advancing world. There is no way of learning how to install a gyroscope on Android without rooting your device and having a gyro on board to get updated.


Calibrate gyro to improve it from time to time. You have already learned to run Google Cardboard apps without gyro on your Android smartphone through this article also. Apply these simple DIY methods and enjoy gyro on your Android if not pre-installed.

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