How To Install Oneplus One Custom Rom?

oneplus one custom rom

OnePlus is one of the leading brands in the Android phone industry. Considering the ten million-plus users globally, many users wish to have a particular individuality with their phones. And keeping this in mind, many developers focus on making a unique OnePlus One custom ROM.


To install a Custom ROM, you need first to find the ROM you want and then a custom recovery tool like TWRP. Then enable USB debugging on your phone, flash the device and mount your preferred ROM. Depending on the ROM you install, you might not need to install GApps separately.


You can use any custom recovery tool other than the TWRP recovery tool. But before you start installing the custom ROM, you need to know the proper steps not to lose any essential data from your phone.


What Is Custom ROM?


The Android system uses an open-source platform. This makes the stock ROM that brands typically use to be open to the public for customization. And utilizing this feature, many developers make custom ROMs so that the users can make their OnePlus One smartphone unique.


This stock Android is common. But different brands do slight tweaks to make their OS better. For instance, if you look at Google Pixel, Samsung Galaxy, OnePlus Nord, Galaxy Note, and the OnePlus One smartphone, you will see that most of the features are different.


Even though both the smartphones are based on the stock Android, there are quite a few differences. That’s why many developers make custom ROMs that take the attractive sides from all these ROMs and cluster them into a new one.


Among the possible custom ROMs, the most available ROMs are Lineage OS, Cyanogen OS, Havoc OS, and Pixel Experience OS. These custom ROMs are all unique, but you need to know how to install a custom ROM OnePlus One to make your phone unique.


The Best ROMs For OnePlus One


There are innumerable options for custom ROMs for OnePlus One. not all of them are the best. You will have to find the best custom ROM that fits your taste.


If you are thinking about getting a custom ROM, we suggest you look at our list.


  • Android 11
  • Android 10 Q
  • Android 9 Pie
  • Android Oreo
  • Arrow OS
  • Bootleggers ROM
  • CarbonROM
  • CrDroid ROM
  • Cyanogen OS
  • Havoc OS
  • Lineage OS
  • MIUI
  • OxygenOS
  • PixysOS
  • Syberia Project OS
  • ViperOS


Prepare For the Customization


If you are eager to customize your OnePlus One smartphone, you might have already decided on the ROM you want. It can be Lineage OS or AOSP ROM. You will need to know how to install custom ROM on a OnePlus One smartphone, no matter which you choose.


Before you learn and start following the steps, you will need to prepare your phone. Here are all the prerequisites to install Android custom ROMs.


Make Backup


You will have to back up all the data before installing LineageOS or any other custom ROM. This is because, when installing the ROM, your OnePlus One smartphone will have to be wiped clean.


These steps will help you make the backup.


Step 01: Connect your OnePlus One device to the network.


Step 02: Start the OnePlus switch application.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 03: Click on Backup and Restore.


Step 04: Tap on the New Backup option.


Step 05: Now, choose the data types you want to make a backup of.


Step 06: Select Backup Now once the data types are selected.


Step 07: Once the progress bar is filled, connect the device to your PC.


Step 08: Open the File Manager.


Step 09: Within the manager, navigate to Storage -> opbackup -> MobileBackup.


Step 10: Copy the file on your PC to be restored later.


Enable USB debugging


To make the process easier, you will have to enable the USB debugging function early. Here is how to do the task.


Step 01: Go to the settings of your OnePlus One device.


Step 02: Scroll to About Phone.



oneplus one custom rom




Step 03: Tap the Build Number option seven times to enable the Developer option.


Step 04: Backtrack to the Settings menu and scroll to the Developer option.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 05: Check the USB Debugging box to enable it.




oneplus one custom rom




Unlock The Bootloader


Bootloader unlocking is a must for custom ROM installation. Different devices have different methods to unlock the bootloader.


The way to unlock Google Pixel is different from the Samsung Galaxy phone. That’s why here are the steps to unlock the bootloader on OnePlus One device.


Step 01: Power off your OnePlus One.


Step 02: Press and hold the Volume up and Power button simultaneously to enter the FastBoot mode.




oneplus one custom rom





Step 03: Connect the phone to your PC.


Step 04: On your PC, Download and install Universal ADB Driver.


Step 05: After that, download and extract the Android SDK Slim file.


Step 06: Enter the extracted file and navigate to platform tools.


Step 07: Right-click on the newly opened window while pressing down the Shift key.


Step 08: Select the Open command window here option from the dropdown menu.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 09: Type fastboot devices on the Command Prompt to check the device connection.


Step 10: If the device is connected correctly, type fastboot OEM unlock and press Enter.



oneplus one custom rom




Step 11: Finally, unlock the bootloader by starting your phone by typing fastboot reboot and pressing enter.




oneplus one custom rom




Get A Custom Recovery Tool


The most important thing in custom ROM installation is the recovery tool. And in most cases, the tool used is the TWRP.


Here are the steps to get the custom recovery tool on your OnePlus One device.


Step 01: Open the Google Play store on your phone.


Step 02: Search for the Official TWRP App.


Step 03: Download and install the app.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 04: Open the app by agreeing to the terms and conditions, checking the Run with root permissions, and Enable Network Statistics.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 05: Now select TWRP Flash and then Select the device.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 06: Search for your OnePlus One device and download and save (in internal storage) the latest TWRP image file for your device.


Step 07: Go to the app again and select a file to flash.


Step 08: Select the image file and tap on Flash to Recovery.


Download The ROM


For a OnePlus One Device, there are many custom ROMs to choose from. But among the innumerable options, the Lineage OS, Android Oreo ROM, and Cyanogen OS are the most sought-after ones.


Whichever you choose, download the one you want following these steps.


Step 01: Open the Browser on your PC and search for XDA Forums.



oneplus one custom rom




Step 02: Once you are in the forums, go to the search box on the top right.


Step 03: Change the option to Forums and Devices instead of Everywhere on the new dropdown menu.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 04: Now type in OnePlus One.


Step 05: The quick result option would show a OnePlus One option. Click on it.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 06: Select the ONE Origin Android Development.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 07: Go through the available ROMs and download the one that suits your taste.


Step 08: Move the downloaded ZIP file to your desktop home screen or move it to your phone’s internal storage.


GApps For Google Apps




oneplus one custom rom




Not all custom ROMs have Google Services preinstalled. So to be able to take advantage of Google Services like Google Play Store and other Google Apps, you need GApps.


Follow these steps to get the GApps.


Step 01: Search for the GApps variant you want to use based on the custom ROM you want to install.


Step 02: Download the ZIP file of the preferred variant.


Step 03: Connect your bootloader unlocked phone to your PC.


Step 04: Transfer the downloaded ZIP file to the same location of your PC or phone where the custom ROM ZIP is kept.


It is possible to do the task after installing the ROM. You will have to use the ADB Sideload method to install in this process. The steps are discussed in detail in the latter part.


Install Oneplus One Custom Rom?


Once all the preparations to invite a custom ROM to your phone are met, you are ready. Now is the perfect time to learn how to install a custom ROM on OnePlus one smartphone.


Follow these steps, and you’ll have your desired ROM installed.


Step 01: Connect your phone to the desktop.


Step 02: Move the ROM and GApps ZIP files to your phone’s internal storage.


Step 03: Power off your phone in the connected state.


Step 04: Open the Universal ADB Driver folder and right-click on the blank space while holding down the Shift key.


Step 05: Select the Open PowerShell window here option from the dropdown menu.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 06: Check for your device’s connectivity by typing ADB devices.


Step 07: If the connection is ok, type ADB reboot recovery and press Enter.


Step 08: The phone will show the TWRP tool menu.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 09: Select the Wipe option.


Step 10: Now, Swipe the slider on the bottom.


Step 11: Then tap on Format Data and type Yes and format your phone.




oneplus one custom rom




Step 12: Go to the PC and again copy the ROM and GApps file to your phone’s internal storage.


Step 13: Now, on the main menu of TWRP, select Install.



oneplus one custom rom




Step 14: Navigate to the location of the ROM file.


Step 15: Select the ROM ZIP and swipe to install.


Step 16: After the ROM is installed, go back to the Install option.


Step 17: Now select the GApps after browsing to the saved location.


Step 18: Again, select the ZIP file and swipe to install.


Step 19: Finally, go to the TWRP main menu and select Reboot.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How to install a custom ROM on the OnePlus One to unlock the bootloader?


Unlocking the bootloader on the OnePlus lets you enter recovery mode. In this case, you will need a custom recovery tool to install the custom ROM you want. The TWRP recovery tool is the most popular for this purpose.


What to do if custom ROM installation fails on the OnePlus One?


If the ROM installation fails, try again after flashing the device. If it fails again, then the custom ROM you selected to install might not be one for the OnePlus One device. Please check the compatibility before installation.


How to flash custom ROM OnePlus One?


The best way is first to unlock the bootloader. Then flash the device using a custom recovery tool. And finally, install the custom ROM using the recovery tool.


Which is the best custom ROM for OnePlus One?


If you want to use stock ROM, the best is Android 9 Pie and Android Oreo. But if you want the oxygen experience, the OxygenOS or Lineage OS is the best. The best depends on your choice.


How to install a custom ROM on a OnePlus one when you can only access TWRP?


If you can’t access your desktop, download the ROM and GApps zip on your phone. Then enter the recovery mode using volume down and power buttons. And finally, install the ROM after mounting the files using the Mount option in TWRP.



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Final Words


Using a custom ROM gives you a sense of individuality. And this is also possible for OnePlus One users. That is why there are many OnePlus One custom ROM in the market.


Installing them is simple. And once you perfectly install the ROM, your individuality is bound to blossom.

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