How to Install Windows 10 Education on a New PC(Easy & Quick)

Windows 10 education paved the way of digital learning experience as it is immensely beneficial for augmented learning. By setting up suitable policy applications and controls, the user experience of Windows 10 education can be improved.  


The only way to get Windows 10 Education is to enroll in the volume licensing program for education customers. This version provides enhanced security and robust system control. Moreover, management tools from Windows 10 Enterprise also make it suitable for today’s educational institutions. Having said that, you may consider installing Windows 10 Education in your computer to access these staggering advantages . 


In this article, we’ll walk you through the steps on how to install Windows 10 Education on a new pc in a quite simple manner. You just need to go through the steps as it is. Without delay, let’s begin. 


Installation Process of Windows 10 Education:


The installation guides for Windows 10 Education Edition on your new computer is mentioned below:



How to Install Windows 10 Education on a New PC



Step 1: First, you have to create a USB flash drive or a bootable CD for installation. You can follow how to make a bootable cd for windows 10. (We have a full guideline on bootable USB/DVD)


Step 2: Once you have created a DVD/USB, insert it into your computer to start the installation process.  


Step 3: Now, press the restart button to reboot your computer. As soon as the windows get started you should see a display message that says “Press any key to boot from CD or DVD… “. Press any key on your keyboard if you see this message on the screen. If not, windows start normally then you should try to Boot the Windows from something other than the hard drive.  


Step 4: We assume your USB/DVD Windows Boot method worked. Once windows have completed loading all files, the installer screen will appear in front of you.


Step 5: Select your language, time, and currency format carefully. 


Step 6: Then click Next and Install Now.


Step 7: During the time of installation, you’ll be asked to enter the product key for Windows 10 Education. Enter the key and select Next


Step 8: After that, read the licensing agreement before proceeding. Click to check the box as you agreed to all the licenses and select Next.



How to Install Windows 10 Education on a New PC



Step 9: Choose the installation option Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced) and move forward.


Step 10: On the next step, a list of the partitions that have been created on your hard drive will appear before you. If your computer consists of several physical hard drives, they may appear as separate disks, like Disk 0, Disk 1, etc.


  • Thereby, select a partition where you want to install the Windows and choose Delete. You will be prompted to wipe everything on the partition. Click Yes


  • When you are done with the formatting select the recently created Unallocated Space and proceed to Next


  • Now it’ll take some time to install the files, everything will be done automatically. Make sure, while you are waiting you have a proper power supply source.


  • During the process, it’ll take several restarts and once the installation is finished it’ll start configuring devices and settings. 


Step 11: Further, select your region and keyboard layout preferences. You can even add extra keyboard layouts if you want.


Step 12: Henceforth, you’ll be prompted to a window asking to connect to the internet if your computer doesn’t have an active internet connection. You can skip this step but it’s better to get connected. However, click Next to continue.


Step 13: In the next window, as it appears on the “Choose how you’ll connect” screen, you should select Join a Domain and tap on Continue. Actually, you won’t be joining a domain but setting up a local account


Step 14: Following, to create your local user account enter your name and password. Moreover, to secure your password, set up three security questions that will help you to recover your password in case you forget it in the future. 


Step 15: On the following screens, you’ll get the customization option of Windows functions. You can change the features whenever you want after the installation also. You might be asked about: 


  • Privacy Settings: To access some of the Microsoft features and facilities you may need to read the description of every individual feature and make up your mind to share your information. By clicking Learn More you can read a brief description. You can turn off which you don’t want and click Accept


  • Personal Assistant Settings: Read the traits of the function and see if you want to share your information in return for the Microsoft feature. If you want to click Accept and if not, then click Decline.


  • Activity history: To read the description of the feature click Learn More. Take your decision if you are willing to share the kind of information that Microsoft is asking in exchange for that particular feature. Then click Yes or No respectively. 


Step 16: The installation process will run automatically until you have carried into Windows 10 and are viewing the Home page of the desktop. 


Step 17: Rightly completing the installation and booting into Windows 10 education home page changes the time zone and date by right-clicking on the clock icon located in the taskbar. Adjust the local time zone by clicking Adjust date/time.  


Step 18: Eventually, you have installed Windows 10 Education Edition on your new pc following these steps.


Eventually, you have installed Windows 10 Education Edition on your new pc following these steps.


Final Thoughts:

If you have followed the instructions accurately you should be able to install Windows 10 Education on your new PC successfully. We tried to make it as simple as we could. Choosing to install Windows 10 education on your system can be the best decision you have taken this year. Because this edition is packed with amazing features and facilities.  


Hope you are having a wonderful time using Windows 10 Education. In the meantime, if you face any problems, feel free to ask.

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