How To Know If Someone Restricted You On Instagram-Easiest Way To Know

how to know if someone restricted you on instagram

Currently, Instagram is the leading social media for community interaction. It has been bringing a lot of safety features and tools regularly. To keep the user secure from bullying or harassment the restriction feature has been included recently. You can get restricted by another user on Instagram.


Restriction mostly happens if the victim has been treated insensitively. Being restricted you cannot interact with the person who restricted you. Besides, you cannot even look into their timeline and posts. Therefore for confirmation and clearing the misunderstanding, you have to know if you are restricted or not.


This article will explore the possibilities of understanding how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram. Following the stated steps and guidelines you can clearly know if for some reason the opposite person has blocked or restricted you.


What does restrict mean on Instagram?


The user restriction is a newly added feature of the famous social media platform Instagram. After accepting the following request a person legally allows you to see their posts, contact them, and do other activities. In the same way, a person can simply restrict you from looking at their posts and contacting them. Besides, you cannot comment on their posts as well.


A common message which says” Sorry, this user is currently not available” pops up every time you make a move. You can get restricted for various reasons. If a person feels unsafe or threatened by you then he/she can restrict you without letting it come to your notice. Besides, Some explicit or malicious posts from a user can get you restricted if they don’t want you to see those.


How to know if someone restricted you on Instagram


There is no official way that will tell you if you are being restricted by the person you follow on Instagram. Moreover, no notification, or messages will be given to you beforehand. The restriction features happen quite silently without letting you know. 


But there are some indirect ways that clear your concept and remove your confusion about being restricted. In this section, we shall discuss different ways to allow you to confirm that you are being restricted or not.


Create a secondary account on Instagram


Before proceeding to know if someone restricted you or not, you have to create a secondary Instagram account. It is because it is not possible to do the steps from the Old account. Creating a new Instagram account is very easy. Simply follow the stated steps you will get right into it.



  • Tap on the lower right corner of the screen. You will see your display picture on it.


  • You will find your Instagram ID on top of the screen just above the display picture. Tap on the name.


  • A new window pops up with a new option to add a new account.


  • Tap on “Add Account”


  • Next, you will another op[tion which says “Create New Account”


  • Now step by step a window pops up which shall guide you through opening a new Instagram account.


  • Firstly give a new username and password. Eventually, you may have to add an email address and contact number.




how to know if someone restricted you on instagram





how to know if someone restricted you on instagram




Inspecting the comments


Now that you have created a new account, you have to follow the person you doubt has restricted you. It is imperative he/she allows you to be the follower before proceeding to the next step. Besides, the account you suspect has restricted you should be public. If it remains as a private account then you have to be on the follower’s list.


  • Firstly, open a new account in the Instagram app.


  • In the search bar, type in the user’s name and open her account.


  • Go to the post where you have commented beforehand using your original account.


  • Tap the comment section.


  • Now you have to scroll through the comments and search for the comment you have made using your original account.


  • If you do not find your comment then the person has restricted your previous account.



how to know if someone restricted you on instagram






how to know if someone restricted you on instagram




Sending a Private Message (DM)


You cannot send messages to the sure from your previous account. But you can try sending messages through your new account. In the old account, you may have encountered an error message that says the person is not available for the time being. This step will clear the confusion if he/she has really restricted you or not.


  • Tap on the Zoom button or Magnifying Glass button adjacent to the IGTV option in your Instagram home menu.


  • A search bar will pop up.


  • Time in the user’s name in the search bar.


  • Open the user’s account.


  • You will get two options of “Follow” and “Message”


  • Tap on the message option. Even if the account is private you can send messages to the user.


  • Next, in the typing section add any message and tap on the send button.


  • Now, wait for a reply to the message. There is a possibility that the user may not reply to a new account but it’s worth a try.


  • If the person replies then there will be no confusion that the user has restricted your previous account intentionally.



how to know if someone restricted you on instagram




Examining the Activity Status


Another trick to find that a person has restricted you or not is the Activity status. Activity status shows a person’s availability online or offline.


  • First, switch your activity status to Online from the Settings.


  • Search for the user by typing in the name in the search bar using your new account.


  • If you can see his/her activity status then they must have restricted your previous account. Because using the old account the activity status would not be seen.




how to know if someone restricted you on instagram






how to know if someone restricted you on instagram




Signs you’ve been restricted on Instagram


Restriction in Instagram will limit your activity towards a specific user. You cannot perform some major things to interact with the user at all. This section will tell you about the signs that will enable you to understand if you are being restricted or not.

You cannot send or receive a message


It will not be possible to send messages to the person who restricted you. Even if you have sent it won’t be reaching them at all. That is why there won’t be any sort of incoming replies from the user who restricted you. Moreover, you may encounter some error messages as well while attempting to send direct messages to the user.


You cannot post comments or React on the Posts


Being restricted by a user limits your activity towards a person. You cannot react to any new or old posts of the users if you are restricted on Instagram. Besides, you won’t be allowed to comment on the posts as well. Even if you comment the user or others will not be seeing the comment you made in the comment section.


No Activity Status


You cannot look into the activity of the person. The online or offline sign won’t be displayed to you. Even if you have turned on your activity status online, you won’t be knowing if the person is online or offline. This sign reveals that you are being restricted by the user for some reason.


Does someone know if you restrict them on Instagram?


A person cannot know if you restrict them on Instagram. It will not send any sort of notification to the person saying that you have restricted them. Moreover, no sort of icons or blinks or messages will be popped to them even if you have restricted them. Above all, there is no possibility that a person will know officially that you have limited them in Instagram.


What happens when you restrict someone on Instagram?


When you restrict a user’s account in Instagram you basically have limited his/her authority towards your account. The restricted person fails to comment on your post, reacts to your post. Besides, they cannot even send messages to you. You won’t be receiving any type of incoming messages, calls from them.


What happens when someone restricts you on Instagram?


If someone restricts you on Instagram he/she has basically restricted your Instagram account. The activities from your account towards their account will be limited. No online interaction with them can be done by you. Training makes any sort of contact towards them impossible if he/she restricts your account.


What does a restricted account on Instagram look like?


A restricted Instagram account looks normal in everything. But if you go to the timeline of those who restricted you you cannot see his/her activity status. Though you have enabled your online status, the user’s activity status would be invisible to you. Your account may encounter error messages while trying to make contact with them.



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Being restricted by a friend or loved one on Instagram is very heartbreaking. Since there are no official notices being sent by Instagram about your restriction, some misunderstandings or confusion can be created. The relationship between you and the user may get worse without knowing the reality or the truth.


That is why a clear concept about how to know if someone restricted you on Instagram or not is important. This will remove all sorts of misunderstandings and confusion if you really are being restricted. Going through this article would have enabled you to know clearly if you’re restricted.

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