How to lock settings on Android?

how to lock settings on android



The settings app or options is one of the most significant functions on our android phone. It is better to protect the settings application with a password lock to make your phone more secure. You can use the fingerprint smart lock feature, screen pattern lock to unlock the phone.


Are you wondering how to lock settings on android phone? Leave worries, just go through this article. I have portrait the procedure of activating the password on the settings app. The steps are also shown through processes for your convenience. So, don’t skip any part.


Can I lock settings on android device?


Obviously, you can. In the old days, phones did not have the option to protect their personal information or any confidential data. But things have changed now. Anyone with an android phone can enable privacy protection to the settings application.


It will enhance privacy and make stronger the security system of android. Many people download a separate app locker from the google play store in order to lock the settings system or lock the phone. But, it is totally unnecessary. Because you can put a password on the settings app at the accessing point with the help of your phone app lock function, this process saves you time also.


How to lock settings on Android phone?


Nowadays, it is very rare to see someone not having an android device. Though the availability of the android phone has increased, there is a lot of android users who just don’t understand the function very well. As a result, they fail to protect their phone in many ways.


Most of the controlling features are present in the settings application. You can also entitle it as the main controlling panel.


As you know how important it is to lock the settings app with a password, learn more about this in the following. I have shown methods of how to lock phone settings on android from children Step by step. It can vary slightly from mobile to mobile. But the basic procedure will remain the same.


Step 1 – Go to the settings


Find the Settings App on your android smartphone from the app list or app drawer. You can also find the settings menu when you pull down the notification bar. Tap to open settings. Here you will get all your desired functions of controlling the phone.




how to lock settings on android




Step 2 – Tap on the ‘Face & Password’ Option


After reaching the settings application, scroll to find the face and password menu. On many phones, it is named just as password protection. Now click on that. Here, you will get to see two password-functioning paths. One is ‘lock screen password,’ and another is the privacy password. You can ignore the lock screen password and go with the privacy password settings for a while.




how to lock settings on android




Step 3 – Hit on the ‘privacy password’


When you hit the privacy password, your phone may ask for your regular password. Gently type the password and proceed to the next option. You will get to see many options here. Choose the ‘App Lock’ menu in the privacy features.




how to lock settings on android




Step 4 – Click on the ‘App Lock’ menu


Now, it is time to explore one of the prime menus on the android phone. You can lock any of your essential apps in this step, for example, your phonebook, messages, Gmail, drive, or any individual apps. You can also find the app lock menu in the earlier stages if your mobile has prioritized it.


Moreover, if your android smartphone has a separate search option in the settings app, you can simply type ‘app lock’ in the search bar to find it within a few seconds. When you click the app lock menu, you will get a list of all your Android phone apps that you can encrypt with a password.




how to lock settings on android




Step 5 – Tap on the ‘settings’ App


Go with the ‘settings’ app from the list you found after clicking on the ‘App Lock’ Menu. If there are too many apps on the list, find them alphabetically. After hitting the menu, you can see that there is an option ‘Enable passcode verification.’




how to lock settings on android




Step 6 – Turn on the ‘Enable passcode verification’ switch


In the sixth step, you need to enable passcode verification. This is the very last step of your android settings locks enabling tasks. From now on, whenever you will try to access the settings app, you will have to go through the password verification first. Remember to preserve the password very well.




how to lock settings on android




Wrap Up


Nowadays, keeping the data more private is a more important task. We use our android phone to transact money and to share any confidential data. So, it is our responsibility to learn all the ins and out of protecting our phones from scammers.


If you are wondering how to lock settings on android phone or how to lock access to settings on an android phone, read through our article again. I hope that you will be able to turn on the password protection for your settings option on the android phone without taking anyone’s help. This is just so easy.



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Frequently Asked Questions:



  • What is a screen lock?


Answer: Usually, a mobile phone’s screen remains in sleeping mode. After clicking the power button, or due to double-tapping on the screen, your mobile screen wakes up.


But, you can not get access to other functions. Your phone asks for the password that you set up on the phone. Thus, I can say that the lock you use to prevent the access of anonymous people is called screen lock.


  • How to put a lock on apps on Android?


Answer: To put a lock on apps on android, follow the following steps. Open settings > Face and password> Privacy password> App lock> select the particular app and tap on that> turn on ‘enable passcode verification. In this way, you can put a lock on almost every android app.


  • How can I lock my screen on android?


Answer:  Go to the setting on the android > Face and password> Screen lock password> Turnon on the password ( you can even modify the password in this step).


Remember to put the mobile password in the step where the system asks. Besides, there is an option to set the recovery email to recover your password when you need it.

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