How to Login to Email Account?

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Many users get confused about whether email still works or not. Are you facing inconvenience while logging in to the Email account? Thankfully, the email still works properly. From this article, you are going to know what to do when a login attempt fails and how to login to Email account.


It feels irritating when we forget the password of the ATT net Email account. There is good news for you. We’re also going to inform you how to reset your password. Let’s move forward and get rid of login issues.


How to Log To Email Account?- Step-By-Step Guidelines


Follow our step-by-step guidelines to log in to your Email Account without facing any inconvenience.


Step 1: Visit


First of all, you have to visit the Email login page. Here is the link. You will see this interface.




how to login to email account




Step 2: Provide User ID and Password


In the 2nd step, you have to provide your mail-id. You can use both AT & T and mail id. If you don’t have any id, you can create a new one from this option.




how to login to email account




However, put your password after providing the id.


Step 3: Sign In


Finally, you are ready to log in to the Email account. To do so, simply click on the sign-in button and you will land on your mail account.


It was a straightforward process, wasn’t it? Mmm, things can get difficult for you when you forget your AT&T net Email password. That won’t be a matter of concern anymore as I am going to introduce you to the password reset steps. Let’s know about that.


How to Reset Password of Email Account?


Step 1: Go To Forgot Password


Visit the ATT. net Email sign-in page and click on “Forgot Password”. You can also directly jump to that page from here.




how to login to email account




You will find that box asking for your Email id. You have to insert your Email here. Submit your mail id and click on the “I’m not a robot”. Next to that, left-click on the continue to move forward.


Step 2: Choose Password Reset Method


You will get two options to reset your password. You can generate a temporary password. If you choose the other option, you will have to answer security questions. Select the method that you prefer.


It would be better to generate a temporary password. They will send you a verification code on your mobile or secondary Email id.


Step 3: Create New Password


After providing the verification code, you will get the option to create a new password. Next to that, you will get some instructions from the ATT Support Team. By following those instructions you can get your yahoo mail account back to you.


What To Do When You Face Att.Net Email Account Log In Problem?


Some users have complained about some common login issues on AT & Email accounts. Here’s the permanent solution to get rid of those log-in problems.


  • Email Sign-in page loading slowly?


In that case, you have to delete your browsing data including cookies and caches of your browser. From where can you find the data clearing option? Well, go to the browser setting and select “Clear Browsing Data”. If you are using Google Chrome, you can use the shortcut “CTRL SHIFT + DELETE”


  • Can’t Access your Email Account?


You need to check your internet browser version. Whether you are using the latest version or not? You can check it with a simple step. Go to the setting of your browser and select “Check for updates”. If you find any updates are available, update your browser to the latest version. After that, you should be able to log in to Email Account.


  • Enable Flash Player and Javascript


Have you tried the above steps? Can’t log in to your AT&T email account yet? You have to enable Flash Player and Javascript. You will get both of these options in the browser settings. Also, you ought to update the Adobe Flash Player.


  • net Email account login page not loading?


At this point, you should disable unnecessary extensions and firewall settings of Anti Virus applications. Are you using Avast, AVG, or Norton? Shields control firewall protection may prevent you from logging in to your ATT .net Yahoo Email account. You have to disable the shield control feature from the settings.


Wrap Up


At this stage, you know about all possible reasons that could prevent you from login to an ATT email account. Is there anything else that you want to explore about how to login to email account? Feel free to ask. Hopefully, you won’t have to bother with any login-related problems anymore.




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1. Does Email work nowadays?


Yes, you can use email and it works properly.


2. Who owns Email?


Yahoo is the present owner of


3. Why can’t I access my AT&T Email account?


You should update your browser and clear the browsing cache and cookies. Also, update your Adobe flash player.


4. Is att and Yahoo the same email?


No, they are considered separate Email accounts.


5. How do I check my email?


You have to visit and provide your Email Id and Password.

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