How To Make Apple Id On Android Phone [ 2 Proven Methods ]

Apple is strict enough to keep all Android users away from entering its ‘walled garden’.


And to make the point more obvious, Apple has allowed just one app on the Android platform.  The app’s name is Apple Music which is developed by Apple. That said, you need to have an iOS device like iPhone or iPad or MacBook, etc. to access all Apple-developed apps or services.


But to explore all the services, at first, you have to create an apple id using these Apple devices. Apple ID is like Google ID.


Now a question may pop up in your mind.


Is there any way how to make apple id on android phone? In a word, the answer is Yes.


You can do it by following two different methods. These methods are::


  1. Using a browser
  2. Using the apple music app


In this blog post, we will demonstrate these two methods clearly for your better understanding.


Let’s get to the business.


What Are The Limitations Of Using An Apple Id On An Android Phone?

Apple offers a wider range of services to all its consumers throughout the world. These services or apps include:


  • App Store
  • Face Time
  • iTunes
  • Apple Podcast
  • Apple TV
  • Apple News
  • Apple Arcade and the list goes on.


But unfortunately, you can’t avail all the services by creating an Apple ID with Android. With this ID, Apple only allows you to create, share and edit work documents by using iCloud but won’t give access to other apps such as iMessages, Calendar, FaceTime, Find iPhone, etc.


Perhaps, someday Apple could add access to some other apps for your convenience. We hope so.


Step By Step Process For Creating Apple Id Using Browser On Android


Step 1

Take your Android device and launch any web browser. We would suggest going for Google Chrome.


Step 2

Now go to the Apple id page by simply clicking the link below.


Step 3

After that, hit the Create your Apple ID button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 4

Now the sign-up form just appeared on the screen. You need to fill in the form with the necessary information. And the required fields ask you to fill:

  • Your first name, last name, country/ region, and date of birth in the specified fields.


  • In the Email option, enter your valid and current Email address. If you provide an invalid email address, then you won’t be able to create an apple id. Because Apple sends a verification code to the email you provided earlier to check if the email really belongs to you. Moreover, You have to remember the email address since it is going to be your Apple ID.


  • Now you need to fill in the most important field. Yes, I am talking about passwords. Generate a strong password that contains a minimum of 8 characters. A strongly generated password can prevent you from any suspicious activities. On the flip side, a weak password can bring a lot of trouble to the Apple ID you are about to create.


  • Apart from this, you have to choose three security questions and answer them sensibly. If you forget the password, these answers will help you get back the ID.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 5

Now you are required to type the Captcha that appeared on the screen. And then, hit the

Continue button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 6

After clicking the continue button, a pop will appear demanding you to enter the OTP( One Time Password)  you just received from Apple and click Next.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



It is worth saying, you get only 3 hours to enter the code. That said, after three hours, the verification code will expire.


Step 7

Now it is time to verify your phone number. You can verify your phone by entering the OTP you just received on your phone quite easily. Next, hit the Next button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 8

Voila! You have successfully given birth to a new Apple ID with the help of your favorite Android smartphone.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



A question may hit your head, ‘Can I use this ID when I get an iPhone in the future?’


Well, yes. You can apply the ID in your iPhone, Mac, or iPad device to log in and use all the apps developed by Apple.


How To Create An Apple Id On Your Android Phone Using Apple Music App

The process is quite similar to the first method we mentioned above. Therefore, the process might seem easier for you than method 1. Let’s have a closer look at the steps.


Step 1

Head over to Google Play Store and search for Apple Music App on your Android device. Then install the app on your phone.


Step 2

Now launch the app by clicking the Open button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 3

Next hit the Continue button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 4

You will see the Terms and Conditions of Apple. Read them and click on Agree.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 5

Now you can see a button named Try It Free. Simply tap it.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 6

At this stage, the Start Trial button appeared. Hit it to go to the next step.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 7

Now a pop-up will come with three options. You need to select Create New Apple ID from these options.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 8

Type in your email, password, and other information in the specified fields and click the Next button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 9

Type in your security question and provide all other required information. Then click Next.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 10

Now you need to enter the verification code you just got in your email address. Then tap the Next button.



How To Make Apple Id On Android



Step 11

And finally, your Apple Music app is ready for use. Now you can explore all kinds of music for 3 months without any cost.




Can I set up an apple id without iPhone?

Yes, you can set up an apple id without an iPhone. For this, you will need a valid and current email address and a well-functioned web browser.


You can also make an apple id with the help of the Apple music app. It is the only app available on the Google Play Store. But with this id, you can’t explore most of the important apps except some less important apps like keynote, pages, numbers, etc.


The whole process of creating an apple id without an iPhone has been demonstrated above. Give it a try to have more insights.


Can you create  Apple ID with Gmail?

The short answer is Yes. You can create an Apple ID with Gmail.


But the straightforward condition is the Gmail address should be valid and in use. Because your Gmail address will be your new Apple ID. And to verify the Gmail ID, Apple will send you a verification code in your Gmail inbox which you have to provide back them correctly.


How do I get apps without Apple ID password?

Luckily with the update of ios 8.3, Apple has addressed the problem of reentering passwords while downloading each app. All you need to do is follow the below steps.


  • Go to the settings option from the app drawer.


  • Then scroll down to find iTunes and App Store. Click on it.


  • After that, click on Password Settings.


  • Now toggle the button of Require Password to turn off the option.


  • Now a pop-up will appear asking you to enter your Apple ID password. Type in the password to get the job done.


But remember, this method will only work for free apps. For paid apps, you have to enter your password to avoid any security issues.


Can you change the email on apple id?

Yes, you can change the email on Apple ID. For doing so, you have to:


  • Sign in to your account through


  • Then choose Edit by heading over to the Account section.


  • After that, click on Change Apple ID and type your preferred email address.


  • Finally hit on the Continue button.


If you want a third-party email address to be your new Apple ID, then you have to verify it by using your previously used Apple ID.



Final Thoughts

These are the two simple yet effective methods for creating a new Apple ID if you don’t have any iOS devices. We have tried to keep things as simple as possible.


But if you still face any trouble or have any queries, let us know in the comment section. We’ll reply to you in a short span of time.

Till then, keep well.

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