How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone: 3 Sure Fire Methods

iOS ecosystem is completely different from Android. If you’re switching your device from Android to iOS, things can get messy. Even if you want to get the photos from your friend’s Android to your iPhone, there is no direct method to do so.


Luckily, moving photos from Android to iOS is possible via other devices (i.e., Computers) or third-party apps. These apps let you backup your photos and other files to one place and then transfer those files to the target device.


We’ve picked the 3 easiest methods how to move photo from Android to iPhone for you. Follow this guide to learn how to get all of your pictures into your iOS device effectively:


Effective Ways of Moving Photos from Android to iOS Devices



Method 1: Move Photos From Android to iPhone Using Computer

The first method we’ve picked is the traditional method of using a Computer. This method consists of two stages. First, transferring the photos from Android to PC. And lastly, transferring them from PC to your iOS device. Let’s move into the steps without further ado.


Stage 1: Transfer the Photos from Your Android Device to the PC


Step 1: First, establish the connection between the Android device and your PC by changing its “USB Preferences” to “File Transfer”. To do so, go to the notification panel and search for “Charging this device via USB”. Now, tap on it, and change the setting to File Transfer.


How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 2: Go to your computer and double click on “This PC”. Now, open the drive of your Android device. You’ll see  “Mi A1” in the image below as we’re using a Xiaomi Mi A1 here.



How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone



Step 3: The DCIM folder stores your photos. Find this folder and move all images from the device to your PC’s desktop. You can also create a new folder for your convenience.



How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone



Step 4: Navigate to other folders if your photos are in other locations. After transferring the pictures, disconnect the Android device from your computer.


Stage 2: Transfer Copied Photos from PC to iPhone


Step 1: iTunes is the official app by Apple that enables users to connect iOS devices to Computers. Download and install iTunes from Apple’s website. With iTunes installed, connect your iPhone to the Computer using a lightning USB cable. A notification will pop up on your device saying if you “Trust This Computer?” Click on trust.



How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone



Step 2: Open iTunes and click on the device icon of the iTunes window. From the menu in the left pane, click on photos.



How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone



Step 3: You’ll see the “Sync Photos” option on the right side of iTunes. Check it and select your photos by clicking on the option “Copy photos from”. Click “Apply” after choosing the images.



How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone



Step 4: Photos will now start to transfer from the PC to your iPhone or iPad.



Method 2: Transfer Photos Using Move to iOS App


The “Move to iOS” app is another easy answer to your question “how to move photo from Android to iPhone.” Use this method if you’ve just moved to iPhone and doing an initial setup.

Follow the following steps to proceed further:


Step 1: Go to Settings > Apps & Data > Move Data from Android.





How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 2: Download and Install the “Move to iOS” app from the play store on your Android device.


Step 3: Open the app on Android and tap Continue on the app screen. Tap continue on your iOS device as well.




How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 4: On the next screen of your iPhone, a 12-digit code will appear. Enter the code on your Android device to verify the transfer process.




How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 5: Now select what types of files your want to transfer to your iOS device. Check the “Camera Roll” option only for sharing photos and videos. The pictures will start to move from Android to iOS devices.


Note: This works on a new iOS device. If you have an iPhone or iPad with existing data, a factory reset is necessary before transferring your desired files.



Method 3: Transfer Using Google Photos

Google Photos is one of the simplest methods of transferring files between cross-platforms. This method doesn’t require any Computer or reset any data from your device. Here’s how to move photos from Android to iOS:


Step 1: Open Google Photos on Android. If you don’t have the app installed, install it on your device. After the installation is complete, log in to the app with your existing Google account. Now, tap on the three horizontal lines at the top of the app screen. Then, go to settings from the expanded menu.




How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 2: From the settings page, tap on the “Backup & sync” option.




How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 3: Enable the backup and sync option. It will start backing up your photos to google drive. Wait until the photo upload is complete.




How To Move Photo from Android to iPhone




Step 4: After syncing is complete on your Android device, download them on your iOS device. To do this, download the google photos on the device from Apple’s App Store. Sign-in to the app with your Google account, and enable the Backup and Sync option from app settings.


Now your iPhone will start downloading all photos from google cloud storage.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What app can I use to transfer photos from Android to iPhone?


A: You can use Google Photos to move photos from Android to iPhone. Use the app to sync your photos on the Google cloud. Then install the app on the iOS device and sync the pictures effortlessly.


Q: How do I move from Android to iPhone?


A:  There are several methods of moving your data from Android to iPhone devices. You can use a computer, Bluetooth, or other third-party apps to move your Android files to your iPhone.


Q: How do you Bluetooth pictures from Android to iPhone?


A: Turn on Bluetooth on both devices. Establish a Bluetooth connection between your devices. Select the photos from Gallery or Google Photos app in your Android and send via Bluetooth to the iPhone. Grant permission on iPhone for a successful transfer.


Q: Can you AirDrop from Android to iPhone?


A:  No, you can’t AirDrop from Android to iPhone. The feature AirDrop is an exclusive iOS feature that lets you transfer data with nearby iOS devices. However, Android recently announced a feature named “Nearby Share,” which works similar to iPhone.


Q: How can I transfer data from Android to iPhone wirelessly?


A: ShareIt is a popular file-sharing app available in Android, iOS, and Windows. ShareIt works using the WiFi and Bluetooth connection between devices. You can share anything cross-platform literally by using this hi-speed data transferring app.


Bottom Line

If you’re using the iPhone or Android only, it can be hard to understand another OS’s ecosystem. Then again, you should know how to move photo from Android to iPhone. This guide provides the 3 proven methods of transferring them efficiently. Try the methods as mentioned earlier. Don’t forget to let us know which one you found the simplest among them.

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