How to Open Mero Share Account?

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With the COVID-19 pandemic, it is mandatory nowadays to know how to get your things done online. If you are a share market trader, you must know the Mero Share user login process and how to open a Mero Share account as well.


To have a Mero Share account of your own, you must have a DEMAT account first. Then you can simply visit your nearby bank, where you opened your DEMAT, and submit a form applying for a Mero Share account. Provide valid info and deposit RS. 50 for the annual fee. You may also complete this process online if your bank offers you the facility.


You need a CRN number to be eligible for applying for a share. Thus, you can access the share market online through Mero Share Sansar.


What is Mero Share?


Mero Share refers to an online platform developed by CDS (Central Depository System) and Clearing House Ltd. to boost share trading. You may easily buy and sell the shares online according to your wish with Mero Share.


CDSC recently launched this feature to cope with international stock and exchange standards. It also saves time, money, and effort. Stock buyers can use this feature to observe their accounts dealing with shares.


There were a lot of difficulties when people were required to stand in a queue to fill up the IPO and FPO stocks. They had to do the same to buy and sell the stocks secondary in nature.


But with the introduction of Mero Share, all these hectic jobs have been eradicated and brought up online.


Opening a Mero Share Account


You can complete IPOs, buy new stocks, mutual funds, and bonds, and sell them online without paperwork. Despite this, Mero Share also offers many services such as portfolio view and management, history view, portfolio management, filling in the right stock questions, and much more.


If you wish to open a Mero Share account, you have some easy work to do before opening an account. Follow the below-mentioned instructions to get a Mero Share account for yourself:


DEMAT account


To open a Mero Share account, you must need a DEMAT account. To ease your transaction method, you need to use a DEMAT account to deal with holding shares and securities on an online platform. DEMAT is a must in all forms of shares transactions in Nepal.




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After applying for DEMAT by submitting a form, you will be provided your Depository Participant ID in short DPID and your Client ID through SMS or mail.




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CRN Number



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When you open your DEMAT account, you need a CRN number. For this, you need to submit the form for C-ASBA. For this purpose, you need to visit the bank. And the bank will give you your CRN number.


You may also try getting your CRN number online with the e-banking process of your specific bank. Check if your bank offers you the e-banking facility.




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Though it’s not mandatory to have a CRN number for the Mero Share sign-up, you need it to be qualified for applying for a share. You might get both the CRN number and your Mero Share username and password at the same time in some banks through their online services.


Username and Password for Mero Share Login


When you get done with the previously mentioned required stuff, you may apply to have a Mero Share account of your own. To do so, you need to get to the convenient branch for you and fill up an application form. Ensure having a valid email ID, DPID, contact number, and your Client ID.


2-3 days after applying, the bank will be done with creating your Mero Share account and sending you a mail or SMS containing your Mero Share username and password.


You have to pay RS. 50 as this is the annual charge for your Mero Share account. Now you can apply online as well, as many banks offer you the service online.


Lastly, download the Mero Share app or visit Mero Share CDSC through a browser to log in to your Mero Share account. You have to change the provided password before proceeding. Simply set your four-digit transaction pin and your Mero Share account.




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How To Login into Mero Share


To login into Mero Share to access your account, follow the below-mentioned steps:


Step 1: Click on the link in the received mail containing your username and password or navigate to meroshare cdsc com np through your browser.


Step 2: Go to the top option as the login page appears. Tap on it and select your DP.


Step 3: Now, take your beneficiary account number and type in the last digits after the zeroes. For instance, if 15020300000067239 is your beneficiary account number, input 67239. Consider 67239 as your login ID.


Step 4: Now, input your password. And tap on the Login option.




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How To Change Your Mero Share Password


If you wish to change your password for your Mero Share account, the following instructions are for you:


Step 1: Tap on the Mero Share Profile located at the top right corner of your display.


Step 2: Now click on the Change Password option.


Step 3: Then input your Old Password and your New Password accordingly.


Step 4: Lastly, hit the Change Password option.




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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


How can I get my Mero share login and password?


If you find difficulties logging into your Mero Share account and wish to change the password, all you need to do is deliver a request to the concerned party with your BOID (Beneficial Owner Identification Number).


You must have access to the identical email you used to open your Mero Share account. You need to send the mail to from the same mail address. CDSC will send you an email concerning that when the password is reset.


What is the BOID number?


BOID refers to the Beneficial Owner Identification Number. This is a unique number consisting of 16 digits. It is only generated when a Beneficial Owner launches a DEMAT account in CDSC with an authorized DP.


You cannot duplicate a BOID. You must have your BOID safe and use it in all cases of your further transactions.


What Happens If You Don’t Use Upstox?


Those who are not active in using Upstox may find a reason to close the Upstox account to avoid AMC charging. Only the DEMAT account faces charges from Upstox, whereas the Trading account goes free.


Actually, if you have a Upstox Free Demat account, you will have your trading account automatically along with it.


Can a student open a DEMAT account?


The answer is yes. A student can definitely open a DEMAT account. Anyone above 18 years of age can open both trading and DEMAT accounts. For being eligible to trade, a student must have a valid PAN card like all stock market traders.



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Final Words


Being a share market trader, you should know how to access the share market online. Without this, you will fail to keep pace with the advancing world.


Mero Share user login info is necessary to apply how to open a Mero Share account. Keep updated and get along with the online share market activities today!

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