How to Open .Pages File: 7 Easy steps To Open .Pages Extension

If you have a personal computer, it is effortless to open a page file. You can change the file extension into a zip file. Then you can open the files by unzipping them.


But what if you need to open the pages file on Android, you can not do so. It makes the file unusable.


But, it is pretty easy to open .pages extension with a .pdf extension or .doc extension. Thus, you have got it by knowing what you exactly need to do!

Yes! You have to convert the pages files into pdf or doc files.


I have discussed here all the relevant things of the pages files opening on Android. So, keep scrolling to know the deep down details.


How To Open .Pages Extension File On Android?


Convert the pages to PDF or Docx to open them on the Android device. It is our ultimate solution.

But how are you going to do that? Changing the extension is not going to work. It would be best to have a file converter to accomplish the task.


To complete the task successfully, I have chosen the Cloud Converter as it is the best free online file converter.


Now follow the steps properly to perform the conversion process.


Step 1 – Save the page file on your phone


Save the page file or store it in your phone storage or SD card so that you can find it when you need it.


Step 2 – Open the File converter site


Now open any internet browser to open the free online file converter. I have chosen google chrome for the most effortless accomplishment of the process. After opening the browser, type the cloud converter link – You can also copy the link or and paste it into the browser.  Or, you can also open the link from here.




How to Open .Pages File




Step 3 – Click on the ‘Select Files’


After going to the cloud converter link, you will land on the homepage. Here, you can convert any files.

Here you can see three selection menus. Select the red Colored button named ‘Select Files’




How to Open .Pages File




When you select the option, you will get a new menu. Now, tap on the ‘From my Computer’ option. It will lead you to choose your documents or files from your Android device.




How to Open .Pages File




Step 4 – Select the ‘Files’


In this step, click on the ‘Files’ icon to open the file manager application. I have shown it in the picture as well.




How to Open .Pages File




Now go with the path and select the file you want to convert.

You can choose another file if you have other files to convert.


Step 5 – Add more files if you need it


After you are done with your selection, you will be back on the same homepage.

Here, you can see that the type of files will show on the page. You don’t need to change it manually.

For example,  I have selected a doc file to convert into a PDF, as shown in the picture. It is similar to choosing a pages files.




How to Open .Pages File




Moreover,  it is easy to convert more than one file altogether, following the paths only once. To do so, click on the ‘add more files’ option, similar to the attached picture.




How to Open .Pages File




Step 6 – Select files type as PDF (as shown in the picture)


It will help if you choose your desired file type to convert the selected file into your desired one. To convert a .page file to a .pdf file, you can select the PDF file. If you want to convert it into a .doc file, choose accordingly.



How to Open .Pages File


Let me tell you that you can convert any file to any file extension with the help of this file converter. PDF to Docs for Docs to PDF,  they all are the same thing.


Step 7 – Hit the Convert Button


After all selection, you must click on the red-colored ‘Convert’ button. It will take a few seconds or minutes, depending on the file size.




How to Open .Pages File




You have almost reached the finishing line. When your file conversion is finished, you will see a green-colored download button. Hit that to download your pdf files on your Android phone. You will find it anytime you need it. Go to your download folder to open your file when you need it.




How to Open .Pages File




Is it safe to convert a file with a cloud converter?


Our office files or business files are an essential thing to us. It can be vital and confidential. So, naturally, you can feel hesitant to convert your necessary file using a cloud converter.


Don’t worry at all. Many people have been using this cloud converter for a long time without getting any problems. It is a safe file converter. And no chances of files being stolen.


You can directly convert a file without saving it on cloud storage. So, there is no chance of it getting hacked. It is free and safe to use.


Wrap up


I hope you have understood all the processes I have mentioned.  With just following easy steps, you can get rid of your headache. Be the more competent person at your office by learning the most needed technology shortcuts. I hope you can also use file converting hacks for any file conversion.




Frequently Asked Questions


Can I open a Page file on Android?


Answer: Yes. You can open a page on your Android phone. But, you need to open it as a doc file or PDF file to open it successfully.  So, you need to convert the page files into a PDF format or Doc Format.


How to convert .pages extension to .doc in Android?


Answer: To convert .pages to .doc on your Android phone, you need a converter application. Nowadays, there are many converting sites to help you out. For example, cloud Convert File converter. It would be best to have a data connection to act.


How to convert a word document to pdf?


Answer: As I said before, you can use a converter application to convert your file. It applies the same for a word document to the pdf converting process and vice versa. Make sure to keep the file in your phone storage to find it quickly for the converting procedure.


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