How to open task manager as administrator windows 10( Easy )

Hey, What’s up! Do you want to see your computer performances? We guess that you don’t need all of your computer programs. If you want, you can manage them. Furthermore, you have some programs that are not responding. The ultimate suggestion is that you should close them.


Are you feeling amazed? Yes, you can monitor your computer with Task Manager. Have you ever heard about this? Maybe or not. If you know all about the task manager, it sounds good! But, if you never heard this, today this tutorial will show you the solution. We are expecting that your operating system is windows 10. So, Let’s enjoy How to open task manager as administrator windows 10.


Task manager at a Glance 


A task manager is a viewer of running programs or processes and services on your computer Device. You can monitor all of your essential and non-essential programs and services with the help of your Device’s Task manager. The amazing fact is that you can close programs that are not responding. 


Again, if you need to check your network status you have to go to the Task Manager. You can see the users of the network that is connected to your computer. Unexpected and unnecessary user information you will know from this service. And ultimately, you can easily minimize them from your computer network.


Windows UAC for Task Manager 


Okay, when you will try to open the task manager on your computer, you may face a problem with a single user account. For a real-time Example, if you try to open it, they are prompted for a User Account. In this situation, you have to type in their non admin password to open the Task Manager.


Again, you must be able to open it without UAC. It is expected that, if an application needed administrative credentials, your UAC would pop-up without the password and user name pre-filled. It allows for entering a separate local admin username and password. 


Method to Open Task Manager as Administrator in Windows 10 


Okay, this is the time for showing the method that you are looking for. Make sure your Windows User Account is okay. Now open your Desktop or laptop whatever you have. Now do all the things whatever we do here. For your better knowledge, we are attaching live pictures of the whole process. Now watch carefully.


  1. Can you see the search box on your computer screen? If not, look at the left-hand side bottom of the screen. 



How to open task manager as administrator windows 10



2.Besides the windows icon, you will find the search box.

3.Now, enter Task in the box on your desktop.



How to open task manager as administrator windows 10



4.The task manager will appear. Now, right-click the task manager.

5.As a result, you will see Run as Administrator on the menu. Select it. 




How to open task manager as administrator windows 10



Now you are done. You can see and monitor your computer easily. Anyway, you would see the network status also now.




Q1: How to open Task Manager as admin in cmd?


Answer: well, you can use the command prompt for opening the task manager on your computer. This will be applied to any type of windows operating system. So, Let’s check this out.

  • First, you have to use the shortcut Windows key + R to open the Run command box. Or you can go to the search box. Now type and enter the command prompt. Then Run it. 
  • Now you have to type the command in the Run command box. Now execute it Run task manager as Admin.
  • Now, your device’s command Prompt will be open. Now type here taskmgr and press the enter key.
  • Now again run the task manager as admin.
  • Finally, User account control will ask you to enter the Administrator Password. Enter it.

Now you are done. You can see all of your running programs, systems, and network issues list. 


Q2: How do I run task managers without admin rights?


Answer: Well, if you feel odd to open the task manager with admin rights, you have solutions. You can follow different types of tricks to open it. I will show here some ways to open the windows task manager. From here you can choose your preferred technique.

  1. Press ctrl and Alt with Delete. Probably, you are familiar with this technique.
  2. Another way to open the task manager is, pressing ctrl and shift. At the same time press on Esc.
  3. Press windows and X to access the power user menu.
  4. By the way, another way comes up with the task bar opening.
  5. You can Run task manager from the Run Box or start menu.
  6. Another interesting way is, you can browse to taskmanager.exe in file explorer.
  7. The easiest way is to create a shortcut to Task Manager.

every way from here is workable. But the choosing sense is your factor.  


Q3: How do I fix the task manager disabled by the administrator?


Answer: Okay, your solution is here. Read this carefully.

  • Go to the navigation pane.
  • From here on the left-hand side, go to the user configuration.
  • After pressing the User configuration, press on administrative templates> system> ctrl+Alt+Del options.
  • Now, in the work area, do double-click on Remove task manager.
  • Then, set its value to Disabled or not.
  • Now you have to restart your computer. Another way is that you can log out and log back on to apply changes also.

If you follow like this, you can fix the task manager disabled by the administrator. 

Q4: How do I remove a virus from the task manager?


Answer: well, just follow my steps. Hope that it will be helpful to you.

Open the Group editor policy to remove viruses on your computer

  • To open this, you have to clock on the start button.
  • Now click on run and type in gedit.
  • Then, type msc and press ok.

Remove viruses from the task manager on your device. If you don’t remove this, your task manager could be disabled. So be aware of removing viruses when needed. 


Q5: How do I disable Windows Task Manager?


answer: If you want to remove the windows task manager, obviously you can do this. See my resolution.

  • Al first, goes to the start button. Then run> write Gpedit.
  • Now navigate to User configuration> administrative templates.
  • This time press on the system> ctrl+Alt+Del option.
  • Now, on the right side of the screen, verify the Remove task manager option.
  • Again, set it to disable or not configured. 
  • Now close the Gpeit.

By following this process, you can disable your windows task manager. Thank you.


Final Thoughts


Overall, the task manager is the essential factor for monitoring the computer device. For managing unnecessary applications or programs, you have to use this feature. Again, another advantage of this is, you can maintain your computer network.


Now, you have learned about How to Open task manager as administrator windows 10. You were interested to see your computer performances, your running programs, and network issues. Anyway, it will be better if you open the task manager as an administrator in your windows 10. Okay, now manage your computer programs and network issues.


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