How To Pair Versa 2 With Android?

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Versa 2 is an extraordinary model of a smartwatch. It is a watch with very smooth and beautiful fitness. It allows the owner to track his every move, show notifications, and even run apps from Starbucks and Walgreen.




how to pair versa 2 with Android




So, if you want to connect with your Android, it can be a tedious process to set up. That’s why we will show you the hassle-free process to connect versa 2 to Android as much as possible.


We will show the process of connecting versa 2 with Android step by step.


How To Pair Versa 2 With Android Phone?

The first thing you need to do is add versa 2 smartwatches to an Android app. You need to download the FITBIT app on mobile and create an account. You have to select the versa smartwatch version since you are a versa 2 user. So you will choose it. If you click setup, you will accept the privacy policy from the FITBIT app. Then you will continue to search your Android versa 2 via Bluetooth. Hen turn on the Wi-Fi of your versa 2 and connect it to your Android. This simple process will allow you to pair versa 2 with Android easily.


How To Set Up Fitbit Versa

After connecting your versa 2 smartwatch with Android, but not the end, there are some things to do to configure the built-in Alexa in it. You must first log in to Amazon. It will ask for a location for security, so it is essential to turn on the location. Then give your FITBIT Alexa apps allow all, and thus it will access your health data.




how to pair versa 2 with Android




We will learn about the Android pair guide step by step guide below through this article.


Step 1: We are talking about how to pair versa 2 with Android, so first, you have to go to the play store. All you have to do is download the Fitbit app. The Fitbit app is an app that gives you complete control of your versa 2 smartwatch.


Step 2: The simple task is to connect you to the versa 2 smartwatch with Bluetooth of Android mobile.


Step 3: You need to open an account to get complete control of Fitbit or if you already have one, choose your profile without reopening the account. Then you click on setup a new device.


Step 4: Find versa 2 on your Android phone and tap on it.


Step 5: You need to charge versa 2 until the pairing process is complete, for which put versa 2 in the charging dock.


Step 6: Wait for the versa 2 to be paired. By then, your smartwatch will have a code that you have to enter on your Android device.


Step 7: You have to turn on any available Wi-Fi connection. Then upgrade the app to the latest versa 2.


Step 8: After the upgrade to the Fitbit versa 2 apps, a success message will appear saying that you have appropriately paired versa 2 on your Android device.


Why Connect Phone to Fitbit Versa

When you use versa 2 smartwatches, you need this Fitbits app to save your essential data. It helps track current trends, adjust your goals, gain valuable insights into your activities. The Fitbit app is especially famous for tracking your workout and sleep activities, but this app offers more than you think. Moreover, this app can record nutrition from statistical monitoring, as well as many more hidden capabilities.




how to pair versa 2 with Android




Do You Need Wi-Fi for Pairing Versa 2?

Versa 2 Android pairing requires good service and Wi-Fi for advanced features. With a Wi-Fi connection, Versa 2 helps with everything from updating apps to downloading during Android pairing. A good Wi-Fi is a must to get reliable OS updates while pairing on Android.


You need to connect to 2.4GHZ band Wi-Fi during pairing. If you have 5GHZ band Wi-Fi, remember that versa 2 is not compatible with this band. Similarly, two WPAs are not able to connect to the enterprise during pairing. This versa 2 Android pairings that will not connect to public Wi-Fi networks, especially those requiring a login subscription or profile.


So, a home network is necessary to connect versa 2 with Android, and with it, you can easily connect a smartwatch with Android. You can do this very easily through your home Wi-Fi settings.


Why Is It Important to Keep Adequate Charge During Pairing?

Before pairing, it is essential to check that your device has sufficient charge on 2 devices. Because, some time ago, versa 2 manufacturers used to send batteries to the market with limited charge, some users would have shut down versa 2 before pairing.


However, it is not like that, but it is better to pair it with an adequate charge. A fully charged Fitbit versa 2 will give you a clean pairing experience and allow you to start using it.


How To Connect Phone to Fitbit Versa

Versa 2 for pairing Android, you need the Fitbit app on your device, and you need an account to connect one with another. To create an account, you need to link to an email account only for receiving regular updates.


When signing up, it will want your name, email, gender, height, and weight. When creating an account, it will not want to add any bank account or card number or talk about any transaction. It wants to know some details about your health or body. You should give it correctly.


What To Do When Fitbit Does Not Sync?

Once your app is downloaded, set up an account at the end of the day when you have to give time to update apps via Wi-Fi connection. Since you will connect versa 2 with the Android device, keep the Bluetooth of the devices on and let it connect. Of course, keep the devices close as much as you can and do not keep them at a long distance, as there is a possibility of misconnection.



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Final Thoughts

Versa 2 Android pairing will seem like an easy and simple process if you know the whole process. To wish you good health, we have discussed the entire process of integrating versa 2 with Android. In creating an account at pairing, we must provide the correct information as it will result depending on your information.


However, we believe that we have analyzed the whole process of pairing versa 2 with Android. Our goal is to be good to you and give you the right information.

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