How to Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now

It is important to monitor the status of the hardware components of your computer. And RivaTuner app is one of the most reliable software to do so. But recently, its users have been found reporting about its popup error.


And if you are facing the same, you are most probably here to look for how to properly fix RivaTuner system components cannot be hooked right now error, right?


Well, look no further as we will discuss how you can get rid of the technical mess with our detailed workarounds. However, based on the cause of the error, you need to go with its specific fix. So, stick with us to know when to go for which method.


What is the RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now Error?


With time, any app or software can act up because of minor or major glitches. And that is the reason the RivaTuner software sends the “components cannot be hooked” error.


Because of this error, you will not be able to monitor the CPU, GPU, and RAM performances. Other apps and system updates can also trigger the error.



How to FIX “RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now” Error?


Any error message or technical glitch from any software or program on your computer can be frustrating. Especially if you need to use the app. So, the same is the case with the monitoring tool RivaTuner.


Without fixing its error that triggers the “RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now” popup message, you cannot utilize its features. Luckily, there are some fixes, and we have described them below –



  • Remove the Latest Updates to the OS


In order to keep your computer’s system running smoothly, you need to update the system regularly. But sometimes, the latest downloaded updates can conflict with the RivaTuner tool and trigger the error.


So, if you have updated your system and the error notification keeps popping up, you need to remove the updates and go back to the previous state with these steps:


  • You need to bring up the Settings screen of Windows by pressing the Windows and the “I” keys on the keyboard, then from the Settings, go to the Update & Security option.


  • On the left side panel, you will see a Recovery section, select it and click on the Get Started option under the Go back to the earlier version message.


  • A new screen will appear that will ask you to describe the reason for removing the updates, so, checkmark the reason and click on the Next followed by the No thanks options.




How to Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now





  • If you have backup data of the system and the password noted down for signing in to the system, click on the Next options on the next two screens.


  • Finally, select the Go back to the previous build option and wait for the process to complete. Once the system boots, the updates will be removed and you will be on the previous version of the OS.




How to Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now




After undoing the updates, the RivaTuner error shall not appear.



  • Newly Install the RivaTuner Program 


Sometimes the app itself can be buggy and trigger some error notifications as it cannot function properly. So, you need to remove the problematic app and install the latest version of it. Because the newly installed app can be free of bugs or glitches.


So, follow the instructions below to do so:


  • First, you need to delete the app, so, go to the Settings followed by the Apps section to find the RivaTuner tool.


  • After that, select the software to click on the Uninstall option.


  • Now go to an official site to download and install the latest version of the RivaTuner app that fits the specifications of your system.


  • Upon launching the app, it will load freshly and function without the error.



  • Restart the RivaTuner App


A simple restart of the problematic app can fix many minor errors. However, if you exit the app or close it, this will not restart the app. You need to restart the process of the app, for that follow the steps below:


  • Press the Ctrl + Shift + Esc keys simultaneously to bring the Task Manager window.





How to Properly FIX RivaTuner System Components Cannot Be Hooked Right Now





  • From the Process tab, locate and select the RTSS.exe by right-clicking on it.


  • From the drop-down menu, click on the End Task option to restart the app.


  • Open the app, and the error will not persist.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



  • Will Hiding the RivaTuner Error Remove the Error As Well?


No, hiding and removing the error related to the Rivatuner app is not the same thing. If you hide the error, you will get rid of the repetitive error message. But the problem with the app will remain.



  • How to Hide the RivaTuner Error?


You need to close the MSI Afterburner from the file explorer or task manager. Then, you need to set the value from 0 to 1 on the config notepad. And after closing the app, you can expect to hide the message.



  • Can Virus Cause the RivaTuner Error?


Usually, the RivaTuner error pops up due to bugs or system glitches. But to confirm any virus status, you can run the scanner tools.



  • Is It Okay to Delete the RivaTuner App?


The RivaTuner app is not a must to keep running your OS. Even after deleting the RivaTuner app, some of its processors remain active. However, without it, you will not be able to monitor the status of some of the hardware parts.



  • Is the RivaTuner App Safe to Reinstall?


Yes, once you face the popup error, consider reinstalling the app right away. Because after reinstalling the app, you are more likely to get rid of its bugs.





Sometimes, you will notice that after you restart your system or exit the problematic app, the error message will not pop up. And you might think that you have resolved the issue. But you need to properly fix RivaTuner system components cannot be hooked right now error. Otherwise, the software will not work perfectly.


However, you should not directly uninstall the software. Rather, two other methods first, if that does not seem to work, only then go with its uninstallation process.

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