How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen Easily

How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen? By default, the Google search bar widget is on the home screen on every Android phone, no matter what brand’s mobile device you are using. 


The benefit of having the widget is- you can access Google to search for any information from the home screen. You don’t need to click on Chrome or dive into the main menu to get the Google app. As a result, it saves you time and allows you to search for specific info within a second. 


Unfortunately, like me, you may also lose or remove the useful feature (google search bar widget) accidentally. But you don’t know how to restore google search (on) Android. 


So, how do you put a Google search bar on Android Home Screen?


Don’t worry! 


Today, we will walk you through 5 simple steps that let you restore the missing Google Search Bar. 


Here we go.


What is Google Search Bar


Google Search Bar is also known as Google Toolbar. It is the most efficient and faster way to get the information without clicking on Chrome or delving into the main menu. 


You don’t require to waste additional time. What you need to do is- tap on the search bar, type the phrase and get the info you look for. It’s simple!


Features of Google Search Bar


Google Search Bar offers interesting and useful features for users. Some of them are:


    • Save Search History: If you search for information on Google Search Bar, this will be saved in the history list. As a result, you can check out your previous important searches and access again with a click on it. But, for privacy it is removable also. 
    • Shows Currently Visited Sites: With the help of it, users can easily reach their currently visited sites and pages. This feature is helpful for monitoring someone’s activity. 


  • Customizable: Yes, it is customizable! If anyone doesn’t want to save his search history or currently visited sites, he can stop it. From the search language to  the theme, everything is possible to change according to one’s wish. 


  • Highlighting: An essential feature of Google toolbar. All the important keywords can be highlighted here for using future time. 


  • Pre- populate : At the time of typing you will see that after writing two or three letters, your expected keyword has appeared. No need to type all the letters here for search. 


You will facilitate more features of this amazing tool. It is easy to search for a new tab and selected text. Furthermore, it has a customizable hotkey and reposition or reorder facility. Overall, Google Search Bar is an all-in-one tool for the user. 


5 steps to keep Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen


For putting a Google Search Bar on the Android Home screen, follow these steps:


  1. The first step is looking for available space on the home screen to keep the Google Search Bar. Now, tap on the space where you want to place the bar.


How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen



2.Now, you will see some options like Wallpaper, Widgets, Home Screen etc. at the bottom of the screen. From these, select the widgets option.



How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen



3.Now, click on the widgets option and navigate through it to get the Google Search Bar. 



How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen



4.Once you find the search bar widgets, press on it. 



How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen



5.Finally, drag the widget into the space where you wish to keep.



How To Put Google Search Bar on Android Home Screen





Q1: Why is Google Search Bar missing?

Answer: Well, if your search bar changes from Google to another provider, it’s possible to vanish the Google Search Bar from your android phone.


Basically, this happens for another application. Some applications change search engine settings without users permission. As a result, Google Toolbar can be missed from the home screen.



Q2: What is the difference between Google Search and Google Chrome? 

Answer: Well, Google is the industry-leader search engine. We all know that they provide technological service. Google Search is the most popular online search engine. 


On the other hand, Google Chrome is a software. It is an internet browser like internet Explorer or mozilla Firefox. To open a website you can use it. But if you have the Google Search Bar, you don’t need this software.



Q3: What are the disadvantages of using Google Search Bar?

Answer: Well, you might face some problems with the Google toolbar sometimes. The main problem is, you need an internet connection to use the Google Search Bar. So make sure, you have enough megabytes on your android phone.


Another problem for this search engine is that it has less customization options. Furthermore, It has security issues also.


Q4: What are the advantages of using Google Search Bar?

Answer: Okay, there are a ton of advantages of Google Search Bar. Sharing some.If you have an internet connection on your android, you can easily get whatever you will search here. Even, Your search history and visited pages will be saved on the history list.

The interesting fact is, you can create a Website with the help of Google Search Bar.


Q5: How do I view my Google Search Bar history?

Answer: To check the history, go to your Google account. Now you will see the Data and Personalization option on the left side on your phone screen. At this time, you will see the Activity option if you tapped on data.Now you have to choose the activity option to watch the history of Google Search Bar. 




Bringing back the missing google search bar on your Android home screen is simple.


Just follow the step-by-step guide we described above and get it on your Android phone screen. 


And the best part is- you don’t require to install any additional software to restore the Google Toolbar. 

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