How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android(3 easy hacks)

To communicate with others there must be a contact number. We dial contact numbers on the mobile keypad and someone receives it. Our conversation starts!


Sometimes, We delete some numbers inanely but it could be important for tomorrow. Or our urgent phone numbers can be deleted reluctantly. Do you face these problems? In these cases you might ask, is there any way to recover the deleted contacts?


Yes! We will show three easy methods of How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android in this guide. The first method is by default. For the second method, you need a recovery tool and the last method will use your Gmail account.


So, let’s get started. 


3 easy hacks to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android 


From this section, you will learn three different methods to recover a contact number. Mentioning the name of every method.


  1. Recover by Checking Contacts Application
  2. Recover with recovery tool, and
  3. Recover with Gmail 


Now, we will show you all the techniques step by step. Keep watching.


Method 1. Recover by Checking Contacts Application


This method is manual. Sometimes, your contacts may be hidden but not deleted because of some technical issues. If you don’t find it, try this method.


For finding out your hidden contacts number follow these steps.


  • Firstly, take your Android phone and unlock it. Anyway, if you see your Contacts application on the Home screen, tap on it. But, If you don’t see this on the home screen, go to the applications list and select the Contacts.
  •  Secondly, you will see a menu option on the top of your phone screen. Generally, this menu button sets on the right side. Tap on it. 
  • Thirdly, select Settings and then tap on the contacts to see the Display option.



How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android



  • Finally, choose the All Contacts option to see your expected one.

This is done. If you don’t see the number, that means your number has been deleted. No worries, you have alternatives. Let’s see the second method. 


Method 2. Recover with a Recovery Tool


In this method, you have to install a recovery tool on the computer from the Microsoft store. There are a lot of contact recovery applications that exist in the store. So, go to the store and see the best-reviewed and high-rated applications and simply select your preferred one.  


For better understanding, we will show you the step-by-step process with pictures. Using here the Phone Rescue for Android recovery tool. Before showing the process, let us first introduce its exciting features.

  • Not only Contact numbers but also possible to recover Whatsapp, messenger, photos, music,videos, audios, etc with this sophisticated application.


  • In this application, you can facilitate the previewing feature. It means that you can select the contacts you want to recover. Because all the contacts are not needed. 


  • Make sure you have a computer to connect with Android. 


Well, here is the process at a glance. 


  1. The first step is the installation of the application. Yes! Go to the store, install it then launch the app on the computer. After doing this, connect the android mobile phone with your computer device.


How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android



2.The second step is Contact selection. Select the contacts that you want to recover. Now, you will see the Next button and hit on it. This is the time for rooting the device if you didn’t do this. Wait until the next instruction comes because it takes a few moments. 



How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android



3.This is the final step. Now you can see your deleted phone number list. No need to recover all so click on your urgent numbers. Then, you will see a button on the right side. Click on it to send them to your Android device. Furthermore, there is an alternative to send the recovered contacts to the computer device.



How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android



The process is done. If you don’t have a computer device, no worries. There is another life-saving solution. Using your Gmail account a deleted phone number recovery is possible! Feeling Curious about it? Let’s see the unique process.


Method 3. Recover with Gmail


If you have synced your Android contacts to your Google account, this process is for you. Because Gmail saves all the data and information for 1 month or 30 days. So, it’s possible to recover all the deleted contacts within 30 days from your Gmail account. Let’s watch the steps.

  1. First, you have to go to the Google Contacts and login to the Google account. You will see the More option select it and then choose the Restore Contacts option.



How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android



2.Now, you can see the time options on the Android screen.



How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android



3.Now choose the backup to restore on your device. If you tap on the Restore option deleted contacts will start to Restore. 

That’s all the process. 




Q1: Which Operating System does PhoneRescue for Android support?


Answer: Okay, the good side of this recovery tool is, you can use this PhoneRescue recovery application on Mac computer and Windows operating system.


You can connect this helpful software to your Windows 10 easily. Simultaneously, the Vista, XP- 64 and 32 bit, operating system Windows 7 and 8 users can also use this application. 


Q2: What is the Difference between Quick scan and Deep scan?


Answer: With a Quick scan, you could find out all of your lost or deleted contact numbers on the Android screen. This scan is time-saving and efficient to recover your contact numbers.

Besides, If you have any doubt about the Quick scanning, Do a Deep scan. Because this will work with your entire Android set to recover all your lost data. You will be satisfied with this scan!


Q3: What kind of data can be recovered?


Answer: Well, you can recover your deleted Photos, Files, Folders, Music, Whatsapp and Messenger. Make sure you will use the computer and a recovery tool from the store. 


But if you use the Quick scan with a recovery application, you will get all of your contacts, call logs, messages, etc on your computer and Android both.


Q4:Why does the scanned personal data show as dots?


Answer: This is because you are using a free version of the tool. For a free trial, it shows the scanned data as dotted. 

But, if you want to see all of your data and recover them, you must upgrade it to the purchased version. 


Q5: How can I recover deleted messages in Gmail?


Answer:  Okay, Login to your Gmail account first. Then go to the settings and click on the trash option. At this time, choose your message that you want to recover. Now click on the move option.

Check your inbox. All are back! 


Final Thought


Overall, there is no reason to be worried about lost contact numbers on Android. Because this problem has three solutions. If your contacts are not recovered by default, you have two different alternatives . You can either  use Gmail  or a recovery tool.


So, choose the easiest way from here and recover your urgent cell number. Any doubt about How to Recover a Deleted Phone Number on Android now? We expect not. So, don’t waste more time, recover the number and contact your loving one. Happy communicating! 

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