How to Recover Corrupted Files in Android Phone? [Video,pdf & Image]

While opening any file, you observe “the file is corrupted” and “your device is unable to read the algorithm.” It indicates that the file is corrupted. Most of the time, when you experience this command at first, you may think that this is a malware attack!


But the problems can be many, and if the file is important, then you must be worried about how to recover corrupted files in android phone. 


Indeed, you can open this file after proper scanning. So definitely, your device will remain free from malware attacks if there is any virus. This article will discuss the reason and give you the solution for universal android phones. So, without further ado, let’s get into the details!

What are Corrupted Files on Android Phone?


In easy language, the files that are unable to open or your device is preventing the file from opening are corrupted files. When the file becomes unreadable by the software, then it counts as a corrupted file.


There could be multiple possible reasons for the corrupted files on your phones. Hardware failure, rearranged algorithm by the device software, malware attacks, etc.




how to recover corrupted files in android phone




How to Open Corrupted Files?


The zip-out of corrupted files depends on the type of files and corruption level. If the problem is with the main file, then you won’t be able to fix it. But if you find that the file is running on another device without interruption, then you have to understand that the problem is with your phone.


There are billions of phone users available, and the phone companies are continuously launching new brands with multiple new features. You have to move with the flow, and from here, the actual unruly begins.


Due to the revolution, it’s become hard to cope with the brand-new models each time. This is why file corruption happens most. Let’s say the phone you use supports 1080-pixel compress editing. So, you edited the file with the highest resolution and sent it to the device, which doesn’t allow you to open more than 720p. In that case, the video file will not play on that phone.


File corruption mostly happens with the images, transferred or downloaded pdf files, and videos. So, let’s see how they work and the formula to open them.


How to Fix or Open Corrupted Video Files from Android?


Most mobile comes with the most updated pre-installed video players’ application. But sometimes, due to video quality, the device cannot read the file, and the software ultimately declares that the file is corrupted.


Follow the given instruction to convert the corrupted file into an uncorrupted one:




how to recover corrupted files in android phone




  • Download any third-party video converting tool like VLC. There are multiple tools available you can pick any. Most of them work in the same way, and you can easily solve them step by step because of the easy word function.


  • Open the downloaded application, and create an account if required.


  • Upload the video by clicking on the “add or +” sign; though the video is not playing, it will not cause any disfunction for converting.


  • After complete upload, press the repairing command and select the format type.


  • It will take time according to the video size.


  • Now set the saving location and press ok.


How to Open Corrupted PDF Files on Android?


Officially or unofficially, we all use pdf files. Some devices come with a pre-installed pdf reader, or some may need to download. But even if you have the latest pdf reader application and are still unable to open it, it’s a sign that the file is corrupted.


Let us show you the steps to open your corrupted pdf files:




how to recover corrupted files in android phone




  • Download a free pdf converter likeAll PDF Viewer.


  • Activate the reader by registering your account.


  • Now download the file again and open the PDF file.

How to Open Corrupted Image on Android?


Corrupted image is prevalent, and the image format is the main reason for this issue, but the solution is handy. But you cannot solve the problem if it’s with your SD card, so until the fixation, no image opener can open it.


Follow the steps to get some ideas:




how to recover corrupted files in android phone




  • Download the “Photo Repairit” application from the google play store or website. If you use the website version, you have to use the rooting process to connect it with the phone.


  • Sign-up for free first.


  • Now drag the corrupted file and set the format from the list of JPG, CR3, CR2, JPEG, NRW, RAF, DNG, NEF, GPR, and ARW.


  • Now, wait for a few seconds until you see the tick mark on the screen.


  • Go to the gallery; you will find a separate album named “Repairit,” open it and see the converted photo.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


  1. How to Repair Damaged Image?


There are multiple free tools available in the online store, and you can use any of them. Download the right one by analyzing the review. Now set the picture on it, select the format and see the result. You can use the Repairit application, and this comes with the best quality image converter.


  1. Can I Uncorrupt a Corrupted Files?


Of course, you can do it. First off, refresh your phone by deleting the background running applications and then rebooting it. If the formula doesn’t work, that means the main problem is with the file algorithm, which is not readable by your phone’s software.


For this, you have to change the format first, and then it will open up. You can apply the discussed solution in this article.


  1. Can Factory Reset Open the Corrupted Files?


It will work if you have changed any file opener after buying the device. So the process will recover the file opener. But if the major problem is with the core file format and your device’s algorithm reader, then a factory reset will never work.




We have classified the reason for the corrupted file and given you the solution of how to recover corrupted files in android phone.  After using the instructions, you are not supposed to experience the issue again as you have the direct converter. But if you still are having this problem in your android phone, make sure the file is not corrupted from the root.


Moreover, if you face any other trouble, then restart your device first. A factory reset may help you out, especially when your phone’s model tends to be too old.



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