How To Remove A Cloned Phone From Your Android Phone?

Phone cloning is quite famous in the cheap electronics industry. You might have seen in movies that spying on someone’s activities is very easy. However, this doesn’t mean phone cloning is impossible.


In today’s world, it’s essential to about the digital world. Thus, you need to know how to remove a cloned phone from your android phone to protect you from phone cloning spam. We are here with this article to give you every piece of information about phone cloning.


Stick to this article to learn everything about phone cloning and how to prevent phone cloning.


What is Android phone cloning?


In simple words, phone cloning means copying the identification of a phone to use it on another phone. However, there are a couple of phone hacking or cloning methods, AMPS, CDMA, and GSM. Only the last one is the most popular.


GSM Cloning clones the identifying IMEI (International Mobile Station Equipment Identifying number). Every Mobile phone has this unique identifying number obtained by hacking. Moreover, the latest GSM cloning system can find your hardware and clone your SIM Card.


Phone cloning is considered illegal in most countries, but some dishonest people still clone phones, which can threaten the industry. Though most smartphones have complex security such as fingerprinting, few smartphone users risk phone cloning.



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How does Cell phone cloning work?


Cell phone cloning works in two processing steps to clone a target device.


The hackers detect the unique identifier number in a nearby phone via an electronic scanner. Many electronic identifier scanners are available on the dark web and other illegal places. Those scanners are more expensive and tough to find, but most phones have improved security.


Thus, the crooks will try to get physical access to your SIM Card. In addition, the cloning process becomes easier to accomplish if scammers get the SIM Card number. Once the hackers get the SIM Number, they will make a duplicate copy of your SIM Card via SIM card writers.


SIM writer tools are legitimate because these tools are used in many legal works. Thus, these tools are not much expensive and easier to find. However, the crook then set up the duplicate SIM card on another phone and used it to make calls and connections under the original SIM/Phone owners ID.


How to check if my phone is cloned?


There is no easy way to check your phone. However, your phone might be cloned if your friends and family get phone calls and text messages but haven’t called them. We have listed some signs below to check that your phone is cloned.


What happens when your phone gets cloned?


A few common signs indicate that your phone is spoofed or cloned. Check these out below-


  • Increased calls and messages from unfamiliar and suspicious numbers.


  • Unusual incoming calls from wrong numbers.


  • Unusual increment in your calls bill.


  • Suddenly failed to make calls and was unable to connect to the cellular network.


How to remove cloned apps on Android?


Sometimes, we need to use dual accounts on a single phone. Android has a feature of clone app or dual app mode. This is not illegal or safe.


However, follow the steps below if you have cloned an app on your phone, now want to remove it from your phone-


  • Unlock your Android phone


  • Go to App Drawer and find the cloned app you want to remove.


  • Long press on the app.


  • Select Uninstall/Remove/Delete from the option.


  • Now, the cloned app will be removed automatically.


How to remove a clone from phone?


There are several ways of removing the cloned phone from your Android phone. We have found the best three methods to remove cloned phones. Check this one by one and find which one is working for you.


● Use Security Apps and scan for Spyware or Malware


If you suspect that your phone has been cloned, use any premium security app to scan your phone to see whether there are any malware or spy applications. Using premium apps such as Avast Mobile Security, Norton Mobile security, or AVG is good. These apps are available on the Play store for both free and paid.


We recommend using multiple security apps to scan for malware and spam. If you find any threats, immediately delete and reboot your phone.



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● Perform a factory reset and wipe your phone completely


If your phone has been hacked and is still being spied on by someone even after using security apps, perform a factory reset. This is one of the most effective methods to get rid of spyware or malware on your phone. In addition, you can take a backup of your files and restore them after formatting data.



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● Buy a new phone and SIM Card


Someone has cloned your phone and spied on you, right? So then why not change your phone? The best way to get rid of cloning phones is to buy a new phone and set up security protocols to stay safe. After changing your phone, be smart about your passwords and stay away from phishing links and receiving suspicious phone calls.


How to prevent phone cloning?


You can prevent your phone from phone cloning in several ways. However, cloning a phone is not that easy because of enhanced network security. But it becomes easier when someone who wants to clone your phone gets physical access to your phone.


Thus, always use a biometric password or PIN to secure your phone so that your phone stays safe when your phone is not with you. Also, be smart when installing apps from outside of the Play store. For example, don’t install a hazardous spy app without ensuring that the app is 100% safe.


So, to protect your phone from spammers, remember the points below-


  • Always keep your phone with you.


  • Use a fingerprint or PIN to secure your phone.


  • Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth when you are not using them.


  • Do not install a suspicious app outside of the Play store.


  • Do not root your phone. Use your phone unrooted.


  • Regularly clear browser cookies and history.


  • Use a Security Android app to keep your device protected.


  • Always enable the Google play to protect option.



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That wall about phone clones. Follow instructions properly. We hope you find this helpful to know how to remove a cloned phone from your android phone and keep your Android smartphone safe from phone cloning spam. Phone cloning is rare because of improved security technology. However, follow this article to lower the chances of phone cloning.




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1. My phone has been cloned what do I do?


Initially, you can use different security applications available on the Google Play store to scan for threats. Then, if the problem still exists, perform a factory reset and wipe everything available on your phone. But the best way is to buy a new phone and keep the cloned phone powered off.


2. How to remove clone phone app in Realme?


Follow the instructions below to remove clone phone app in Realme-


  • Open the Settings app.


  • Scroll and tap on the Clone Apps option.


  • Tap on the clone app you want to remove.


  • Toggle the option to remove clone apps from the app cloner.

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