How To Remove Avast Anti Theft From Android?

how to remove avast anti theft from android

Avast is a renowned software company and is famous for making effective anti-virus software for PC and other platforms as well. In the past, the Antivirus was named as an Anti Theft application. In most Android platforms, the application used to come pre-installed.


These applications have a great performance impact on Android devices. In low-end devices, antivirus applications use huge Ram memory, processing speed, and storage. For these reasons, you may want to remove the anti-theft program from your device for good. Therefore, you must know before how to remove Avast Anti Theft from Android.


The security and antivirus software gets their installation files in the administrative system folders. That is why this software is quite too tough to remove or uninstall from the Android platform by normal means. Some tricks and advanced ways are to be used to uninstall these types of applications.


How To Remove Avast Anti Theft From Android?


Normally, what users would do is root the android device or install a fresh custom ROM in their android platform. Though these measures act well for uninstalling the anti-theft from the device but also voids the official guarantee of the phone.


For this reason, safer and legal methods are to be applied for removing the Avast anti-theft utility from your device.


First Method


This method includes a two-way uninstalling sequence. All types of security apps such as Avast Anti Theft itself get permission to run constantly in the background. Besides, they have permission to get started automatically in the startup program sequence.


This means if you restart your device, along with all other system applications the Avast would start itself as well. That is why you must deactivate the Avast Anti-theft to run in the background at first.


Deactivating the Avast Anti-Theft from the Background


  • Go to the settings option on your device.


  • Scroll and search for “Security”. Open the Security option.




how to remove avast anti theft from android




  • Open the Device Administrator program. It will show all the system and installed applications on your device.


  • Search and open the Avast Anti Theft.


  • Tap on the Deactivate button to remove the permission to run in the background for this application.


Uninstalling the Avast Mobile Security utility


  • In the main menu, go to settings again.


  • Open the Apps section where the installed applications and their activity is seen.


  • Search and open the Avast Anti-theft application.


  • At the bottom, a button saying Uninstall will pop up.


  • Tap on the Uninstall button to remove the program from your Android Device.




how to remove avast anti theft from android




Second Method


In this method, you can uninstall the Avast anti-theft directly from the Android launcher. The application must not run in stealth mode. Otherwise, it won’t show in the launcher but still run in the background.


  • Open the App Drawer on your Android Smartphone.


  • Search for the icon of the Avast Anti Theft or Avast Mobile Security application.


  • Tap and hold the icon of the application for a while.


  • A sub-window will pop up just above the application icon. It will have options such as “Select items”, Add to home, Uninstall, or App info.


  • Select the uninstall option and tap on it.


  • A confirmation window will pop up saying if you want to uninstall the program or not.


  • Select “Ok” and allow the system to remove the application from your device.


Third Method


This method is applicable if you cannot find the Avast Mobile Security icon in your smartphone app drawer. It happens mostly if your device allows the Avast Anti-theft program to run in stealth mode.


  • Firstly, open the App drawer and search for the Google Playstore option.


  • You can search for the application typ[ing in the application name in the search bar.


  • If that does not happen, then click on the Google account profile picture on top of the window. It is located just adjacent to the search bar.


  • Select the “Manage Apps and Device” button in the new window.


  • After that select and open the “Manage” button. Here you can see all the available and installed applications on your device.


  • Scroll and search for the Avast Mobile Security or Avast Anti Theft.


  • Tap on it and select the Uninstall button to remove the application permanently.


Fourth Method


Considering the Avast Anti Theft Application is not running in stealth. This method will allow you to directly remove the application from the Google Play Store.



  • A search bar is located on top of the menu. Type in the application name in the search bar.


  • The installed Avast Application will pop up in the next window. Click to open the application menu.


  • You will get two options saying Update/Open and Uninstall. Tap on the Uninstall button.


  • Restart your device to remove the application and complete the uninstall processing.



how to remove avast anti theft from android



Fifth Method


This method allows you to uninstall the Avast Anti-theft application from the system settings option. You can clear all the data and cache or junk files along with uninstalling the program permanently from the device.


  • First of all, open the system settings option from the App Drawer.


  • Search for the Apps option. Here all the system and user applications statuses can be observed and changed.


  • Select the “Manage Apps” button.


  • From all the applications, navigate to the Avast Anti Theft or Avast Mobile Security option


  • In the bottom line, there will be an option saying “Force Stop”. Click on the Force Stop button. This will halt all the running activity of the application in the device.


  • Then select the clear data button. Tap on “Clear All Data”. Doing this will completely erase all the updates, user settings, and data inputs in the AVst application.


  • Finally, tap on the Uninstall button to remove the program.


  • It is better to restart the device to complete the Uninstallation of the application.


Method Six


This method will halt all the access and permissions to the application device first. This will make uninstalling the program easy and convenient.


  • First of all, go to the System Settings of the device from the Android app drawer.


  • Select the Apps button and tap on it to open.


  • There will be some options saying App locking and App Permissions.


  • Go to the App Locking option. Search for the Avast Anti Theft button and Uncheck the button to unlock the Application



how to remove avast anti theft from android




  • After that go back to the Apps button and open the permissions.


  • Navigate to the Avast Anti Theft option and scroll down.


  • In the Privacy section, uncheck all the lists to remove the permissions given to the application.


how to remove avast anti theft from android




  • Finally, go back to the Manage Apps section and open the Avast Anti Theft Menu.


  • Tap on the Uninstall button to remove the application.


  • Perform a soft restart to the device to complete the Uninstallation of the application.


Method Seven


If for some reason none of the methods seems to work then you can perform a hard reset. Doing this will remove all the installed applications from the android device permanently. Besides, your smartphone will come to a factory position and boot up.


Therefore, it is mandatory to create a backup of all the files, images, messages, contacts, videos to another location. You can also use the Google Account to create a backup of all your important files. Make sure your device has enough charge to carry on the operation.


Shortcut Method


  • Firstly, you have to shut your device down. Simply press and hold the power button and tap on the ShutDown button.


  • When your smartphone is turned off, press and hold the Power and Volume Down button till a soft vibration takes place.


  • Release the buttons and the soft bootup menu will pop up.


  • Use the Volume down and power buttons to navigate.


  • Select the Reset option and confirm by pressing the Power button to Ok.


  • The system will rest in factory settings.




how to remove avast anti theft from android




From the Settings


  • Go to system settings from the App drawer.


  • Select My Device from the options.


  • Go to the Backup and Reset.


  • At the bottom, you will get an option saying Reset or Erase all data (factory settings). Select the option and click on Ok in the confirmation menu.


  • All the installed Applications including the Avast Mobile Security or Avast Anti Theft would be removed permanently.




how to remove avast anti theft from android



How to Cancel the Avast Mobile Security Premium Subscription?


If you have a premium subscription to the Avast Mobile Security software then it needs to be removed manually. Because uninstalling the application from the device won’t deactivate the subscription.


Auto subscription of the Avast account may charge from you after a certain period of time. That is why it is better to remove the subscription just after you have uninstalled and stopped using the Avast product.


  • Open the Google ‘Play Store’ app on your android smartphone


  • After that, tap on the three dashed lines which is the menu icon. It is located on the top left corner of the screen


  • Then, select the subscription option.


  • The next window will showcase all the premium subscriptions you have bought for the application


  • Choose the Avast Mobile Security or Avast Subscription option from the list.


  • Finally, select the Cancel Subscription option to remove your subscription for that application.


You can also cancel the premium subscription of Avast from the Avast official website. All you have to do is go to the official website, login to your Avast account and cancel the subscription from the settings. This method is more secure and effective for subscription cancellation.




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