How To Remove The Headphones Symbol In Android When There Is No Headphone Connected

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Are you not getting any audio sound from your android speaker? It happens when your phone has the headphone mode on without a headphone connection. As you are here, we suppose you are having this issue too.


Don’t worry at all. Here, we have gathered all the information regarding how to remove the headphones symbol in android when there is no headphone connected. Plus, we explained the reasons behind this trouble and what you can do to prevent it in the future.


If it sounds interesting, then let’s start the discussion without any more delay!


Why Does It Happen?


Before we jump into the solution, let’s take some time to understand why it happens:


  • Water Damage


Water damage is the most common reason behind this issue. You might have let the phone get wet in the rain. Although small water spills are not enough to cause software issues, you must not let the phone stay wet for a long time. Most of the time we neglect what the little drops of water can do to our devices.


Our suggestion would be to protect the jack-hole and screen from water spills through protection covers. In case you get the phone wet, try to clean and dry it up as soon as possible.


  • Dirt/Dust Exposure


Is your phone exposed to dirt or dust way too much? Then we have some bad news for you. These micro-particles gather inside the jack hole and create an extra layer. As the layer thickens, the portal loses its sensitivity and doesn’t respond to headphones properly.


For example, you connect the headphone to your phone. But the jack can’t send the signal anymore because of these dirt layers. And the lack of signals makes your phone stuck in headphone mode.


  • Too Much Cache


Having cache in the settings might interrupt the phone to act properly. These unnecessary data lock the speed and responsiveness of any app. You must clear the data from the settings app frequently. In this way, your phone can focus more on the current situation and serve you accordingly.


How to Remove the Headphones Symbol in Android: 5 Methods




how to remove the headphones symbol in android when there is no headphone connected




If the headphone symbol is showing, that means that your phone will automatically re-route the sound to the headphone. That way we can hear after putting the earbuds in our ears.


However, due to various reasons, our phone can lose the responsiveness of the jack-port. As a result, even though you don’t plug a headphone it still shows a plugged-in sign. The problem we face is that no audio sound can come out of the phone speaker. The phone changes the route of your android’s sound.


So, how can we fix that? We have shown some easy-peasy methods here. Check them out one-by-one.


1. Clean The Jack Hole


We will start with cleaning the headphone port. As we said earlier, the most common reason behind this issue is dusty or dirty jackholes. So, it makes sense if we start by eliminating all the residue build-up inside it.


For that, we will need some cotton buds. You can also use needles and cover the top with cotton. Make sure you don’t make it too thick. That way, you will have a hard time pushing it inside the port and cleaning it up perfectly.


In the next step, push the stick in and circulate it a few times. You will need to change the cotton top after every session. This will provide a better result.


After you have finished, try plugging the headphones in and out. If the headphone symbol remains on the phone, move up to the methods down below.


2. Change The Headphone Types




how to remove the headphones symbol in android when there is no headphone connected




  • Enter the android settings app > and choose “additional settings.”


  • From there, you have to choose “headphone and sound effect.” This setting option might be available in another category for your device. You will find it if you try a little.


  • Under this sub-category, you will see “choose headphone types.”


  • From the list choose any type you want except the default one. Make sure you plug the headphones in before choosing.


  • Turn -off the sound enhancer option if you see it there.


  • Now, go back to the home screen and check the symbol.


If the symbol is not troubling anymore, that’s good. But, in case this method also fails, we have some more alternatives for you.


3. Plug-in And Plug-out




how to remove the headphones symbol in android when there is no headphone connected




For many cases, the fast plug-in and plug-out method tend to resolve the issue:


  • Play audio on your phone. Then, plug the headphones in the middle of the audio.


  • Wait for a few seconds and then, pull the headphones out. Try to give a little pressure during the plug-in and plug-out method. You might have to continue this process 10 to 12 times. So, it requires your patience.


4. Reboot the Device


Rebooting the android phone will solve a lot of your settings issues. All you need to do is plug the headphone out and shout off the phone. Long press the power button. You can also use the settings menu and click on the power-off button.


After that, just wait for a while and then restart the phone. Use the power button for this again. Once the phone lets you in, check for the symbol on the top bar. To double-check, plugin, and plugout the headphone again. See, if the problem arises again.


5. Clear Storage Cache


The cache is not a bad thing technically. When you don’t check the cache level often, it tends to pile up. And that affects the smooth operation of your phone. That might be the case here too. If you haven’t checked the setting’s cache data in a long time, it can cause such headphone settings issues.


So, let’s see how we can clear it:


  • First of all, you go to the settings app and find the app manager.


  • Find the “settings” app there.


  • There you will get all the app info. Check on the “clear cache” option.


Or, you can simply enter the settings and scroll down a little. You can see the “storage” option there. Check on it and remove the cache data there.


Your phone will get a chance to start afresh with no cache data. It will make the settings issue like “headphone symbol” go away.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


1. What Happens When The Headphone Mode Is On?


When we have the headphone mode on, the phone changes the audio route. It sends sound to the headphone jack instead of the speakers. As a result, you can’t hear anything without earbuds.


2. How to Get My Phone Out Of the Headphone Mode?


Cleaning the jack-holes properly will solve this issue for you. You can just use a cotton bud for this. Or, you can change the headphones settings of your phone and clear cache data. These methods will also work.


3. Why does The Headphone Icon Appear?


When you insert the headphone into the jack-hole, the phone affirms the connection by showing an icon. But, if you are seeing the icon without plugging the headphones, that means the jack hole needs a clean-up.


Yes, a dirty or dusty jack-port or water damage can make the icon appear even without headphones.



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In this article, we mentioned the most effective methods regarding how to remove the headphones symbol in android when there is no headphone connected. All you have to do is keep trying the techniques until one of them finally works. The methods are so easy and simple. In fact, you won’t need another person to help you with this.


And with that, we have reached the bottom of this tutorial. Hope you enjoyed it!

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