How to remove theme from Android Easily & Quickly

How to Remove Theme From Android

As we use our phones for a long time, it becomes monotonous to see the same appearance for a long time. Internal customization like user interface, home screen,  keyboard, font, icons, and menu bar overall layout can be changed to get a new look of your phone.


We use different themes to decorate and make the smartphone interface attractive. Theme change allows all these customization at a time. By removing the old theme, you can give a personalized look that goes to your taste.

So, let’s know how to remove theme from android.


What is a Theme on Android?


Themes are one of the most popular features available on Android OS. This feature allows you to customize the visual appearance such as font color, font size, icon packs, icon shape, etc.


You can customize the whole user interface by using this fantastic feature. Typically, you can find several pre-built themes on your android. But some android phones allow you to make your customized theme.


Besides, you can use third-party theme apps to customize your android. For this customizability, most people prefer android. You can easily change the UI environment, feel and look using android themes without affecting the features or functionalities of the device.


Recently android 12 released an in-built theming lab named “ Material You.” Using this latest feature, you can easily apply and remove themes from android by changing the wallpaper only.




How to remove theme from Android




How to Switch Themes on Android?


You can simply switch themes on your android from the setting option of the theme store app. But what if the store is not available on your phone? Well, don’t worry, everything has a solution on android.


You just have to go to the play store and install a custom launcher. Nova Launcher, Microsoft Launcher, and the Apex Launcher are the most popular custom launchers for android. You can install other launchers also.

These launchers will allow customizing the home screen, App drawer, Wallpaper, Icon, and much more.

Samsung Galaxy devices have the features of customized themes and icons in-built. You can easily find hundreds of themes and can choose from Galaxy Themes by having a Samsung account.

Almost all phone companies provide different prebuilt themes for different users. There are two different ways to  switch or remove themes on galaxy phones. These are-


1.Switch themes from “Themes”:


  • First, touch and hold an empty area from the home screen




How to remove theme from Android




  • Then check for the ‘Themes’ icon that you will find on the bottom of your screen.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Now choose the theme that you want to download and tap on it.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Now Tap on the download option.


  • After downloading, click the apply icon to get the theme enabled for the device.


2.Switch themes using a Third-party Launcher:


  • Open a multicolored triangle app from your app drawer, which is named Play Store.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Write Launcher in the search bar that is located on the top of the applications.




How to remove theme from Android




  • After the search result, Tap on a Launcher and view its homepage.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Then click “Install” to download and install it on your device.


  • After that, click open and make it the default Launcher for your device.


  • Then you can Browse the Themes and choose to download any wallpapers and themes from the Launcher and apply them.


How to remove a theme from Pixel Phone?

You will experience a fresh stock version on Pixel Phones. Unfortunately, stock Android doesn’t offer many customizations by default. But still, you can customize your icon shape, icon colour, font, etc.


If you have applied a theme but now want to remove the theme, then follow the steps below-


  •  Go to the home screen, tap, and hold it




How to remove theme from Android




  • Tap on the “Styles & Wallpapers” option.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Select “Style” from the options




How to remove theme from Android




  • Then tap on “default.”


  • Done. The theme that you have applied has been removed.


How to remove a downloaded android theme from galaxy edge 7


Sometimes, we download lots of different themes to check which one is more attractive. For this, our theme gallery becomes full of themes that you don’t like. So, to remove the themes from your galaxy, you have to follow some simple steps below-


  • Touch an empty area of the home screen and hold it.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Find the “Wallpaper & Themes” option and tap on this.




How to remove theme from Android




  • After tapping on the theme, it will take you to the “Samsung Themes.”




How to remove theme from Android




  • Find out the “My themes” tab and tap on the “View All” option.




How to remove theme from Android




  • After that, find the Theme that you want to remove.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Then select and click on the  Delete option.


How to remove themes in Redmi?

If you have been using a theme for a long time, then you might want to remove the theme. You might want back the default icons, fonts, colours and everything. However, removing a theme on the Xiaomi Redmi phone is very easy. To remove the theme, you just have to follow the steps below-


  • Find the “Themes” app




How to remove theme from Android




  • Tap on the “Themes” app
  • Navigate to the bottom right corner options




How to remove theme from Android




  • Tap on the Themes option




How to remove theme from Android




  • Select the Default theme  and Apply
  • Done.


How to remove themes from custom launchers?

As we have mentioned above, it is possible to customise your android using third-party launcher apps. All these third-party apps allow you to customise your phone interface very easily.


These Launcher apps have their themes, and you can also install other themes or icon packs to use. However, if you have installed any third-party apps and want to go back to your default launcher, this part is for you.


To go back to your default theme, you have first to disable the third-party launcher or uninstall it from your phone. The third-party themes will be automatically removed. To uninstall third-party launcher from android, follow the steps below-


  • Go to the settings app.
  • Tap on “Apps”




How to remove themes from custom launchers




  • Tap on the gear button on the top right
  • Scroll and find “Home App.”
  • Select the custom launcher that you want to remove
  • Now Tap on the “Uninstall” Button




How to remove theme from Android




How to remove the wallpaper only from the previous theme?

Sometimes you might feel that you have removed a theme, but the wallpaper and lock screen still have not changed. Well, in this case, you have to remove the wallpaper manually. To remove lock screen wallpaper from the past theme, you have to follow some easy steps. The steps are following-


  • Long press on the home screen




How to remove theme from Android




  • Select “Wallpaper” from the option




How to remove theme from Android




  • Switch to the “ My Wallpaper” tab




How to remove theme from Android




  • Pick the default wallpaper.




How to remove theme from Android




  • Set as “Home & Lockscreens”
  • Done. The wallpaper from your previous theme has been changed.

How to switch to the default theme on Samsung?

You can switch themes on Samsung from the pre-installed “Themes” App. To switch to the default theme, follow the instructions below-


  • Tap on the “Themes” app
  • Navigate to the bottom right corner options
  • Tap on the Themes option
  • Select the Default theme  and Apply
  • Done



Many android users don’t know how to change or remove the themes from the device. Nowadays, it’s too easy to learn to remove themes and decorate your device in your way.


By learning the theme Changing process, you can also alternate the android device’s monotonic look and feel. It’s really simple and easy to do if you follow the above instructions carefully.


If you fail to remove themes, find out the points that you have missed and try again.


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1.How to remove theme ringtones from android?

To remove theme ringtones, you need to go to settings>phone ringtone> then select your default ringtone. This way, the ringtone that you used before will be gone, and the selected one will play.


2.How do I uninstall the Device theme?

To uninstall the Device theme, go to Appearance> Theme page and tap on the theme you want to remove. A popup window will open now by WordPress.

Now tap on the delete option, located at the right corner bottom of the popup screen. Then click yes to confirm the deletion of the theme that you don’t want.


3.How to remove themes from android pie?

To remove the theme from android pie, follow the instructions below:

  • Go to the “Galaxy Themes” app
  • Navigate to the “My Themes” tab
  • Now tap on the first theme named “default” and apply
  • Done, the theme has been removed.


4.How to remove dark themes for android 10?

You can turn off dark mode by following two simple methods below-


Method 1: (Ensure dark mode is enabled)

  • Scroll down and open the Quick settings
  • From the quick settings, tap in the dark mode icon


Method 2:

  • Tap the Settings app
  • Tap on “Display”
  • Tap on the “Theme”
  • Choose the light theme to disable the dark theme.

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