How to Reset Windows 10 [ Easily & Safely 2022]

how to restore computer in windows 10

Have you changed your system on the computer recently? For this, your installed programs are not working properly. You are feeling down about your slow drivers, system files, and registry keys also.


But, you have to complete a ton of work over your computer. You have to undo whatever you changed on your PC. You are worried about your budget. You can’t afford a new computer right now. We know you are seeking a low budget and best alternative.


We can’t manage a new computer but give you a solution! Just restore your computer. Believe us, your computer will be preferable to you as your previous time. We know you are interested about to know How to Reset Windows 10 now. Okay, let us check it out.


 System Restore


System Restore is nothing but a feature in Microsoft Windows. How to system restore Windows 10? The System Restore will allow you to revert your computer. Take a closer look, when you bought your computer, it was faster than now. Your system and installed program’s performance were satisfying to you. But, you have made some changes in your system and you are being mad. With the help of System Restore, you can undo recent changes in your system whatever you have made. So, no worries!


Why Restore a Computer?


In simple words, restoring a computer means reverting. You can revert your computer state. This will help you to recover your computer from system malfunctions or other problems. Again, system Restore will allow you to reverse some changes made to the operating system. Because it’s a recovery tool also for windows.

With System Restore, you can return your important files. All of your System files and settings- drivers, registry key, installed programs will return to you with it.


How to Reset Windows 10?


Below here, we are going to show you a number of hacks while restoring a Windows computer:


1. General Restoring process for Windows 10:


To reset your PC in Windows 10, follow my instructions. I will show you with the help of live pictures. I Hope this will be a better experience for you. I will explain the solution in two steps.


1. Restoring computer.

2. Reinstalling Windows 10.


1. Restoring computer:


The first step is restoring. For restoring your computer, the easiest way can be this instruction.


  1. First of all, You have to restore your computer from a system restore point.
  2. Now, select advanced Options > system restore.


Remember that, if you do Restore your computer, this will not affect your files and Drivers. It will only remove your recently installed applications, drivers, and updates.



How to Restore Computer in Windows 10



2. Reinstall Windows 10:


The final step is reinstalling Windows 10. To do this,


  1. Select advanced option
  2. Recover from a drive.



How to Restore Computer in Windows 10



Now, you can use your computer as in previous days. All of your problematic applications or drivers and systems are removed from your computer. We know all of your favorite files and folders are safe. We are ensuring your applications, drivers, and Operations System also. But you can check them out if you want to be more satisfied now.


2. How do I restore my computer to an earlier date in windows 10


In this chapter, I will discuss how to restore a computer to an earlier time in Windows 10. It will be an easy-peasy process. Here we go.


Start with tapping on the search icon next to the Start button and type Restore. It will open up an option that reads like Create a restore point.



how to restore computer in windows 10




Left-click on it that will bring up the System Properties dialogue box.



how to restore computer in windows 10



From there, hit the System Restore button, which will open the System Restore pop-up box.




how to restore computer in windows 10




You can find two restore points there- Recommended Restore and Choose a different restore point.

I suggest you select the Choose a different restore point and tap on the Next.


Once you click on the Next button, it brings you to the list of restore points you have on your computer.




how to restore computer in windows 10




It would be best to go for the restore point you have created recently. For example, I selected the HP Manual that I created a few days ago. So, choose a restore point and click on the Next to proceed.


Now, you can see a dialogue box like the below screenshot to tell you to confirm your restore point.




how to restore computer in windows 10




Lastly, tap on the Finish button, and you can see the restoring process has started.



how to restore computer in windows 10




It will take some time to complete the restoration process. So, wait till the end.


After a few minutes, your computer will turn on. So, sign in to your computer, and you can see the pop-up box that lets you know the system restore is completed.



how to restore computer in windows 10



3. How To Restore my computer windows 10 in safe mode


From the above chapter, you learned how to restore a computer from System Restore. But the heck is- sometimes, you can’t restore your computer, or the System Restore will not work properly. It happens because of a defective driver or program.

In this case, I recommend you try out Windows Safe Mode. It helps you to strip out anything that prevents your computer from restoring from the System Restore.

Type “Change advanced startup options” in the search box that you can find on the taskbar next to the Start button.



how to restore computer in windows 10



Then, click on the Open button which will bring you to the Recovery setting.



how to restore computer in windows 10



From there, click on the Restart now button. Once you tap on it, your computer will restart and you can see a pop-up option that reads.


Choose an option.




How to Restore Computer in Windows 10



Then, head over to Troubleshoot > Advanced options.



How to Restore Computer in Windows 10



Finally, click on System Restore to proceed.



4. How to restore your computer with a system image backup in windows 10


Sometimes the Windows 10 environment gets so faulty you fail to restore your computer from a restore point. Or, you can’t use a recovery drive to reset your computer.

In this situation, the only way that is open in front of you is to restore your PC from System Image Backup.

But the downside is- you will fail to restore your personal files through the System Image Backup. You need to create & set up an external source or location to save the image files.

Below, I will show you how to set up a backup, create a disc, and more. So, let’s dive in.


Set UP a Backup


Hit the Start button and choose Settings. Then, go to Update & Security > Backup.

It will bring up an interface like the below screenshot.




how to restore computer in windows 10




Then, tap on the link “Go to Backup and Restore (Windows 7) which opens up the Backup and Restore properties.




how to restore computer in windows 10




Once you hit the button, you can see a dialogue box that says Windows is looking for backup devices.



how to restore computer in windows 10



Select the backup location and hit the Next button. Double-check the area of your hard drive where you want to keep the image file. Then, left-click on the Start backup button to let Windows create the file.



how to restore computer in windows 10




Create A System Repair Disc


You may need to create a system repair disc if Windows fails to boot up by itself. Regarding this, you need a CD. If you don’t have one, you can purchase it from your local hardware store.


After getting the CD, put it into drive. Then, go back to the Backup and Restore (Windows 7) and tap on Create a system repair disk.


Hit the Create disc button once the DVD drive appears.



how to restore computer in windows 10




Restore your Computer with System Image Backup


Now, it’s time to restore your computer.

So, tap on the Start button and select Settings. Next, head over to Update & Security > Recovery.

Then, hit the Restart button.

After a few seconds later, the Choose an option window will appear.  Afterwards,  go for Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > System Image Recovery.



how to restore computer in windows 10




Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to restore the image file.


How to Restore Computer to its Previous Date in Windows 10?


If you want to go back to your previous version of the operating system, Windows 10 allows you to do that for a limited time. Keep in mind, you will get only 10 days to go back after installing Windows 10.


How to Go Back to the Previous Version of Windows 10:


  • Tap on the Start button and select Settings
  • Go to Update & Security > Recovery
  • Click on the Get Started button under the Go back to the previous version of Windows 10.



how to restore computer in windows 10



Note: I can’t return to the previous version of Windows 10 as I updated my operating system more than 10 days ago.


How to Restore Computer to Factory Setting in Windows 10?


If you installed a drive, an app, or an update a few days earlier but nothing worked smoothly, we recommend you to reset your computer (also known as factory setting). Resetting your PC might help you to work everything properly. You will get two options, keep all your files or remove them, when resetting your computer.


How to Reset Computer:


Tap on the Start button from the below top-left of your PC’s screen and choose Settings.


Then, go for Update & Security > Recovery. The Recovery setting looks like the below screenshot.




how to restore computer in windows 10




From there, click on the Get Started button under the Reset this PC. Once you tap on, it will bring up a pop-up box:



how to restore computer in windows 10



Choose Remove everything and click on it. When you tap on a resetting option, it will bring up a box that lets you know it won’t take long to reset your PC.


Note: Don’t know how to reset Windows 10 without losing data? Just choose Keep all your files instead of Remove everything.



how to restore computer in windows 10



So, wait until the Reset is finished.


But what happens if you can’t open the Settings? In this case, choose the Sign-in screen method to reset your PC. Here how you can reset PC from this option:


  • Hold down Windows key > L from your keyboard to get the sign-in screen. Then, press the Shift key from the keyboard to restart your PC. Also, you can restart your computer by going to Power button > Restart from the bottom top-right corner of the screen.


  • It will help to restart your PC in the WinRE Environment.


  • You will find a pop-up box like the below screenshot. From there, head over to Troubleshoot > Reset this PC



How to Reset Computer:





1. How do I restore my windows 10 computer to an earlier date?


  1. First of all, open Start.
  2. Now, you have to search to create a restore point. If you see this, click on the top result. If you select this, you can open the system properties page.
  3. Now a section will appear. This is the Protection setting section. Under this section, you have to select the main system drive.
  4. Now, look at the configure button. Click on it.
  5. At this stage, you will see some options. From there, you must select the Turn on system protection option.
  6. Now click on the apply button.
  7. Finally, click the OK button.


2. Is it bad to system Restore your computer?

Answer: Although, System Restore can’t protect your personal computer from viruses and other junk. But, if you restore your computer, it will work as a guard. With the help of this feature , you can protect your computer from bad driver updates. Again, from software conflicts, your computer will be safe with the help of this. Overall, you can’t make an opinion against system restore. Overall, this will be beneficial for your computer.


3. Does restore the computer Delete everything?

Answer: No worries! Your files or folders and everything on your computer will not be affected. Again, Restoring does not format the hard drive before reinstalling the operating system. If you restore your computer, only your recent changes to your system will be removed.

For undoing your irritating changes in your system, don’t be late to make your computer restore. It’s not frightening!


4. Does System Restore Remove Virus?


Answer: Obviously! Why not? Most of the time, all of your viruses can be removed. To restore the system, you have to restore your operating system. You know, most of the viruses are just in the operating system. So, a system restore can remove your computer from your unexpected viruses.  A System Restore will not only the viruses but also remove your all-new programs and files. If you don’t know when you have got all of your viruses, you should try it.


5. How long does it take to restore a Computer?


Answer: Okay, it will take almost 15 minutes. I am explaining the reason.


If you think about restoring your computer, remember that your operating system will also be restored. When you do it, all of the new changes in your computer will be deleted. For example, recent drivers, systems, and applications are removable. This action takes time.


Again, you will restore your operating system. This will take more time. Overall, you have to be ready for 15 to 20 minutes, if you want to restore your computer. So, take a closer look.


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Final Thoughts


Overall, Restoring is a reverting system of a computer. If you Restore your computer, that means you are making your computer renew. Because you are restoring your Operating System also. That’s why you will find your computer junk or virus-free.


But you should not be worried about your data. All of your data will be on your computer. Only recent changes to your installed data and application or system will be removed. It will take 15 to 20 minutes to renew your computer.


We think you will never ask anyone how to reset windows 10. Hoping, you have got your answer. So, don’t be worried about your slow and virus-affected computer. Just restore it and enjoy your work. Happy working!

By Imran Chowdhury

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