How to Resolve MSI Afterburner Won’t Download From the Website [2022]

MSI Afterburner is an excellent monitoring tool that also works on non-MSI devices. It’s a graphic card overclocking software known for providing easy graphics card access, which monitors the visual effects according to performance, and tends to control the fan’s speed.


But there are some difficulties that make the download process harder. So in this article, we will discuss how to resolve MSI Afterburner won’t download from the website with details. 


For your convenience, we will describe the alternative downloading method from the original website. Let’s see how this article solves your problem and let you use the software smoothly!


How to Download MSI Afterburner?


The multiple featured graphic cards have changed their official downloading website. And for this reason, the people with its demand are facing problems downloading the original file.


The current website is in the redirecting mode, which is why users are facing the actual problem. So, the direct download will not work; you have to go through a few steps to install it on your device.





How to Resolve MSI Afterburner Won't Download From the Website (2022)




  • Go to their original main page, following the link.


  • Right-click on the website and select the Open page source option from the floating window.




How to Resolve MSI Afterburner Won't Download From the Website (2022)





  • Press Ctrl+F to extract the “.zip,” and this command will open the entire programming language, and from there, you have to collect the website address.


  • Select the download link from the program box, and it should be (


How to Resolve MSI Afterburner Won't Download From the Website (2022)




  • Copy the address and place it on a new search engine.


  • From a new menu, click the Save, select the location, and keep it on the C drive.



How to Resolve MSI Afterburner Won't Download From the Website (2022)




  • After the download, go to the download folder or where it’s located.


  • Right-click on it and install the file.





How to Resolve MSI Afterburner Won't Download From the Website (2022)




How to Resolve the MSI Afterburner Download Problem?


If you are facing the MSI Afterburner download problem, applying these two steps can resolve the download issue. This will work when you fail to get the file from the original website. And after following these methods again, go for the download procedure straight away –


  • Change the Time Zone


Actually, there is no specific justification for this. But experts say due to the country’s website redirecting method, sometimes, when the website shows a 404 error then, this may help to solve the problem, and it works.


But the problem is you may have to apply multiple time zones, and then it may work.


  • Go to the date and time section for the changes from the settings, or you can search it on the start menu.


  • From the new tabs, select the Date and time tab.


  • Turn off the auto time zone option first; otherwise, you can’t start the time zone settings.


  • Set the time in both ways, GMT and UTC.


  • After each selection, try the download process.



  • Antivirus Settings


The MSI software comes with an executable or EXE file, and exe files are counted as malware files. That is why the system will not allow the MSI software to download if your device has the enabled antivirus.


If the downloading site is authentic and the file description matches the original exe or ZIP file description, you can turn off the scanning to download without hassle. After the installation, you can scan whether the downloaded file is malware-free or not; if it is free from viruses, then you are successful!



Does MSI Afterburner Software Cause Malware Attack?


The original software is free from malware, but doubt is about the extension file, which comes with the main software as a program file. A clone malware extension file can come with the original software instead of the original file and which may also look like the original one. Moreover, the clone file can also operate like the original file.


You cannot stop the exe files entrance as it will come with the application. But after the download, you can remove it even if it’s not malware. Sometimes software creates a needed exe file for a specific purpose.


So, if you can ensure the exe file authentication, you don’t have to worry about malware attacks.




Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



  • What is MSI Afterburner?


This is one of the best software programs which allows you to monitor your device’s hardware, CPU, Disk rate, and graphics card. Its system allows the user to make changes in the hardware too.



  • How to Fix MSI FPS Problem?


The MSI software shows the FPS rate, so the gamer can easily see the rate through the app, but for that, you have to enable the feature because it doesn’t come pre-set, you have to change it from the settings first on the settings menu turn on the OSD, and then you can monitor the rate.



  • How Does the MSI Burner Help While Gaming?


It monitors the gaming system performance, CPU, and GPU running rate and tells you how much sound and visual graphics resolution you should maintain. It explores the hardware and monitors fast to give you instant reports.



  • Can MSI Burner Cause PC Damage?


The chances and possibilities overlap because the software’s primary goal is to protect your pc from CPU and GPU high running rates by monitoring overall the hardware where the clone file can damage the PC due to high CPU usage. The original file never causes PC damage.



  • How Can I Connect the MSI with the Intel Graphic?


In the fewest possible words, you are not allowed to use these two together because it will not work in the way you really want.





Hopefully, this article has cleared all your doubts regarding how to resolve MSI Afterburner won’t download from the website. The download method we have described applies to all browsers, and the resolving processes are the same for all devices.


So, if the first attempt fails, apply the download method on another site in a similar way. After the download, verify it with a scanner to confirm the exe file and software are valid.

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