Have you installed a poor-quality application? Or the application seems slow? Need the original, speedy, and sophisticated one? You need to restart the app on Android.


Restarting an application on Android means a new start or beginning of the application. You can say it is relaunching an app. When your application’s performance quality decreases or an application faces any sort of problem like being slow, restarting is the ultimate solution. 


Having the interest to know how to Restart a app on Android? But don’t know the procedure?  No worries, this article will show you the ultimate solution to the problem. Here we will show the manual method. But, it’s possible to solve with the programmatic method also. Anyway, without any further ado, let’s get it started.


Method to Restart an application on Android


We have mentioned two methods to relaunch an application on Android. The methods are:

1. Manual and

2. Programmatic.


But, we will show the manual method here. For a better understanding, we will attach related pictures with each step. If you follow these steps, you will get rid of the problem we hope so. Okay, let’s check these out.


Easy Method: Manual


In this method, take your Android phone. Now see this steps:

1. Go to Settings: First of all, you need to open the settings on your Android mobile. You can find this application on your Android application drawer. The other way to find the settings on Android is by swiping down the screen from the top and selecting from the notification panel. Normally, you can find it at the right-top corner. The icon can be different for different Android devices.


how to restart a app on android


2. Choose an application: Now, this is the time to tap the slow application that you want to restart. From the Application list, you have to choose your expected one. For example, we are selecting the Facebook application to restart.


how to restart a app on android


3. Tap to select the application to restart: In this step, the restarting procedure will be started. Tap on the Facebook application to restart. All the information of the Facebook application will be displayed with additional information.


how to restart a app on android


4. Force stop: Now, you need to stop the forces of the Facebook application. Below the application title, you will see a force option. Tap on it.


how to restart a app on android


5. Confirm the Force stop: In this step, you have to confirm that you have stopped the forces. Tap on the force stop button to stop it. This will stop the running condition of the Facebook application on your Android phone.


how to restart a app on android


6. Back to Home screen: Now in this stage, you have to go press the home button for back to the home screen.


how to restart a app on android


7. Reopen the application: You have selected the Facebook app to restart. Now, you have to reopen this application again to see its condition. 


how to restart a app on android


Yes, you are done! The Facebook application has restarted! We hope it will satisfy you. But, if you love to do programming then you have the option to solve this problem. We will discuss it another day.

But, if you want to solve this with an Android restart app automatically, then download it from the play store. The restart app download procedure is similar to downloading other applications. 


Final Thought


Overall, the Relaunch app meaning renewing the app. Relaunching an application on Android is needed when you will feel any sort of problem related to the application. If you do this, your unexpected slow application will be faster again. You can access and use the application again without uninstalling it. Definitely, you will be satisfied with a better experience.

We have shared here the solution of how to reset an application on Android. Expecting that you are clear about all the steps now. So, no more worries! Try out these guidelines step-by-step and experience the faster application performance again on your Android phone. Good day!




Q1: Why do my Android apps keep restarting?

Answer: Most of the time, random restarts are the reason for poor quality applications on Android. If you don’t use an application then try to uninstall it. Try to use an reliable application on your mobile phone. 

Another reason is to restart an application randomly that is running in the background.


Q2: Why is every app on my phone crashing?

Answer: Well, this could be for coding. Yes, if the application is not coded properly then it could crash. But this is not the only reason for crashing an application. If your application contains a weak chipset or a low memory, you will suffer from this problem. Furthermore, the custom skin of an Android is a reason for crashing an application.


Q3:Why does my app restart whenever I come back to it from another Android app?

Answer: Okay, this is the reason for losing battery. If your battery becomes loose that means it apart from the connection point.

 Another reason is low-quality applications. If your application doesn’t contain enough memory or space then your application might start randomly restart. So, try to use better quality applications on Android.


Q4: Is Force stopping an app bad?

Answer: No! If your application behaves abnormally, you need to use the force stopping feature on your Android. 

This feature will help you to clear the cache of the application. Your currently running instances will be removed with the help of force stop. Further, your disturbing application will not access its cache files. So, if you face any problem with your app, use force stopping and restart it.


Q5: Why do my apps keep closing?

Answer: This is for a crashing problem. But, if the application is attacked by a virus then you will face the problem also.

Normally, at the time of a slow internet connection, the application tends to malfunction. So, make sure to use the faster internet connection with your Android. Shorter storage is also a reason for closing an application.

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