How to Retrieve Deleted Pic from Android? Try Our Simple Methods!

It is one of the worst situations when you accidentally delete important photos from your phone’s gallery. But, if it happens to you, don’t be panicked. You might wonder how to retrieve deleted pic from Android and want those photos back again, right?.


You will be happy to know that there are several ways to retrieve all deleted images from Android. Using these methods, you can recover all the images you have deleted or lost unexpectedly from your Android.


This article will discuss the methods and guide you to retrieve deleted pics from your Android. So, get a cup of tea and follow the guide carefully.




how to retrieve deleted pic from android




How to Recover Deleted Photos Back on Android?


There are a couple of ways to restore lost pictures from Android. Here are some methods that can help you to retrieve your deleted pictures – 


How to Recover Deleted Pictures from Cloud Storage


Google Photos and Dropbox both are hugely used Cloud Storage. Almost all Android phones have the Google Photos or Dropbox app by default. The specialty of these apps is that all pictures on your device get automatically backed up on the cloud storage.


And if you have deleted images from the gallery app, it is still possible to restore gallery photos from your Google Photos or Dropbox app.


How to Retrieve Deleted Pictures from Android by Google Photos


Follow the instructions below to get lost photos back from Google Photos:


  • Find the Google Photos from the app drawer and open it
  • Scroll and find the images that you need to restore
  • Tap on the three dots in the top right corner.
  • Here you will find the “Save to device” option. Tap on it.




how to retrieve deleted pic from android




  • The photo has been saved to the gallery. Navigate to  Album> Restored.


Note: The option won’t appear if the photo is already saved to your device.




how to retrieve deleted pic from android



How to Restore Deleted Images from Dropbox


To retrieve recently deleted photos from Dropbox, you will need your laptop/desktop. Ensure you have a laptop/PC connected with the internet, then follow the instruction below:


  • Log in to the Dropbox from your PC
  • Navigate to Files > Deleted files
  • Then tick the photo you need to get back.


Note: Deleted pictures are available from 1 month after removal on Dropbox.




how to retrieve deleted pic from android



Recover Deleted Images from Android SD Card


Don’t you have cloud storage? If the photos you have deleted were saved on your SD Card, there is still a chance to get them back. In this case, you will need a computer with dedicated photo recovery software for photo recovery.


One thing that we should inform you, it is not guaranteed that you will get all the photos back using this method. This is because deleted files stay on a disk or SD Card if new data hasn’t been overwritten.


There are both free and paid data recovery software available. Choose and install which one you need to use. 


After installation is done, follow the instructions below-


  • Connect the SD Card to your PC
  • Launch to the recovery software and tick the SD card 
  • Now click on scan
  • It will take a few minutes to find restorable files.
  • After scanning is finished, choose the photos you need to restore and click on restore.




how to retrieve deleted pic from android




Restore Deleted pics from a Rooted Android Phone


You don’t have a backup or an SD card. In this case, it becomes really tough to restore deleted images from an Android phone.


However, if the images you have deleted are crucial, you can root your phone. Because using root access, you can scan your device’s internal storage to find deleted files.


After rooting your phone, follow the instructions below-


  • Get the “DiskDigger Photo Recovery” from the Play Store.
  • After installation is complete, open the app and give root access




how to retrieve deleted pic from android




  • Choose Full Scan from the option
  • Select the internal storage /data partition
  • Now, tap on begin, and the process will start immediately
  • To filter the search results, touch on the Settings.
  • Set the thumbnail size to 1,000,000




how to retrieve deleted pic from android




  • After completing the process, select the images you choose to restore and tap on Recover.
  • Now choose the location where you need to export the photos.




how to retrieve deleted pic from android




How to Keep  Photos Safe on Android?


The best idea to keep crucial photos safe from losing is to take a backup on cloud storage. For example, you can use an app such as Google Photos that automatically uploads your photos silently.


And here, you can control when you want your photos to be uploaded. We recommend setting it up when “Connected to Wi-Fi” while charging to avoid battery drainage.




Taking a backup is far better than losing important photos accidentally from your Android gallery. Therefore, we recommend always taking a backup to Google Photos, Google Drive, Mega, or other Android cloud backup services. Because once deleted, Android photo recovery is challenging.


However, we believe you’ve retrieved your deleted photo by now. If you have failed to retrieve, please take help from the experts because recovering photos from Android is a creative task.



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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):


  • How to retrieve permanently deleted photos from a gallery?


Follow these steps to retrieve permanently deleted images from Android:


  • Connect your Android to your window PC
  • Install a trusted data recovery software for windows
  • After installation, launch the software and click on the Android device
  • Scan for permanently deleted images to retrieve
  • Click the recover button to retrieve permanently deleted pictures


  • Is there a Recycle Bin on Android?


Android doesn’t have a Recycle Bin but some third-party file explorers and gallery applications feature a recycle bin on Android. Android version running on stock Android doesn’t have to recycle bin.


  • Does Android have a recently deleted folder?


Simply the answer is no. Android doesn’t have a recently deleted folder. Though Android users can retrieve their data using several ways. But the recovery process is not an easy task. Thus, it’s essential to be more careful about this.

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