How To Root S5 G900A?

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Whether to access more advanced features and apps or to remove the space-consuming bloatware, rooting your Samsung Galaxy S5 becomes a necessity at a point. But the rooting can sound a bit overwhelming for the newbie.


Even advanced users often wonder how to root s5 g900a without causing any issue. But for today, you can say your worries goodbye!


Sometimes, the root can fail if you do not prepare your phone before rooting it. So, to prevent any technical issues, we will put together the prerequisites you must follow to prepare the phone. Also, we will break down how you can root without a computer if you are not tech-savvy.


What Are the Prerequisites to Root?


Rooting itself is a tricky and time-consuming process. And if it stops in-between, your phone will be on brick mode. To prevent it, you must follow these prerequisites before rooting


  • You must take a backup of all your important data so that you can restore them after the root. Otherwise, you will lose them.


  • Make sure your phone and computer have a full charge or else these will stop working in the middle leaving the root half done. Also, the unfinished process might cause technical issues like boot loop


  • Now go to your phone’s About Phone option from the Settings menu. Then find and tap the Build Number option seven times to enter into the Developer mode


  • Again go to the Settings menu. And from the Developer Options, you need to enable the USB Debugging 




how to root s5 g900a




On your PC, download and install the USB driver for Samsung Galaxy S5. Make sure you get the driver from a trusted website. Now that you are all set with the prerequisites, let’s move forward to the step-by-step instructions on how to root samsung galaxy sm-g900a.


How to Root S5 G900A?


This whole method requires your phone and a computer. It takes a bit longer time than usual. But this method should not fail if you follow these instructions meticulously:


  • At first, on your computer, download Odin and the Experimental Firmware for the Galaxy G900A. Or you can follow the link to download the firmware


  • After installing Odin, launch it.


  • Now, switch off your phone. And long-press the Volume Down, Power, and the Home buttons simultaneously. It will keep the phone on the download/bootloader mode.


  • With a USB data cable connect the phone and your computer. As you have installed the Samsung S5 G900A USB driver on your computer Odin will be able to identify the phone. And its ID:COM will turn blue or an “Added” message will display in the Odin logs. 




how to root s5 g900a




  • From the Odin window, check the AP button. And click on the “.tar.md5” file. 



how to root s5 g900a




  • Select the Start option. It will start the Flashing process. 


  • After a few minutes, the process will be completed with a “PASS” message in the Odin. Then once your device reboots, unplug it from the PC. This whole process is to flash the experimental firmware on your phone. 


  • On your phone, download the SuperSU app from the Playstore. And download the Towelroot apk file from any authorized website. 


  • Download the Flashfire app on your phone. You will find it from the Google Play Store.


  • From the Towelroot, press the “Make it ra1n” option and let it install the root binaries.




how to root s5 g900a




  • Open the SuperSU app and press the New User option to let it install the files required for root permissions.




how to root s5 g900a




  • Follow the link below to download the pre-rooted OF3.



  • Open the Flashfire app and enable its root access by using the SuperSU app. Then select the Wipe option from the bottom of the screen.


  • Next, click on the Flash ZIP option on the Flashfire app. And select the Mount/system/read/write option to flash the OF3 file.




how to root s5 g900a




  • After the flashing process, your phone will reboot. And now your phone is rooted. 


This method might not work well on the G900A phone using the AT&T carrier. In that case, follow the next method to know how to root samsung galaxy s5 5.11 sm-g900a for at&t.


How to Root AT&T Samsung-SM-G900A without Computer?


Unlike the T-Mobile version, rooting the AT&T version of the Galaxy S5 is not widespread due to the lack of suitable methods. But recently the Android developers have come up with a root method for AT&T also. And the plus side is, it does not require a computer.


So, if you are not comfortable operating a computer, follow this process. Especially for the AT&T carrier. All you have to do is


  • Go to your Phone Settings. Click on the Security and enable the “unknown sources” or “install unknown apps” option to make sure you can install apks or apps from any source or website other than the Play Store.


  • Now click on the following link




  • If for some reason, the link breaks or does not open, manually type “towelroot” on Google chrome. Then open the first website that appears.


  • You might get an “untrusted connection” popup while opening the website. Do not worry and click it anyway. 


  • On the homepage, you will see Lambda sign. It looks like an upside-down Y. You need to click the sign.




how to root s5 g900a




  • A warning will tell you that the file might be harmful. Ignore it, and click on the Ok or Download Anyway option.


  • Then install the downloaded apk file


  • Launch and open the Towel Root app. From the Welcome or home page, click on the “make it ra1n” option. 




how to root s5 g900a




  • After the process completes, go to Google Playstore. And download the “SuperSU” app.


  • Open the SuperSU app and let it set up the binary installation, if necessary. 


  • Your phone is rooted now. But if you have any doubt install a root checker app and verify the root. 



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):


Does Rooting Void Warranty?


Yes, if you root your Samsung Galaxy S5 G900A, you are less likely to receive any warranty services. But unrooting your phone before taking it to the store might help you get the services. 


2. Is Rooting Safe for the S5 G900A?


In our opinion, rooting won’t result in any issues if you take assistance from a trusted source in order to install firmware and apk. But sometimes, the Android security model can be compromised when you have root access.  


3. Is Rooting a Galaxy Phone Reversible?


Yes, it is reversible. You are allowed to unroot the phone with the assistance of SuperSU app. But make sure you have not flashed a custom ROM to root. Otherwise, SuperSU cannot unroot the device.


You can download the original firmware or use third-party apps also to unroot.



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Rooting your Samsung Galaxy G900A gives you the access to make the most of your Android experience. It also lets you uninstall the irritating bloatware or pre-installed apps on your device.


But if you have never rooted a device before, it is usual to worry about how to root s5 g900a without affecting your device.


Hopefully, we have successfully made the rooting process easier for you. We strongly suggest not to browse or install any root file from an unauthorized source, why? Because those websites often have malware that can be dangerous for your phone.

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