How to easily Root the LG Volt [New Guide for rooting LG Volt(LGLS740)]

How to Root the LG Volt

LG Volt smartphone offers you many features, including NFC and a processor from Qualcomm Snapdragon. It uses the OS Android 5.0. While using this device, you might wish to explore it and know about How to Root the LG Volt.


You can efficiently root your LG Volt with a single click through an app called Towelroot. The app will get the process done itself. You can also unroot the phone later on following a similar approach.


While operating an LG Volt, you might find yourself needing to root the device. And even after a while, if you feel different, you might want to unroot it. For all these, some basic info about rooting LG Volt will be helpful to you.


What You Need To Know About LG Volt All Things Root


How To Root LG Volt


LG Volt is a smartphone manufactured by LG. Now, if you have one LG Volt as your smartphone, you might want to root it for advanced use. The following step by step directions will let you know the insights of rooting LG Volt duly:


Before starting the process, you can have a personal data backup for yourself. The following mentioned process will be helpful if you don’t want to fall into a data-loss project.


Step 1: Get the assurance that your phone has a decent battery percentage of around 60-70%.


Step 2: Now, turn off all antivirus apps on your phone since those apps might interfere with the process.


Step 3: Open the Settings app on your device.


Step 4: Scroll down and go to the Security section.




How to Root the LG Volt




Step 5: In Security, tap on Unknown Sources.




lg volt all things root




Step 6: Next, a window will pop up before you with two options – choose ‘OK.’




lg volt all things root




Step 7: Open your browser.


Step 8: Now search for the Towerloot apk while typing in the search box.


Step 9: Scroll down a bit on the website and download the latest version of the apk. While downloading, you might face a warning message concerning your phone’s security. Ignore it and proceed with the download.




lg volt all things root




Step 10: After getting the download finished, install Towelroot through the tr.apk on your phone. You might find another warning message like mentioned previously. Ignore it and tap on the option ‘Install Anyway.’ Now proceed with the installation.


Step 11: When the installation finishes, open the Towelroot app. You will see an option named ‘make it ra1n’. Tap on it. And start the rooting process. The process will finish itself. After that, your LG Volt Smartphone will reboot itself.




lg volt all things root




You can check the root access of your phone with a root checker app called ‘Root Checker – Verify Root Access.’ This process will also help you know how to root LG Volt 2.


How To Root LGLS740


With the help of the following, you can easily root your LG LS740 smartphone.


Step 1: Get a backup of all your data.


Step 2: Ensure that you have your battery at 80% at least. 


Step 3: Go to settings and turn on Unknown Source Installation.


Step 4: Now download the latest version of your preferred rooting tool based on your firmware and device model compatibility.


Step 5: Ensure a decent WiFi connection throughout the download process. If you are using a PC, download it and process it accordingly.


Step 6: For example, you have downloaded the KingRoot App. Now install it.


Step 7: Open the installed app. Now you will find out whether your phone is rooted or not rooted. If you are not rooted, tap on the Start Root option for proceeding with the process.


Step 8: Now, the app will finish the process itself.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


What is NFC on LG Volt?


NFC means Near Field Communication. It’s a set of technologies that supports users in transferring files within a short range. The range is 4cm or less. You can share electronic content through this feature. While using the function, the devices need to be kept side by side as nearby.


Along with Bluetooth and WiFi, your LG Volt smartphone has NFC preinstalled on it. You can use it for file sharing with another android phone or another device featured with NFC.


How do I know if my phone has NFC?


Whether your device has NFC technology or not is all about a quick check. You can be assured of it through the settings app on your phone. Follow the steps:


Step 1: Open the Settings app on your smartphone.

Step 2: Now select ‘Connected Devices.’

Step 3: Choose ‘Connection Preferences’ among others in the list.


There, you will find NFC options. If you see it, your phone is blessed with the feature. If not, that’s an unfortunate thing for you. You don’t have the NFC feature!


How does NFC work on Android?


NFC, referring to many short-range wireless technologies, requires a maximum distance of 4cm or so less to make a connection. With this, you can share data with small payloads between devices adorned with NFC features, i.e., Android to NFC featured or Android to Android.


Is it worth it to root your phone?


If you wish to have complete control over the system of your smartphone, rooting is the option. Apart from the bright side of rooting, it also has some lags. It might compromise your device’s security while revoking all your guarantees by Android or your manufacturer against your phone.


Hence a developer might trash a phone’s system by installing the wrong apps. This can be done by changing system files.


Is it possible to Unroot a rooted phone?


It’s effortless to unroot your phone. If you have root on your phone and want to get back to the stock recovery of Android, unrooting is the option.


For this, you have to find your SuperSU app in the app drawer. Open it. Go for the settings option. Then scroll down. You will find the ‘Clean up’ option. Select that. And after having some options on your display, choose ‘Full Unroot.’




Final Words


LG Volt offers you unique features like NFC and so on. But to get absolute control over your phone system, the idea of LG Volt All Things Root is convenient for you.


Root or unroot, whatever the situation is, you will find LG Volt providing you with a decent service. It will ensure the quality. And in necessity, you can try root on your device as well.



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