How to run exe files in android Easily (3min Hacks)

People fall in trouble every time trying to run a computer’s executable file on android operated devices. It is an encoded group of binary language instructions that helps to communicate with the device & perform the desired task. For viewing any exe files instantly, it’s inconvenient to sit before a computer. In recent times, people are so much dependent on android operated smartphones.


You may want to play Windows games on your android or just open an exe file. But, it’s not permitted by android to perform this action directly.  By using emulator applications as a third-party app, we’re going to eradicate your problem. In this writing, we’re going to express how to run exe files in android. Stay tuned & pay your attention.



How to run exe files in android


Before starting, know that not all the exe files may open in android. We’re providing the best suggestions about how to run exe files in android. Just pick up the best way of your own.



  1. DOS Emulator:

At first, you should know that an emulator is a program that helps to run software from different operating functioned devices. These are widely known as DOS BOX applications which provide a command line for android operating systems. The command line is formed in machine language & after receiving it, android starts to perform. It is capable of running very old programs in a new operating system.


You can find this application on the google play store. One of the conventional among DOS BOX applications is AFreeBox. After installing this software, you can run some executable files instantly. Let’s see how easy it is!



How to run exe files in android



  • Keep your exe file in a new folder with an easily findable name.
  • Open recently downloaded DOS emulator & type “cd’lt;folder name”.
  • Wait a while & if the selected exe program is consistent with the software, it will run on your android device.


If this step doesn’t work, don’t worry. Try a different way. Keep scrolling.



  1. Inno Setup Extractor:


Users claim it as the easiest way to open exe files for Android OS. We’re sure that you’ll claim that too after using. Let’s see the process of running this software.



How to run exe files in android



  • Download & install this application on your Android device.
  • Open the software & use the file browser for finding expected exe files.
  • Extract the file & if the process runs well, you can see the file instantly.



If something wrong happens, try again & if you fail, the file is not compatible with this software. Better try a different emulator.



  1. Wine Application:


With some easy steps, you can run your acceptable Windows program files on your android device. Just pay your concentrated mind here.



How to run exe files in android



  • Install the Wine app on your android device & run it by tapping on the start button. You can find it on their official site. Just use the search engine.



How to run exe files in android



  • You can see a browsing option below your screen. Browse through that option & fix a convenient place for installing.



How to run exe files in android



  • Now, you need to tap on the open button placed at a similar place as the browse button.



How to run exe files in android




  • You’re done after clicking on ok. It will be installed.


This is how you can run exe files on your android device. Now, listen to some mentionable points. First of all, you can’t get the expected experience of running. The compact feeling can only be provided by desktop or laptop. Then, heavy software doesn’t run smoothly & in some cases, it never opens. So, don’t blame your device or software in that circumstance.




  1. Remote Desktop Viewer:


This method is simply indirect but you can run some programs here if all the previous steps were failed. Using your PC as a host device, it is possible to open your desired files on android. This method is fine with the help of Virtual Network Computing (VNC). Have a look at the steps.




How to run exe files in android



  • Install the VNC first. This will help to control & view your computer from another device.
  • After the primary setup, copy the external IP address & port number.
  • Now, install any VNC client on your android gadget. No worry, the cost-free developed version is available on the internet. We recommend using ‘Android-VNC-viewer’.
  • Paste the copied IP & port number.
  • After successful setup, you can use your android as a remote device. Open your desired exe file & you’re indirectly using your android device.



This method is an indirect and unpopular method but fruitful. You’ll be able to run almost every file on your android device.





At this point, we’re giving you some straight answers to your common askings.


  1. How can I run an exe file installer?

Double click on an exe file & your file will run.


  1. Why can’t I run exe files on android?

Answer: Exe files are Windows files & without using emulator software, it’s not possible to run on different OS like an android.


  1. Is an exe file potentially dangerous?

Answer: Yes, an exe file can hold potentially dangerous commands & capable of executing damage to your device.

  1. Can I convert exe to APK?

Answer: Using a convertor, absolutely you can.


  1. Are all exe files viruses?

Answer: No, but use a free virus checker tool online to be ensured about safety.




Android is an open-source platform & allows you to do a lot of tasks directly & indirectly. But, as the exe file originated from a different operating system, it shows some difficulties while running on android. But, by using an emulator application or remote desktop viewer, you can conveniently open your file.

We have tried to describe how to run exe files in android through the whole article. Our composed four steps can help you to run your exe file on android. Before trying the last step, try with emulator software. We recommend using an upgraded version of android to run all exe files on your gadget.

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