How To Scan from my Canon Printer to My Computer in Windows 10?

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How to scan from a computer has never been more accessible thanks to new and advanced printers in the market. Since digital space has been growing, the demand for soft copies of documents has also increased.


And bearing in mind, the work from the home mode of working, documents scanning is now in significant demand. And since there are many printers in the market today, we’ll take you through the process with the canon printer.


The Canon printer also comes with advanced features, and scanning a document using a computer from the printer is easier than you thought. In this post, we’ll take you through the entire process so that you can scan your documents having no problem at all.


How To Scan On A Canon Printer?


But first things first, we need to take you through some things you need to know before you can scan your document.


-You need to ensure that the canon printer you are about to use can scan


If you buy an all-in-one printer, then be assured that it will do the job. Of course, other printers can do the job, but you must read through their documentation to be sure about it; otherwise, the job won’t be done.


-Plugin your canon printer to your PC


Various Canon printers with the ability to scan also boast the ability to pair wirelessly through a touch-screen utility. Still, in most cases, you’ll be required to connect your Canon printer to your PC using a USB cable. While doing so, ensure the computer is switched off to prevent electric shocks.


Note: Many models of Canon printers come with a USB cable to allow you to connect to the computer in case the wireless functionality isn’t working.


-Next, you’ll now need to download & install the Canon printer utilities and drivers


If your Canon printer is packed with a DVD or CD, you won’t need to download any additional drivers and applications; you can install it directly using the DVD or CD. However, if the CD or the DVD isn’t available, you can still have the drivers and utilities of the printer by following the below steps:


#1. Visit the official Canon website using the browser of your choice

#2. Click on the button labeled “Printers.”

#3. Choose your model number, or you can input the model number of your printer directly into the search functionality and click “Enter.”

#4. Choose the OS you are using (for this case, select Windows 10) on the menu that is next to “OS” (In case the drivers aren’t available, installing drivers may not be a necessity)

#5. Press “Select” that is adjacent to the drivers that you need to download

#6. Press “Download”

#7. Now, click on the installation file and go a step to follow instructions to install


-Now, switch on your Canon printer


Click the Canon’s printer ON labelled button. If the printer refuses to turn on, ensure the power source is working or, better still, you can change to a different power source, socket.


-Have the scanner opened


In that regard, you can open the scanner by lifting the lid to enable you to see the bottom of the printer and the scanner.


-Insert your document to face down onto the glass of the scanner


Follow that arrow displayed on the left corner and place the documents in the direction of the hand. Your document should be aligned using the left and top sides of the scanner.


Also, in case your printer features an auto-document feeder, place the doc to the feeder tray while it is facing up. Arrange the guides located on the side to match the width of your doc. You’ll hear a beep after the doc has been inserted well. But in case of any difficulty, you need to check your Canon’s instruction manual so that you can figure out well how you can quickly scan.


Then, close the lid of the scanner.


How To Scan From Canon Printer To Computer?


Before you can begin to scan the document, you should firmly close the lid.


After this, you are now ready to scan your document from a Canon printer using your computer running with Windows 10. The process is as simple as you thought. If you’re ready, you can follow this step-by-step guide to do your first scanning.


Step 1: Launch the start window. Press the logo of windows, which can be located on the lower-left side of the screen. 





how to scan





Step 2: On the search engine, you need to type “Windows fax and scan,” as such, it will come up with the windows scan and fax app.




how to scan




Step 3: Press “Windows Fax and Scan.” You can get it at the top section of the start windows. Doing so will make the fax and scan app automatically open.




how to scan




Step 4: Press “New Scan.” You can find this in the upper section labelled Fax and Scan. After you’ve clicked it, a new window will be opened.




how to scan




Step 5: Ensure that the Canon scanner is working right


The first thing you need to be in a position to see is the label “Canon” together with the model number of the printer. If you see a different thing, you might want to press “Change” and choose the right Canon printer.




how to scan




Step 6: Choose the correct document. You’ll do this by clicking on the profile, which is at the drop-down box; thereafter, select the doc, for example, photo




how to scan




Step 7: Now, choose the color of the document. You’ll see at the drop-down box where you can click “color format,” then select either Black and White or color. Keep note that your scanner could be having extra options or limited choices for the formatting of color.




how to scan





Step 8: Choose a file option you need. Press “File type,” which you can find on the drop-down box, and choose the correct file type, whether JPG or PDF, which you would need to keep your document after your scan.




how to scan




Step 9: Now, make any further changes on the page, i.e., resolution




how to scan




Step 10: Press “Preview” You’ll see this at the bottom of the screen; you’ll get to see your earlier doc you intend to scan in a complete view.




how to scan




Step 11: Click “Scan” Also, this last process is visible at the lower side of the screen. Your dog will start to scan directly into your PC. If you need to locate the scanned document later, here is a simple step to follow:


Launch the start window 

-Launch the file explorer

-Press Documents

-Lastly, double-click the folder of the scanned documents


Final Words


Now, you know how to scan from a Canon printer to my computer in Windows 10. While scanning a file if you face any difficulties, feel free to let us know.  Before we conclude, just a simple reminder. Make sure that you choose the correct file type, resolution and color format.



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Why can’t I scan from my Canon printer to my computer?


You should update your scanner driver and restart it.


How do I get my Canon printer to scan to my computer wirelessly?


You have to set the same location as “Attach To Mail”.


How do I scan a document from my Canon printer to email?


Enable the Lan network to connect your device with the network to scan a document.


Why is my scan to email not working?


You have to enable “SMTP Authentication” and use a valid mail.

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