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If you are not tech-savvy, Windows 10 may intimidate you a bit. In that case, the common question that can pop up in your mind is “how to do windows 10 file search.” Well, the easiest way is to use either a File Explorer or Third-party tools to find any file without much effort.


But if you do not know how to use third-party search methods and tricks to locate your files quickly, we are here to get your back! This guide will walk you through the process of finding files within no time in your Windows 10. This might be your lucky day as we’re giving you plentiful information through this single post.


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Two Quick and Common Methods to Find Files in Windows 10


Windows 10 comes with powerful and easy-to-use search features to help you locate your files quickly. So, have a look at two of the standard search methods to find any of your files.


1. Search Bar or Start Menu


On the home screen, you will get your start menu or taskbar. The bottom-left corner of the bar next to the window button features a search bar. You need to type the name of the files you are looking for on the search box.


After the search results appear, you need to go through the list. And double click the file you want to open. However, do remember that the search bar can only show indexed files, so to find local or all types of files, you need to use File Explorer.



How to Search for Files in Windows 10




2. Third-Party Tools


Not everyone is tech-savvy when it comes to Windows, which is completely fine. So, if you find it difficult to search for files from the built-in tools, you should try out the free third-party tools. To name a few of them, Everything, Listary, AstroGrep are standard tools. However, Listary and AstroGrep can be a bit overwhelming to use because of the tricky interface.


Everything is the most common third-party search tool because of its user-friendly and lightweight features and fast performance. After installing and opening it, give it some time to locate all your system. Then type any word, title, or type of the files in its text field, and it will show the file you are looking for.




How to Search for Files in Windows 10




How To Do Windows 10 File Search Without Cortana?


The Cortana software handles the Windows Search bar. And Cortana does not let you search for local files on your PC. Because it incorporates Bind and other online Searches in its search results. You can disable the software through a registry hack but it might affect your PC’s performance. However, File Explorer is there to find file without Cortana.


File Explorer is the savior against the limitations of the Start menu search feature. It allows you to search for all types of files with its quick access menu in the upper-left corner.



How to Search for Files in Windows 10




You need to find the File Explorer app from the Windows Key and open it. This features different folders to make your search process more manageable.


  • Type the file name or type in its search box located in the upper-right corner. 
  • Afterward, open the file that appears below the box.



How to Search for Files in Windows 10




How to Find Different Types of Files in Windows 10


Your computer files surely do not share the same format. They all come in different formats. And knowing which commands to which for different files can make the search process pretty easier. Have a look below to know how you can find different files:


How to Find a Missing File Folder in Windows 10


Your computer will save some files to the default folders if you do not mention or select where to save your files. It happens mainly in terms of Word documents and Pictures. You can go to the Hidden Files option from File explorer to find the missing file folders.


  • The computer saves Word files in The Documents folder and images in the Pictures folder. If you go to the PC, you will quickly locate these folders to find your files. Or else, you can open File Explorer to find these folders on the upper-left corners. 


  • Sometimes downloaded files can be hard to find as you do not know where your computer saved them. So, if you wonder how to find a downloaded file from the internet or attached emails, Downloads is the first folder you should check. Because most of the time, your computer saves those files in that folder by default. 


  • On Windows 10, you can get to the Downloads folder after going to the This PC section. If you are having a hard time finding This PC, open File Explorer. After that from the drop-down box, locate This PC. Then below the Favorites tab, you will find the Downloads folder.


How to Find a Deleted File in Windows 10


Recycle Bin can be a resourceful bin at times, especially if you are looking for an old, missing or deleted file. You might not remember that you have deleted a file. So, always start your search with the bin.


You can find the Bin on the home screen. But in case you do not find it there, then


  • Open the search box and write Bin. 
  • Click it and drag the files you are looking for to the desktop.


Finding Files in Windows 10 that You Don’t Know the Name


It takes a lot of time to type the entire file name in the search box. Sometimes, you might not even remember the whole name. In that case, you can enter a word that comes in the title, or you can use the search tips option from the start menu.


It is okay to type “doc” or “ppt” or file type in the search box if you completely forget the name.


A similar word will help to narrow down the searches. And the file you are searching for will appear quickly in the search results.


How to Find Any File with a Keyword in Windows 10


The boolean operators or the words “AND,” “OR,” “NOT” also make the finding files process easier with keywords. Let’s say, you want to find some doc files that incorporate both “youth” and “economics” topics in the content. So, all you have to do is type youth AND economics and all files with those keywords will appear.


If you do not want to go for finding files with a specific keyword, then use NOT. For example, if you are looking for a file with language content without any cultural impact, then type language NOT culture. Similarly, add OR if you need a file with any topics.


How to Find A Specific File or Folder in Windows 10


While you search, you look for a specific type of file, whether it is a video, audio, photo, or word file. So instead of searching all types of files, you can select the specific file type to make your finding quick and easy.


  • To explore the specific type or restrict the search to a specific type, just click the file type on the upper-left corner of the search dialog box. If you still cannot find the type, click the more tab and you are good to go.


  • Also, the refine box of the search tab lets you search for a specific file. If you are looking for a small or large file or sensitive file, you have the options to choose from to find those types of files. And there is a “by date” option to narrow down your searches if you are looking for a file from a specific time period. 


  • Besides that, if you are looking for PNG or JPG image files, type the file type after the asterisk. So, these characters come in handy when you do not know where are all of your documents saved.


How to Find a Powerpoint File Extension in Windows 10


Using wildcards or special characters can save your time while searching for PowerPoint file extension in windows 10. The asterisk (*) and question mark (?) symbols are two of the most common wildcards for searching.


If you are looking for all the PowerPoint files at once, type “*ppt” on the search bar. It will help to locate all the files with this extension, and that too without much effort.



Frequently Asked Questions (F.A.Q’s):



How to Find the Exact Path of a File in Windows 10?


Locating the exact path of a file is not difficult if you use the File Explorer app. From the Explorer toolbar, you need to choose Select View, then click Options. This will allow you to open Folder Dialox if you set the option to Change Folder and Search Options.


After that, choose the Display of Full Path to locate the path.


How to Find a Saved Excel File in Windows 10?


Most of the saved Excel files are in the Documents folder. So, all you need to do is open the File Explorer, and from its quick access menu, you can find the Documents folder to locate your saved Excel sheets.


How to Find a Specific Temp File in C Drive Windows 10?


To find a specific temp file, you need to open the search box from the Start Menu or just press Windows + S. Then, in the search box, type %temp% and press enter. It will show you the temporary folder from which you can find your specific file.


How to Find the Extension of a File in windows 10?


Knowing an extension or the ending of a file helps to find the exact file you are searching for. But in case you do not know the extension, open the File Explorer App. After that, click the View and Hidden files tabs.

Now, deselect the hide extensions option and it will let you see the extensions of common files.


How to Find a Corrupt File in Windows 10?


Using a File Explorer is the easy way to find a corrupt file. You need to select the Drive option and right-click on it. Then you will see an option named Properties, select it and click Check. This process will scan the drives and locate corrupt files in the right way.



Wrapping It Up!


From the plethora of files, it can really get difficult to find the exact type of files you are looking for, especially when you do not remember the title or location. But with some effective tricks and the help of File Explorer, you can quickly narrow down your searches to locate your files.


Also, if you wonder how to do a windows 10 file search quickly, then the third-party tools may help you out. But make sure to use the free tools instead of the paid ones, especially if you don’t want to pay through your nose!



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