How To Search Instagram Comments By User?

If you are using the Instagram official app on your mobile then you will find it uncomfortable to search Instagram comments by a user. Because the comment you are looking for is not findable using the app. Here is why you should come to know a few hacks in order to search instagram comments by user.


We will talk about tools that might help you to do so also, tell you some different ways as well. So if you are looking for how to find someone’s comments on Instagram then read between the lines of this artilce.


Why do we need to search Instagram comments by user?


If you are a business professional and have a store on Instagram, then you may need to see so many things, especially what people are commenting. The comment rate is so important to evaluate the positive or negative feedback of your customers.


Also, when you can track those comments you can feed them or communicate them which will increase your business ROI. Here is why you should come to know how to search the comments on instagram turns out, you can take any immediate actions.

Why can’t I find any comments on Instagram posts?


Well, if you are using the app on your mobile, then I must say, there is no way to track any specific comment’s keyword using your phone.




search instagram comments by user




On the other hand, you can’t even see the post if the user has blocked you or the user keep his post private.


The fect is when you are finding any comments on Instagram by username, that means the post is visible for you. Keep it mind that what you are finding any comment for your own profile comment, you won’t find for others. That being said, you have no way to sneak peak to others Instagram profile.


May be, some paid and free tools would be handy to do the job and we will discuss them.


Search Instagram Comments by User using Google


Google search engine is a great place to find anything on a public platform. So if the user’s comment is on public then you can easily track it using Google. All you need to do is to type the keyword you want to find out of tons of comments.



search instagram comments by user




However, there is a con using this tricks. You should know that google won’t index everything to the search results especially to a new post or comment.


How to see all comments on instagram desktop?


We have mentioned before that while you are using your phone it is not handy to find comments. On the flip side, the desktop is convenient to search Instagram comments by user.


For example, you are thinking about opening up an online shoe-selling store on Instagram, then you are going to look over some other stores to see comments.




search instagram comments by user




While roaming around one store to another you will sort out some keywords to search. Here the easiest trick is to use C+F shortcut on your keyboard and see what people are telling about via comments.




search instagram comments by user




The benefit of using Instagram on your desktop is to find anything faster and better! Since using desktop, the keyboard will make you more professional for it. However, you need to load many comments and then apply the shortcut we’ve mentioned.


Note: Instagram allow you to see 120 latest comments.


Once you get to see all the comments are appeared on the screen then press Ctrl+F on your Windows or Mac


How to see what someone comments on my instagram profile?


Now you come to see what someone else has commented on your profile and you want to find him/her out. By the way, if that someone is your mutual friend then you can also find him. On the other hand, if it is about someone else post then you can see that post along with the comment when the profile kept public. However, if the profile remain private then this would be difficult.


In that case, what you may do is to send him a private message and follow that profile as well. Once that person will accept your request then you can easily see what is going on his/her profile.


Notably, this process would be easier when you are sending a request to your mutual friend. Because these days, Instagram users often keep their profile private and seldom accept request from an alien. Because they only want to engage with their family and friends.


By the way, let me guide you on how to see what someone comments on Instagram


Step 1: Open the Instagram account using your mobile phone


Step 2: Get started with the newsfeed then locate and tap on the icon of magnifying glass located at the bottom of the screen. This will take you to the explore tab of Instagram.


Step 3: Now, at the top of the screen you will get see the search bar where you will type the username and pick your desired profile from the search results.



search instagram comments by user



Step 4: Here you will find an obstacle with the private account. So, you will send a request with a lofty text. Don’t forget to click on the follow button located under the bio of profile. If the profile is public then bingo! you are almost done.




search instagram comments by user




Find & Search instagram comments Using Amazing Tools


Some tools are really amazing to find Instagram comments, so lets discuss on them below:




search instagram comments by user






HootSuite is an amazing tool and it offers you to run the free version. Once you will enter into the site then you will get to see a button comes with adding a social network nearby the dashboard.

When you will select it then this will automatically connct to your Instagram (If you have signed in the account).


When you will post a new stuff on your profile then you will come to see a stream of it just like you get to see it on your Instagram profile. Thereby, you will find the comments beneath them in reverse order. The speech bubble icon will take you to all of the comments.




search instagram comments by user





Iconosquare is one of the remarkable marketing tool which is especially used for Instagram. The user interface of it is amazing as it directly connects the profile of yours and thus you may easily get to see and search instagram comments. Apart from it, this will let you know how many followers you have lost and many more features.


The good thing is this tool offers 14 days free trial once you have signed it up. Afterwards, you can use the comment management features where you can find or inspect comments.


Moreover, it features with the advanced comment management or tracking where you can find the newest comment, track and reply them. This comment tracker comes with simple and clean layout so that you can properly monitor it. If you love to use it then you would love to spend 30$ monthly.




search instagram comments by user





Picodash is another great tool for inspecting your Instagram comments. It is a data-driven tool which bring you the maximum data so you may engage more targetted audience. However, the tool is not as friendly to use as mentioned others above. Because you will need to export the CSV file after downloading the comments from Instagram.




search instagram comments by user




How to View Previous Instagram Comments?


You have previously commented on many posts, and now you want to get to see all of them. Well, this isn’t rosy at all to see or find them by snapping a button. However, there is a way to find them but a bit tricky.


The process is to download all of your Instagram data and then you can fetch those comments. But how you can do this? No worries, using the app on your mobile phone you can do this just following the below steps:


The very first step is to tap on the three lines at the right corner




search instagram comments by user




Afterwards, tap on the settings




search instagram comments by user




Among many setting choices, you will get to see the Security option




search instagram comments by user



Now, simply download the data




search instagram comments by user




Now on, you come to the final segment where you will request for downloading the data from your Insta account




search instagram comments by user




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