How to Stop Automatic Tabs Opening in Browser Google Chrome & others Browser

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Unwanted additional tabs and new search windows are always one of the most irritating issues for any user, avid or newbie. So How to Stop Automatic Tabs Opening in Browser Google Chrome?


Every browser has its customization option regarding the automatically generated tabs and windows under Privacy/Private and Security settings. You can quickly turn off specific options as required. Try clearing your browser’s cookies from the settings and running a scan against any malware from your browser. You may also add an Ad lock to your browser for furthermore guarantee.


You will find similarities between the suggested measures below and how to stop websites from opening new tabs on chrome android. Follow the steps and get your job done on both PC and Android.

Additional Tabs And Windows From Websites On Browsers


Using a browser is the most common way of surfing the internet. And undoubtedly, running a browser on a PC serves the purpose best.


However, browsing includes some other stuff rather than merely viewing web pages. The browser itself comes with various options offering us different dimensions of user access with unique features.

What Is An Additional Tab?


While browsing, the prime focus is what you are searching for. Along with that, some other stuff may be ads from a particular website or the browser itself.


And the worst annoying and intrusive thing is the additional tabs and windows that open themselves automatically. This is the additional tab we’re talking about.


If you are an advanced user, you already should know the measures to take against this, like adding an ad blocker extension to your browser to defeat ads. In other cases than this, you need a proper direction.

Reasons Behind Additional Tab


Malware, adware, or any virus is responsible for the cause. This stuff is attached to the browser, opens multiple tabs on your browser while browsing, or opens a whole new browsing window. This rogue browser add-on appears so frustrating.


Always remain aware of what you are downloading and refrain from tampering with the basic settings of your browser.


Apart from all these, even after keeping aware, you might encounter some sneaky websites opening a whole new window on your PC while browsing without even notifying you!

How Do I Stop Google Chrome From Opening New Tabs For Every Link I Click On


Google Chrome is considered the most widely used browser around the globe. Therefore, you need instructions for this browser as well:


Step 1: Run the browser on your PC and ensure that you are using the browser’s most recent version.


Step 2: You will find an option for Customize and control Google Chrome under three dots (vertical) right below the close option of the browser. Click on it.


Step 3: In the upcoming menu, choose Settings.


Step 4: You will see an option labeled Privacy and Security under the Settings tab and tap on it.


Step 5: There, click on the option labeled Site Settings – this option is dedicated to managing the unwanted tabs/ pop-ups/ windows on your browser.




how to stop websites from opening additional tabs




Step 6: Scroll down and find the option for Pop-ups and redirects. Click on it.




how to stop websites from opening additional tabs




Step 7: Now mark the option for Don’t allow sites to send pop-ups or use redirects.




how to stop websites from opening additional tabs




There you are. After completing the 7th step, Google Chrome will start complying with you accordingly and prevent any websites from forcibly opening additional windows/tabs without asking you.



How to stop new tabs from opening in firefox


Mozilla Firefox has been serving a great deal to its users regarding internet browsing. To work on it regarding the automated new tabs and windows, you should learn how to stop tabs from opening automatically on the browser.


Follow these steps and apply the simple DIY method:


Step 1: Launch the browser.


Step 2: You will see three horizontal lines dedicated to the Open Application Menu option in the top right corner.


Step 3: From the upcoming menu, click on Settings.


Step 4: Now, from the left side of your screen, select Private and Security among the other options of the panel.




how to stop websites from opening additional tabs




Step 5: Scroll down the panel next to Private and Security to locate the option labeled as Block Popup Windows.


Step 6: Check the box right before the option.


Step 7: And now tap on the Exceptions option.


Step 8: You will see many advanced options for blocking or allowing specific websites to open a new tab/windows.




how to stop websites from opening additional tabs




How To Stop Websites From Opening New Tabs Safari


If you are a macOS user, your default browser should most likely be Safari. Therefore, learn the following steps to stop websites from opening new tabs safari.


Step 1: Launch the App.


Step 2: Navigate to Safari Preferences.


Step 3: Then click on the Security tab.


Step 4: Under the tab, mark the option “Warn when visiting a fraudulent website”.


For advanced measures to take against most pop-ups, follow the furthermore instructions mentioned below:


Step 1: Run the App.


Step 2: Under Safari Preference, navigate to the Websites tab.


Step 3: On the bottom right corner of your display, you will see options regarding pop-ups when visiting other websites: Block and Notify, Block, and Allow.


Step 4: Select your preference duly.

General Instructions On How To Stop Websites From Opening New Tabs


Apart from the exclusive Settings preferences for each browser, a few generalized ways are available against unwanted tabs/ pop-ups/ windows. You may apply any of them to get your job done.


Clear Cookies


You might face a case where you will be getting new tabs opened automatically, mainly while using a single website. This might happen due to the settings on your browser regarding the websites you trust or based upon your browsing data and cookies.


In such cases, try clearing your browser’s browsing data and start over your browser eventually.

Scan For Malware


A malware might hide under your browser and open multiple tabs or windows.


However, try scanning your website for malware in guessing such a case. Go to the advanced option of your browser and then run an option like reset and clean up and then follow the onscreen instructions to accomplish your job.

Use An Ad Blocker


An ad blocker plays a vital role in blocking pop-ups, malware, and Ads. Some issues might be mainly designed for your browser and can’t be traced through random antivirus.


Add an ad block extension to your browser and simply resolve such issues. With this feature, malfunctioning scripts won’t find their ways to affect your browser.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Why is Chrome opening a new window for every link?


Keep your sticky keys turned off and refrain from shift-clicking on a lick. These two simple steps will prevent your Google Chrome from opening a new window against every link you click.

Why does my computer keep opening multiple windows?


The fundamental reason for your browser to open multiple windows is that your browser is broken. It might be outdated, affected by some malware, or got tampered with within its default settings.

How do I get rid of Google tabs?

Type in Chrome://flags in the URL bar and hit search. Then choose your Group Tabs and select disable subsequently.


Final Words


In this age of information, you can’t help surfing the internet. And to enjoy surfing, you just need a browser. Therefore, among a few complications regarding using a browser, how to stop websites from opening additional tabs and how to prevent websites from opening new windows are the most usual and irritating ones.


Learn your ways of how to stop websites from opening additional tabs and windows (not pop-ups) in my browser correctly and apply the simple DIY method to get rid of the issues.




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