How To Stop Split Screen On Android [ Easy Guide 2021]



Split screen or split view might be very useful when you need to do multitasking on your android phone.


But sometimes you may find it quite annoying when you require a full-screen view but end up having an extra apps window opened accidentally. And the situation gets even more frustrating if you don’t know how to remove the extra app window instantly and permanently.


Is there any way to get out of this horrible situation?


Well, be relaxed. Luckily you have landed on the right place.


Because to heal your pain, we are going to guide you on how to stop split screen on android in this article.


Take a tour with us!


What Is Split Screen Mode?

The split screen mode is an awesome but most overlooked feature that lets you view and use two apps at the same time. It is quite helpful if you are in need of using two apps at the same time.


For example, let’s say you have to take down notes from a youtube video. In this case, by using the feature, you can view the video on YouTube and take notes from it to your notebook app simultaneously. Therefore, It makes your job quicker and easier and helps you to be a good multitasker.


But it is worth saying that all apps don’t support split screen mode on Android. Apps like candy crush game and Netflix won’t support it as they require a full screen to be run on Android.


Is It A Good Idea To Keep Your Android Phone On Split Screen Mode All The Time?

No. the mode is not always convenient. It can distract you and make you furious when you are running an app that needs to be viewed on full screen. So you need to remove the extra app window to get back to the normal position.


And to get the job done, you have to know how to turn off split screen mode on Android.


How To Turn Off Split Screen On Android?

You will be glad to know that turning off split screen mode is easier compared to turning it on.


If you just want to hide both apps for the time being, tapping the home button is all you need to do. After that, the split screen feature will go to the top of the screen. You can still see a little part of the top app and the black bar that usually splits up the two apps.


And if you drag the bar down, both apps will be back into view.


However. If you want to get rid of one of the app windows, just follow any of the two methods we are going to mention below.


  1. The first and the easiest way to turn off the split screen mode is to just press and hold the app switcher button until your desired app takes the whole screen. And you can spot the app switcher button by looking for a two rectangular shape at the bottom.


  1. And the second way involves the black bar between the apps. Just press and drag it to the bottom or top of the screen and you are good to go.


But if don’t want to use the split screen feature anymore, you can stop the feature forever.

Let’s have a look at it.


How To Stop Split Screen On An Android

If you want to disable the Multi Window feature on android, you can do it just like this. All you need to do is just follow the instructions given below.


  1. Take your Android phone and head over to settings.



How To Stop Split Screen On Android



  1. Now scroll down to find the Additional settings menu and tap it.




How To Stop Split Screen On Android




  1. Next hit the Button shortcuts option under the Additional settings section.




How To Stop Split Screen On Android




  1. After that, you can see the Open Split screen option. Touch it.




How To Stop Split Screen On Android




  1. Now a screen will appear with four options. These options are:


  • Long press the Home button
  • Long press the Menu button
  • Long press the Back button
  • None


Select the None option to avoid further mess related to your android phone’s screen.




How To Stop Split Screen On Android





How to disable split screen on HUAWEI?

First, unlock your Huawei smartphone and go to the settings option. Then head over to the search bar on the top. Type in split screen and tap it to go to the next step. Now from the options, simply disable it. Easy job!



Parting Words

If you often accidentally enable split screen mode but don’t want to, then we hope this article will help you to get out of the trouble. Because we have covered almost everything and give you a compact step-by-step guideline on how to stop split screen on an Android.


If you find the blog post helpful, let us know in the comment box so that we can keep publishing such informative content for you.


Stay safe, stay happy.

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