How To Take A Screenshot On Your Android Phone?

how to take a screenshot

The world nowadays is dependent on information sharing. One of the best ways to do so is by sharing what you see on the Android screen. But to share this screen, You need to know how to take a screenshot on your android phone?


As all Android devices use the stock android as their base, you can screen capture using the same technique. Press and hold the Power button along with the Volume Down button for a few seconds. This will take the screenshot and notify you on the notification bar. If the timing seems complicated, you can also use Google Assistant, Gestures, or even quick settings to take the screenshot.


No matter what method you use to screen capture, you will find the product saved in the Screenshots folder. If you don’t want to master the timing, we suggest changing the settings by following the perfect steps.


Why Capture The Screen?


Sharing is important. There are many ways to complete the task if you are an Android smartphone user. You can share your phone screen or even share specific content.


But there are many cases where the content is not shareable. For such cases, the Android Studio has a built-in feature to help you out. This feature is the ability to screen capture.


Many think that screen capture only refers to the ability to take a screenshot. But there is another not-so-famous method to capture the screen using the Android Studio. Such freedom is a must-have for the fame-savvy people of the current world.


Even if you are not into sharing your stuff, you might want to know the ins and outs of taking a screenshot. Saving the Android screen using a screenshot or screen recorder doesn’t necessarily need to be shared. You might need to keep some documents saved. Or there might be a case where you will have to store the data.


In such cases, it is better to rely on screen capture than to rely on the hope of finding the data when you need it.


How To Take A Screenshot On Your Android Phone?


Android Shortcuts


Screen and Shoot are two words that are well known within the Android smartphone community. And to promote the android spirit, most Android devices make the task easy.


You simply need to press the Power button and the Volume Down button together. Once you do it, the smart capture feature of the Android phone will take a screenshot.


This smart select feature will capture the screen and save it in the Screenshots folder. Depending on the model of your android device, this shortcut may vary. But if your device supports this shortcut, you will get a brief on-screen animation and a ping on the Notification shade.


If you don’t get the notification, there are two possibilities of the shortcut failing. As we already mentioned, your device might not support it. The other is that you didn’t time the press perfectly.


For the first case, we have already listed the shortcuts preferred by the different brands. And as for the second one, there is no substitute for practicing.


Brand Shortcuts


As we already mentioned, the screenshot shortcut may vary depending on the brand of the Android device. Though the list of Android smartphone brands is almost limitless, the most popular ones are here.




Acer is one of the least-used Stock Android devices out there. But they are up there to compete with the massive flagships of the Android industry. That is why they tried to stay true to the android essence. Thus, almost all Acer phones use the default Android shortcut for screenshots.


how to take a screenshot



So, if you are an Acer android smartphone user, try taking the screenshot with the Power button and the Volume Down button. You might not get the notification shade, but that will only mean that your button pressing timings were wrong. Try a few times, and you will be successful for sure.




Similar to Acer, Asus is also an underdog in the Android market. So, it’s not surprising that they also use the smart capture shortcut. But you might still fail to take a screenshot if you don’t time the button press.



how to take a screenshot



If you are having too much of a hard time, we recommend changing the settings. There is bound to be a quick settings menu no matter what device you use as long as it is a stock android. If you can’t find it, you can root screenshot shortcuts with the help of Android SDK.




Google has a wide range of android smartphones out on the market. For example, they have the Pixel series, which takes the Stock Android and makes it thousands of times better. Then there is their Nexus series which is attractive to budget phone users.




how to take a screenshot




But no matter which Google series phone you use, Pixel or Nexus, they both use the Stock Android as their base. And for this reason, they also fall under the Android shortcut button category. Time the button press, and all screenshots will be saved in the Screenshots folder.




Similar to Google, HTC also has quite a few series of Android devices. But not all of them follow the Android shortcut for Android screenshots.


For instance, if you are an HTC U12+ user, you will have to press and hold the Power button for a few seconds till it vibrates. Once you feel the vibration, slide open the navigation bar and tap the virtual home button. And voila, the screen capture is complete.



how to take a screenshot




But for all other HTC users, the Power and Volume Down button combo will indeed work.


In the case of HTC 10, there is another additional way to capture the screen. You will have to press and hold down the home button along with the power button to take a screenshot.


No matter what series you use, there is always a way to capture the screen smartly.


Huawei & Lenovo


Like Acer and Asus, the Huawei and Lenovo phones also stay true to the Stock Android origin. That means as long as you time it right, you can use the power button and volume down button to take a screenshot.




how to take a screenshot





how to take a screenshot




You can also change the shortcut if you are a rooted phone user. The root screenshot shortcut is not limited to the default button. You can make it so that you capture the screen using gestures or simple, quick button presses.




Unlike most phones, LG uses the Notification Shade to let the users capture the screen.


In all LG android devices, there is a built-in feature called Capture+. This is a feature that you will find on the notification bar or notification shade. But it requires you to use the stock android provided by the brand itself.




how to take a screenshot




In the case of the LG G7, it also features the default android screen capture shortcut. But this feature is not limited to LG G7. For all other LG phones, you can do the same. The only difference is that the Power button is situated on the back of the phone instead of the side.


Motorola & OnePlus


Motorola is a lost legend in the Android industry in the Android sector, and OnePlus is a rising legend.


But both of them use the Stock Android as their base. And for that reason, you can utilize the default Android Studio shortcut for screen shoot. That means the power and volume down buttons are enough.



how to take a screenshot




how to take a screenshot




But for the OnePlus users, the default is not the limit. In fact, the OnePlus 5, 5T, and all other models use the gesture feature. So, you can also take the screenshot by simply swiping the screen with three fingers.




The most sought-after series within the android industry, the Galaxy series is the product of none other than the mighty Samsung. Their Galaxy Note, specifically the Galaxy S20, has taken the market over. Samsung Devices boast of being the best in the market, and no one can deny that!




how to take a screenshot




But the Samsung phone remains humble about one thing: their Stock android usage. They use the stock features as they are along with new ones.


The only difference is all Galaxy S7, and earlier models of the Galaxy series use the Home button instead of the Power button. But they rectify their change for all devices starting from Galaxy S8.


Sony & ZTE


Though there are very few users for Sony and ZTE Android devices, they are still there. The good thing is that use the default button for the screen capture feature of the Android studio. Despite this, they are not limited to the mainstream button.




how to take a screenshot





how to take a screenshot




In the case of the Sony device, the screen master feature is available. But the ZTE phones don’t have it. To access this screen master feature, you will have to press down the power button until it appears.




The Screen Master feature is uncommon in the case of most Android smartphones out there. But there is one thing that is pretty common. It is the Gestures feature. Not only did it make taking a screenshot easy, but it also made it faster.


A gesture is one of the advanced features missing in stock android. You might need to switch on the Gesture quick settings to make the feature available.


Here are the steps for switching on the feature in the case of most android phones:


Step 01: Open the Settings Android App.


Step 02: Scroll to the Advanced Features Option. Top to open the features. It might be called different depending on the device model.


Step 03: There should be something like Motion & Gestures under the Advanced Features option. Tap it open.


Step 04: Turn on the Gestures option and click save.


Once you enable the feature, you will be offered a short demo by the device. Follow the demo, and you will learn all the gesture shortcuts, including the smart capture one for the screenshot. In the case of most android devices, the gesture for a screenshot is to swipe down with three fingers.




If you feel lazy and don’t want to press the button to take a screen so quickly, ask your assistant to do so!


We don’t mean that you will need to have an assistant in real life but use the Google Assistant feature. This feature is available for all android devices no matter what brand or model it is.


You will simply need to say, “OK Google” and then say “Take a screenshot.” The Google Assistant will do the stuff for you. This feature is the best way to do a hands-free screenshot, but you will need to enable the google assistant feature first.




Android Quick Setting menu is an additional feature that can be found on many Stock Android devices. This feature enables the user to set the shortcut for a few features, including the screen capture. So if you can find the quick settings menu, you will be able to select the screenshot shortcut yourself.


Follow these steps to see if your device is eligible for the quick settings:


Step 01: Go to the default Android app for settings.


Step 02: Tap on the search option.


Step 03: Type Quick Settings.


If options show up under the search, you will be able to use the feature. But if the search result remains blank, you will have to be disappointed. The good thing is nowadays, most Android devices have this feature built-in.


Third-party Apps


Many third-party apps might be able to help you take a screenshot. They are not limited to screenshots as they also can be used as a screen recorder. Some of the best Android apps for screen capture are as follows.


  • AZ Screen Recorder
  • Google Play Games
  • ADV Screen Recorder
  • Mobizen


Among these, the AZ Screen Recorder is the best. You will find all these Android apps on the Google Play Store.



Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Do all Android phones have a screenshot feature?


All Android phones have an OS that supports all its features. In the case of all the Android smartphones, the OS is built around the Stock Android. As the stock android has the feature of smart capture, this feature is available for all other devices.


But this doesn’t mean that the process of using the feature is the same for all. The shortcut for screen capture might vary depending on the device model.


How to take a screenshot on stock Android?


Stock Android is the base for all Android devices. It has a built-in screenshot feature.


In this case, to take an android screenshot, you will have to press the Power button and Volume Down button together for a few seconds. This will take the screenshot and save it in the screenshots folder.


Can I use Windows PC to screen capture on Android?


Android gives the users a wide degree of freedom. And for this reason, it is possible to take a screenshot using a Windows PC.


For this, you will need to connect your Android device with the PC using a cable. Then you will have to download the Android Studio app on your PC and install it. Using the Android studio and following a few steps, you can take a screenshot of your Android phone.


Is the long screenshot feature available on all Android phones?


Scroll capture or long screenshot that is not found in stock android. To get access to this feature, you will need the help of external third-party apps.


Go to the Google Play store and search for the Scrolling screenshot app. You will be able to use the app and scroll capture with ease. But in the case of OnePlus and Google Pixel users, they have this feature by default. You will only need to enable it from the settings.


Why does one need to screen capture on Android?


Screen capture is one of the best features of Android. It enables the user to save essential parts of any document without saving the whole thing. You will be able to find the saved screenshot in the Screenshots folder. It is the best thing for data collectors.



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Final Words


Sharing is caring, and one of the best ways to do that is using the screen capture feature. Thus, knowing how to take a screenshot is the most essential thing if you are a social being.


But the way you capture your android screen is in your hands. There are many methods to complete the task. Find the one that suits you and use it. Don’t limit yourself to the norm. Explore and be creative!

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